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Update video today: looks like he lost motivation because of the load times in his own game and didn't want to bother showing someone else how to do things to expedite the process.He better be thanking and paying Tinybuild hand over fist because at leas they know how to be professional. Gee, Alex, I sure wish I got paid as much as you do to go to go to Cons, not work on a game, and rant on Reddit about those 'evul Es-JWSS!"

With the amount of money he makes on a daily basis I could get my family out of the financial rut we’re stuck in. He should not be complaining

And Tinybuild could’ve easily said no to him. They could’ve left his crappy game in Unity4 and went on with their business. They deserve actual pay for what they did and last I checked they havent been paid for it at all.


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Dev's new video: NOW he realizes that Javascript isn't a good idea? If he only used the "18x times faster loading" to finally finish Osana. Also I think he should pay Tinybulid for converting YS to c# and from unity4 to u5.

It’d be pretty ridiculous if they were just converting the game for free.

-Mod Sega