Designation: Dynamix, goes by Nix most of the time


Gender: N/A, Nix is very adamant about being gender neutral. No he/she here. Nix answers to they or it. They is preferred, but either will work.

Personality: Nix is all grace and suave sophistication when in front of other people. They have a certain way of moving that just seems fluid and natural, and they can also be extremely charming. When people leave the room though, their more adventurous side tends to come out. Nix is prone to pranking and getting nosy. They’ll try to manipulate people into interesting situations and then sit back to watch the results with an amused grin.

As good humored as Revolver, they’re quick to laugh and they don’t completely understand people who are grumpy. Life is short. Why not live it? If you’re grumpy, that won’t chase them away. They’ll try to fix it by filling your life with things they find “amusing.” Whether you find it amusing is a completely different story.

Nix doesn’t have breaks. They’re hard to stop and very determined. Oddly quiet, though. Or not so oddly. Nix was literally constructed without vocoders and so they speak more through body language than anything else. Expect exaggerated gestures and emotional expressions. They can speak, but they aren’t capable of the clicking and whirring that canon Bumblebee uses. Nix uses sign language almost exclusively, and damn well, too. They’re movements for even that are graceful.

Mostly well-mannered with a playful twist. That’s the best way to describe Nix. Thankfully, none of their pranks are actually terribly harmful.

Other: Former racer, as fast as Blurr ever was (but with less endurance), was constructed with only necessary components for functioning in order to reduce weight and increase speed, had a partner named Aero that died during the war.