universal day of the jedi


So I was like,,, inspired and shit,,,
I made this chill edit of all my favorite, massively underappreciated ladies of star wars. All of the edits these days are just white brunette chick x4. Not to say I don’t adore them, Carrie especially, I just feel it is far too repetitive and honestly I’m getting pretty pissed over us just representing the easy girls; the ones in movies that EVERYBODY has seen a billion times over now. We get it. You can use Google to find overused feminist quotes and plaster them onto overused gifsets. It’s getting boring. It’s women’s day, guys, so let’s support all the ladies. Not just the ones that are easy to do so. Support the women who are different. Support the women who don’t get enough credit. Support the women who have gone thru some shit. Support the women who probably hate your guts. Support the women most consider to be ugly. Support the women who aren’t badass in the sense of physical strength, but mental. Support all women. ( Am I making an irl point via our subconscious habits in a fandom?? You bet ).
Anyways… happy women’s day 💙💚💜 and fuck the imperial agenda, every girl is important

Baze & Chirrut, Guardians of the Whills by @philnoto

It’s been awhile since I posted Rogue One related art, because I’ve been on a massive THE LAST JEDI kick since the title announcement, but these two are certainly legendary now in the Star Wars universe! 

838 Days until Episode IX

475 Days until the Han Solo Movie








Tenel Ka and Jacen Solo commissioned by @hexterah!!

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KnightpilotWeek Day 3 → Alternate Universe
↳ Jedi!Ben & First Order!Poe