CNN is Acting Pretty Shady...

There is a clear bias and difference in these headlines. The one on the left is featured on the American version of their website.

The headline, “Clinton’s Confident Sweep” and the picture are vastly different than the international version on the right. “A bruising fight” featuring both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

Someone called us out for being biased recently and we owned up to it, CNN on the other hand probably won’t do that. Especially considering how they are distorting their own polling numbers. They have continued to marginalize Bernie by referring to him as a “socialist” or “self proclaimed socialist” or “long shot candidate” or any number of negative dismissive statements. 

Look at how dismissive that is, “Hillary Clinton swept confidently”, yet their online poll seems to say something quite different. 

So what’s going on? Does CNN just not care about their polls, or is it something else? Well the fact that Time Warner Cable owns CNN and also happens to be Hillary Clinton’s 7th largest campaign donor might have something to do with it…


other cheat sheets

What I learned my first semester in college:

1. There are always many distractions in your dorm. Make studying in a library your habit. You will be more focused and productive there and you will have more free time afterwards!

2. Talking to your teachers and lecturers is one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Make sure they know you. In case of a problem, it will be so much easier to get help from them than it would be if they didn’t even recognise your face.

3. Prepare your breakfast the evening before so you won’t waste time in the morning.

4. During finals you will be grateful for having forced yourself to go to your lectures. Some of them might be boring but sometimes being bored for an hour can really pay off.

5. Make sure you make at least one friend in each class so you always have someone to ask for help/notes if you were absent/forgot to note something down.

6. You will do stupid things and regret them later. It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up.

7. If you can make time for that episode of your favourite tv show, you can also make time to call your grandma. Do it.

8. Try to save some money every month. You never know when your laptop will break down.

9. Prepare your lunch/dinner in advance and always make at least two portions so you can have at least every other day free from cooking.

10. People in college are so much different than people in high school so even if you weren’t really outgoing before, try going to a couple of parties or events. Don’t wait for someone to talk to you, reach out first and you will immediately meet new friends.

11. You will spend a shit-tone of money unless you make a budget so download an app, use a notebook or make an Excel document. Write down every penny you spend.

12. No one cares if you wear the same clothes you wore yesterday or if you walk around with no makeup on. Don’t worry about such trivial things.

13. If you’re going to a party, bring someone you can trust with you so if something bad happens you won’t be alone.

14. Do things the day before they’re due.

15. Education is super important but family, friendship and love are what really matters so try to find some time for your close ones whenever you can.


I visited the San Francisco MUJI location this afternoon and very nearly purchased their entire stationary section.

Workers NEED more money to live, Walmart NEEDS to foot that bill.

Walmart recently announced that they will increase the minimum wage at their stores to $10.10. This may seem like a step in the right direction, but for a company the size of Walmart such a move was possible decades ago. The fact is the management and corporate officials running Walmart are sitting on one of the biggest cash cows man kind has ever seen. Walmart is the biggest, most profitable, grocery store in the most wealthy country in the history of the planet. Still Walmart workers barely scrape by and even with a $10.10 minimum wage their standard of living is still much lower than it should be. There was a time when one worker in a family could support the whole family. Support doesn’t mean buy food, clothes, and a roof over the families head. It means all that plus health care, transportation, college, retirement, and everything else life can throw at you. As it stands now these things are unaffordable to the average worker. Not because they are inherently unaffordable, but because of outrageous corporate greed. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate willing to take on corporations like Walmart and the status quo and he needs our support to do it. Bernie Sanders 2016!

How to Outline a Chapter - Help using Microsoft Themes

Any time I have to do textbook reading, I take notes. Sometimes super detailed, sometimes the basics. I like to type mine in Microsoft word utilizing a theme because A) it is pretty B) it is super organized and C) I have an electronic and hard copy.

For headings, follow the headings in your book. Usually they sub headings as well, so follow those too! You can make smaller subheadings too if you find a good detailed section on a more specific topic.

Always note key terms either in your outline or on a separate vocab list you may have going. I like to make mine standout so I know it is important.

Do not write complete sentences, just jot down the general idea. Not everything is important.

The reason most people do not outline is because it takes them hours, but it doesn’t have to. You can even highlight in your book as you read the whole chapter, then go back and make the outline so you know what is most important already.

The themes are really easy - just go to the top right corner of office to the “themes” drop down menu and select the color scheme you like best! You can even modify some of the headings if you’d like by right clicking the heading and selcting “modify”.

Good luck and happy studying! (: