#713 - Austrolittorina unifasciata - Little Blue Periwinkle

Also known as Banded Periwinkles, and formerly Nodolittorina. The shells really are a lovely blue. Probably the most common intertidal mollusc on Australian rocky shores in the high water and splash zones, where they crowd into damp crevices and emerge to feed on lichen and algae.

Woodman Point, Perth

Preparing Abalone

Hook Up to Plate Up Series: How to Prepare Abalone

Note: The abalone meat must be tenderized before cooking.

  1. Using a wooden spoon or heavy mallet, work around the edges to loosen the abalone flesh.
  2. Pry the abalone out by severing the muscle that connects the abalone to the shell.
  3. Cut away the viscera and dark skirting from the edges, and the dark skin that covers the surface of the abalone.
  4. Remov…

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