Image Hand

A new feature for VR development from Leap Motion and Unity allows you to see your actual hands in virtual spaces:

The Image Hand asset is a blend between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It displays images of your real hands from the camera sensors with the full interactivity and 3D behavior of our classic rigged hands. This works by projecting the raw images of your hands into a 3D mesh that can interact with other objects in real-world space – with total fidelity to depth, intersections and more.

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Real friendship, whether reinforced with spiritual camaraderie or not, does not count the cost. Real friendship is love effused. While love itself can be one-way (I can love you regardless of how you treat me), friendship necessarily is two-way. Friendship is about growing together towards greater unity, not trying to earn favor while hiding your own pain. Friendship is not feeling like you are a burden or that you and your friend are on separate levels.
—  thedeathofmyredlizard, from this post

This just in: People like Assassin’s Creed

I know, right? No, but seriously. Despite the rocky release that Assassin’s Creed Unity had, it seems that people still loved playing it! Above is an infographic that the AC team put together in honor of the completion of their Club Competitions to document the immense amount of damage done within Unity. This really shows how gaming has grown, doesn’t it?

More: Unity x Rob Zombie, The AC III Effect

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Infinideer is the most brutal and hilarious game of Frogger you’ll ever play, as you play a deer causing untold chaos and destruction as it tries to cross a busy highway.

You must click and guide this happy, jumping deer through traffic. You do not just want to cross the road peacefully, however. In Infinideer you want to distract drivers and cause crashes! The more cars that swerve or crash, the higher the points you earn.

If you do happen to get hit by any of the cars or trucks, your deer will die an explosion of blood and organs. Your body is even able to continue to distract drivers for a couple of seconds, to earn a few more points. Each time you die, a colorful flash of symbols will bring you back to life. Do not question this. You are a deer and know nothing else.

With it’s insanely addicting gameplay and over the top destruction Infinideer is a blast.  Dying has never been so much fun!

Play Infinideer, Free (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)

You Are Not Broken

You are not broken, faulty, or defective.

There is no right or wrong way to be. Each and every one of us makes sense of the world differently. The way you are may be different to those around you, but that does not make your way of being wrong.

Instead of trying to bend yourself to their suggestions, take note of what the people around you say you should be like. There is a very good chance that they are pointing the way to your most special gifts and the things that make you uniquely you.

Don't hate the hipsters

We debated
He derided
We decided

Are not
The problem

It’s not the
Who deserve

We reflected
He deflected
We connected
The … dots

In retrospect
Generation X
Is among the

It isn’t Generation Whine
Generation Whatever
It’s a multigenerational
Sweeping our

And we need
A dustpan

We contemplated
He deflated
We conflated

Don’t hate
The hipsters

They can be
We all can be
Part of the

We can end
This confusion
Of who’s to blame

And see that
Our problems
See that we
Are all the same.

litglob © 2015

“You were afraid to nurse your young
lest fallen breast offend your master’s sight
and he should flee to firmer loveliness.
And so you passed them, your children, on to me.
Flesh that was your flesh and blood that was your blood
drank the sustenance of life from me.
And as I gave suckle I knew I nursed my own child’s enemy.
I could have lied,
told you your child was fed till it was dead of hunger.
But I could not find the heart to kill orphaned innocence.
For as it fed, it smiled and burped and gurgled with content
and as for color knew no difference.
Yes, in that first while
I kept your sons and daughters alive.
But when they grew strong in blood and bone
that was of my milk
taught them to hate me.
Put your decay in their hearts and upon their lips
so that strength that was of myself
turned and spat upon me,
despoiled my daughters, and killed my sons.
You know I speak true.“

(Beah Richards, excerpt from “A Black Woman Speaks of White Womanhood")