Could you imagine the love, Clear yet so blinding like mornings fog, You wake up wondering how deep you’ll be in it that day , captivated, Mesmerized, the affection is sublime like the waking light, Could you imagine that love, Tempting with uncontrollable passion but patient & long suffering, Constantly reminding you of Gods love as you look at the person who was created just for you, Designed to be a perfect match
—  Imagine love - (Co) @kmiyamaxine

Höweler & Yoon. Sean Collier Memorial, Cambridge, MA. USA. photos: Scott Newland

The permanent Collier Memorial offers the opportunity to remember Officer Sean Collier and honor his life and service, and represent shared values: openness in the face of threat, unity through diversity, and strength through community.

Friday Night At A College Party At The University of Albany (Albany, NY) Some Female Students Were Harassed and Assaulted By A Group of White Males and Females Who Said Some Racial Slurs To The Students. Thing Got Out of Hand and A Big Fight Broke Out. 

The President of The College Released A Statement Stating “We are working closely with the Albany Police Department to identify the person responsible. If those individuals are UAlbany students, we will hold them fully accountable for their behavior.” 

A Quote From UAlbany Students

“Don’t Get Me Wrong, We Throw The Craziest Most ⭕️ut ⭕️f ⭕️rder Parties 💥 But Best Believe When The Time Comes To Stand Up For Our People We Do That Just As Effectively ✊🏾. I Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Squad 💪🏾 #TripleO 🎯 #SquadGoals 🙏🏾 #UAHateCrime 😡”

There are few people totally unresponsive to the beauties of nature, and none at all that is not responsive to its ferocious manifestations. Fewer are able to respond profoundly to the beauty of natural phenomena, and fewer still to so-called works of art. It takes a degree of genius to respond to such manifestations the whole time. Artists in this category are among the saints, some of whom thrilled with rapture at the constant awareness of the total unity, harmony and beauty of things. Such were Boehme, Ramakrishna, etc. Some yogis are immersed in an unsullied and vibrant bliss derived from the incessant contemplation of this ‘world bewitching maya’ - the breath-taking wonder of the great and glamorous illusion which surrounds us.
—  Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time