Today, Lakota, Dakota, Anishinabe, Apache, African, Irish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and other anti-racist individuals stood together to fight against the attempted nazi takeover of Leith, North Dakota.

In the first 7 photos, activists led by indigenous resistors can be seen making a presence to ensure that neo nazi/confederate fascists know they have no chance of taking over Leith.

In the 8th and 10th photos, police are protecting neo nazis/confederates, making sure they’re allowed to continue with their white power nonsense.

In the end, it was people power that sent the supporters of these nazi cowards home. Today, anti-racist resistance made it quite clear that the attempted nazi takeover of Leith will be a total failure. In the second to last photo, nazis retreat as the defeated cowards they are.

Live updates throughout the protest were available via: 


Primary sources for photos and info via @drjumpingeagle, @245NorthMain, and @lastrealindians​ on twitter

Background information: http://anti-imperialism.com/2013/09/21/emergency-action-nsm-setting-up-nazi-town-in-rural-usa/

LPLP field organizer Dawn Decora, along with other anti-racist supporters make their presence known and stand up against an attempted nazi takeover in Leith, North Dakota. 

A white supremacist hate group is attempting to “move in” to a small town located very close to the Standing Rock Reservation. Members of this group have been purchasing land in Leith, North Dakota in the hopes of creating “an all-white enclave.”

There is NO place for Hate! 

READ MORE: http://lakota.cc/16VgoWz

Update: Screenshots from Stormfront.org reveal a plot to move Golden Dawn to Leith
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This screenshot is clearly from a thread discussing Craig Cobbs offering up of his purchased land in Leith to the Golden Dawn. As we saw in the first part of this post, a man in a golden dawn t-shirt was spotted in Leith, ND during a protest against Cobb and his attempted takeover of the town.

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In this screenshot, other users discuss Cobbs desire to bring in the golden dawn. Well it looks like they came, or at least sent gifts.

From our last post

A screenshot taken from a short film documenting last Sunday’s Leith, North Dakota protest against an attempted neo-nazi takeover reveals a man wearing a golden dawn (far right neo-nazi party of Greece) t-shirt and carrying a set of bag pipes. There isn’t evidence yet to know whether he is a member, or just a really big fan. What can be assessed is that he may know someone in the Golden Dawn, or at least be funding the golden dawn, to have a well made t-shirt. A more upsetting thought that comes to mind might be the possibility that fascists are coordinating these “uprisings” together in secret. What if the killing of Pavlos Fyssas by the Golden Dawn, fascist marches in Germany, and the attempted neo-nazi takeover of Leith were planned to occur within days of each other?

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At the protest against the attempted nazi takeover of Leith, ND, a man was spotted wearing a Golden Dawn t-shirt.

Check out the newly released video from Unity ND “What I saw in ND on a Sunday,” filmed and edited by an activist who goes by NH.