BAM; we’re out of this purgatory.

Now let’s all focus on working each other through this loss. Watch Reviving Bionicle. Read old Bionicle material. Talk about Bionicle. Get therapy. All of the above or any combination of the above or none of the above, whatever works for YOU. Then help the other grieving fans as best you can.

Together we can move on. United.





Please help us out with your support to make it happen! - because your votes and your contributions really matter - they’re decisive, and they will be very (very) appreciated! Thank you in advance!

This is an animated Visual Novel/Dating sim game that will play on the tropes of the Harem genre, and YOUR choices will determine where your story leads. 

Our story starts out with you being born into a new and fresh Harem Show. You’re the main character, and oddly enough, you’re aware of that. With the help of the Narrator - a semi-omnipresent voice that only you can hear (because protagonist privileges, bruh) you are now have the quest of conquering the hearts of several hot anime chicks.

Let’s just hope that you’re good enough for the task. Handling so many sweethearts will be a challenge!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you soon!



Prototype app by Thomas Van Bouwel is an urban planning / architecture design tool for virtual reality:

DesignSpace is a prototype design tool for the HTC Vive for urban designers and architects, first developed during the 2016 AEC Hackathon in London. The tool demonstrates how you could load in and position reference images, work at scale, add simple block volumes, and sketch directly on the model. 

More Here

Night 2 of the DNC

I watched the RNC last week and what did I see?

I saw fear. I saw terror. I saw bullying. I saw people clinging to anger and to rage and insisting on being afraid because it’s the last way for them to retain the illusion control over everything. I saw bitter, empty, frightened old men clinging tight to a lie of a world that never really ever did exist, a world where minorities had no voice and where wealthy white men were never told “no.”

I’ve watched the DNC this week and so far what have I seen?

I’ve seen pride. I’ve seen strength. I’ve seen sincerity. I’ve seen actual plans and real hope. I’ve seen people who believe so deeply in a better world and who are actually fighting to live in it – not just inciting fear without plans. I see people who know that we should embrace the progress that we have made, rather than flee from it. I see people who have never had the luxury – dare I say, privilege? – of ignoring the inequalities in this country and who, rather than crumbling beneath them, have become ten times stronger because of their weights and are ready to lift them off. I see real progress.

I look at the DNC and I see all the things I was taught to think this country could be – a place for everyone, of every color, of every race, of every identity, of every profession, of every belief, of every reality. I see the country I spent years thinking was nothing but a dream. I see the country that strives to give everyone the right to the pursuit of happiness and the country that seeks to lift up the lesser fortunate rather than shun and condemn them.

I see unity. I see diversity being celebrated and embraced rather than used as a reason to run in fear.

I’ve always struggled with patriotism, because things like the RNC have always seemed to be the norm in this country, but when I see things like this DNC, I feel like I see what people who use that term mean. I’m proud of the country that represents and celebrates these kinds of things. I’m proud of the country that says I’m not wrong for who I love or who I marry, that what I do or don’t believe doesn’t condemn or define me, or that how much I’m worth financially doesn’t decide who I am, or that what’s between my legs has nothing to do with my value as a human being.

That’s the country I love and that’s the country I believe in. I was proud to support Bernie and I am proud to support Hillary and I am proud to feel actually represented by the Democratic party, after spending my life feeling completely hated by the Republicans. People like us – Democrats, progressives, liberals, whatever word you prefer – don’t want a nation built on injustice and fear, where to be happy you have to turn a blind eye and deny the reality so many suffer.

We want everyone to be able to be happy, to be healthy, to be a part of a future better than our past. Republicans may not want me in their future, but they’re welcome in mine. The homophobes who threw glass bottles full of piss at my head are welcome in mine because their hate and their fear won’t kill my hope and love; I won’t let it. They can lose their hate. I won’t lose my hope. I feel so overwhelmed and truly inspired seeing so many people who believe in that kind of a world, where we’re all included and where we’re all recognized, where we’re all seen and invited in with open arms.

That world doesn’t have to stay a dream.

In the macrocosm there are planets, suns, and zodiacal systems which together form a unity, which are interdependent and kept in motion by one central Sun. The same structure can be seen in the microcosm. Here too are planets, suns, and various systems which have a task to fulfill in the unity of the microcosm. The whole of this manifestation in space, which extends into and loses itself in what for us is an unfathomable infinity, is upheld by a system of laws.

It will be clear that the all-manifestation is a unity; that all forms of manifestation merge into each other and are therefore interdependent.