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We have already ordered 3D printed AC symbols for the plaques, necklace and earrings from cebt-cosplay that will be even better looking than the examples pictured above.  They will have depth, like this one: 

There will never be another kickstarter like this again so join us now in this unprecedented endeavor!  The actors in costumes at cons around the world will be fantastic for the fans and actors alike!  

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Assassin’s Creed wallpaper by santap555/teaD


Status update: I’d been working a design contract for the last couple weeks that hadn’t left me any time to work on gamedev/art stuff, but now I’m back! I wanted to write up a quick summary of where I’m at with this project, both for my own good and cause I like when other people write about what they’re working on.

This character (wolf? coyote? I should know these things) is pretty close to being rigged. I’m at the scary point where something that looks good as a static model ends up looking awful once it’s rigged and posed, but I’m trying to get past my fear of mediocrity so I can get to the fun of animating walk cycles and bringing those into Unity. I haven’t done any weight painting yet because there are a few things I want to change about the rig, and I think I might need to remodel the mouth for more expressiveness. I’ve been following this tutorial ($50 but it’s been on sale twice recently) while learning rigging, and it’s been really helpful.

As for Unity, well… I’ve never used it before, but I’m pretty familiar with UE3 and there’s some overlap in concepts. I followed along with the first half of this tutorial (free) for the foundation of a 3rd person character controller + camera, though to be honest I didn’t really understand what I was doing on the coding side of things. I might just try to use Unity’s stock 3rd person setup, but I’m really not sure what the best approach here is going to be. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, but obviously it’s going to involve a lot of C# study.

 I know everyone says start simple, but… shrug. I’m having fun, and if it all crashes and burns then I’ll have still learned a lot that I can apply to my next project.

Hey everyone! I’ve been working hard all semester in my Game Design and Development Capstone course. Throughout the semester The students in the course create a game from inception through to completion, and in the end publish it!

Well now the time has come and I am officially releasing my 2D fighter Karta Moros on for public download!!
(Still marked as in development because I plan to keep working on it and adding more characters :P)


Today in Solidarity (4/28/15): For the past day, Baltimore police and the governor of Maryland have tried to shift blame for the unrest in Baltimore off of themselves and onto the gangs that have joined together in solidarity against police brutality. Tonight, the Blood and Crips have spoken out against this falsehood, calling for calm in the streets and an end to the violence. This is the type of revolutionary action that terrifies the police. This is the unity white supremacy fears. #staywoke #farfromover 

Guys!! Let’s all chip in whether it’s $1.00 or $1,000.00 every little bit helps. He stood up for what he believed in and made a difference. So let’s do all that we can to stand together and help him :))

Shouts out to @kylegotjokes (on Twitter, idk if he has tumblr) for setting up this campaign ^_^

Here’s the link!


READ THE POST, don’t just look at the pictures! INFORM YOURSELF!

We all know about the riots, looting, and violence that’s taking place in Baltimore, so I just wanted to take a minute to map out what REALLY happened there. It started with DAYS OF PEACEFUL PROTEST WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! After the funeral they were met with hundreds of officers, dressed in swat gear, looking as if they were getting ready to take over the city for some unforeseen reason. IT’S CRAZY HOW STORIES GET TURNED WHEN PEOPLE ARE SCARED! Two of the most prominent gangs in the Nation, BLOODS AND CRIPS PUT ASIDE YEARS OF BEEF AND TURMOIL, AS WELL AS THE NATION OF ISLAM, TO COME TOGETHER IN SUCH A TIME WHEN THEY SAY TOGETHERNESS IS NEEDED FOR CHANGE. SO WHY IS IT THAT WHEN THEY PUT ASIDE ALL THE GANG VIOLENCE FOR PEACE, THAT’S WHEN THEY TURN INTO THUGS?!?! What hurt the most was that endless children were caught in the crossfire when they shut down public transportation. (see my post on that here: ) 

The most amazing part of it all was that this morning, THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR COMMUNITY CAME OUT TO HELP CLEAN IT UP! You had CHILDREN offering water to the police, who were standing out there looking foolish. CITIZENS BROUGHT OUT THEIR OWN BROOMS, DUST PANS, AND SHOVELS TO PICK UP THE DAMAGE! THEY EVEN HAD A BAND OF PROTESTORS KEEPING OUT THE ANTAGONIZING ONES. If a city was really full of “savages” and “thugs” do you really think they’d be cleaning up the mess they made? No they wouldn’t. And you’d know that if the media didn’t misuse the words so often. Or if you ever met a real thug.

So when you think about #BaltimoreProtest or #BaltimoreRiots, take a look at these pictures. Remind yourself that the media doesn’t tell you everything. Shit, even Google won’t even tell you everything. I was looking for PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE NATION OF ISLAM FORMING A LINE WITH THEIR ARMS LOCKED TOGETHER TO BLOCK ANGRY PROTESTORS FROM THE POLICE and I only found two amongst endless pictures of kids throwing rocks. That just goes to show how screwed the system is, HOW UNEVEN THE BALANCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN, NEGATIVITY AND CONTROVERSY FOREVER OUTWEIGHING THE TRUTH!!



Hi Tumblr! My name is Isaac Ofori Solomon! I’m a Jew of African descent! My mother’s side are Ethiopian Jews and my father’s Ethiopian and Igbo Jews. On this day that we celebrate the preservation of our people and our diversity I am proud to be part of something so important. I also want to tell a little bit of my story. I was born March 10, 1999 (or Adar 22, 5759). I’m 16 years old, semi-religious, a zionist, and future anthropologist/rabbi. Every day of my life so far I’ve had to deal with someone trying to question my Jewishness and/or me being a Jew because of the color of my skin. It got so bad that from 6th to 8th grade I stopped wearing my kippah to school because I got tired of the harassment. Last year before starting 9th grade my grandfather(who is recently deceased) took me to Brooklyn so I could meet his friends. That’s when I met my best friend Shlomo who is Hasidim and he told me to never let anyone take who you are. The day after that was the first time I wore a yarmalke outside of a synagogue in years, and I haven’t stopped since. Since then I’ve noticed many things. One largely being the “white lie”. The way how in American society, not Western society, that allows so many Jews to hide who they are. Jews of ALL colors have tried to bury our heritage just to be comfortable in this antisemitic society. This is detrimental to a point that few truly are acknowledge. As a group of people we must unite and educate ourselves. We must also stop allowing gentiles to weigh so much on things that should only involve Jews. We also need to accept TRUE zionism. What does that mean? Zionism goes back to the time of Moses. It is simply realising that we as a people have a right to be defended and a right to our ancestral land. We need to stop selling our people down the river. Whether it is over color, politics, or interpretation. We need to stop it. We also need to be proud of our people. Physically, historically, and religiously. I’m tired of people demeaning Jews of color and hearing people say the idiotic phrase “You look Jewish”. Wtf does that mean. We’ve lived across AfroEurAsia and have mixed with the native populace. Someone who is Ashkenazi doesn’t look like someone who is Kaifeng or Lemba. Nonetheless we still are related and follow the same truth. We must stop letting goy define us. Repeat with me “DON’T LET GOY DEFINE YOU!!!” Shalom. I wish everyone an empowered preservation day.


Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Arno Victor Dorian <3
Pictures made by me :)


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