uniting the fandom

Ok, I’m just gonna say this quick and finish:


It doesn’t matter if they look a lot like Star (heck, in Canon Star it’s just like Young Moon), or they look more like Marco, if it just switches colors, or if it looks a lot one to another.

When about creating a Starco Child things go limited since it’s the same parents, same aesthetics, the same influence so yeah sooner or later they look alike! Heck, I had been anxious to reveal my one because I found out there was one with the same name, but guess what? There are people with same names in the universe, it happens!

Wha tI will not support by any means it’s hate or keeps going on the other children. You’re not exclusive for God’s sake, none of us is. If Daron decides to show up the future Starco child tomorrow, we are ALL wrong. And heck, guys we literally got everyone to be canon due to the parallel universe being canon in SVTFOE. There’s no need to try to compete to which one is more “original” or not. 

You might not like similarities, but they happen. Talk to each other and to yourselves before going after a person who just got the courage to show their version (heck, I don’t have enough courage myself yet), but remember it happens. Nothing is original, not even Harry Potter is original (if you don’t know, search for “The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman” and get surprised :D)

We are all supporting each other, so yeah if one turns around on others we are going to defend while still trying our best to keep being just great. I get introverts and it’s ok to want privacy and keep yourself more reclused, but that’s no excuse to harass others about a matter you need to solve with yourself.

If you’re not ready to deal with “similarities” and sharing experiences about OC’s and originals, then maybe you’re sharing yours too soon.

My friend AC has an EXTREMELY similar story to SVTFOE, but she thought on that story since she was 10 years, which means it’s been in developing for 14 years and still not ready to go out anytime soon due that and stuff she’s still working on. Yes, people will compare when it goes out, but she’s ok with it, she won’t give up her story or change everything just because of that similarity of “outsider princess goes to normal place” storyline.

Besides, people, ideas, and designs change. Star herself didn’t look like Star or had the animation storyline until far later. Instead of going checking which ones are originals, similar or whatever, how about help each other with hints and support so we all grow out?

I wrote this months ago and decided to not post since I didn’t want to make a mess, I didn’t want drama, just have fun in the fandom. This concept still stands (please, this is the one thing you could steal for good), but at the same time, I decided we need to take action too.

This is why this blog had always been open to creators and why I always give my best to help new creators to come. I know how hard it is, I deal with that every single day, I deal with it in every new page, every new fic when anxiety wants to convince me it’s not good, it’s not enough or that I am fake. But I want to believe I am none of these things.

I create content on SVTFOE fandom and others for fun and that’s it. I have fun and I share it with others. As I said when I first posted my fic: If you don’t like, it’s ok. But respect me and the ones who do like. That goes in this case too, you like or not, respect the creators, do not copy, if you feel like yours have similarities with others, speak to them nicely and sort it out how to improve what to change or stay. 

I won’t take or watch toxicity and pretend isn’t there. That needs to fight with positivity and, fine, we will. But don’t think we don’t see, we are just choosing to ignore and continue having fun, either like or not, we created to have a good time and we will continue to create and enjoy around. 

If you can’t take that, maybe you need ground yourself and remember why you started all in the first place.

PS: Also, remember that if tomorrow Daron post a possible Starco child or any other for that matter, we are all wrong. and Aside few ones, no one is really discussing that.

PSS: You all must remember that time in which all AU’s become canon because SVTFOE features parallel timelines? Yep, me too.

it’s has been six years and I still can’t stop laughing at this

Cartoons: Then and Now
  • Then: Mostly made to increase the sale of toys and other merchandise, very standard plots and settings, likeable characters, writing appeals to smaller kids despite some plotholes, villains are just evil to be evil, bland shipping because the plot demands it, very small but excited fan base that remember the show fondly later in life.
  • Now: Toys are created after the show's premiere and are in high demand of any merchandise they can come up with, complex and overarching storylines all to make one plot, amazing and fluid animation and backgrounds that makes you more intrigued, writing is creative, deep and parallels modern day problems and teaches how to face them, villains are just as complex as the heroes and sometimes do wrong things for the right reasons, characters are so relatable and likeable they become instant favorites and viewers identify with them, helps people with depression and anxiety and loves the constant positive influences, shipping two characters actually make sense because their chemistry is amazing and you want them together, with a fan base that will be loyal several years later, inspire to create more cartoons, speaks to new generations of fans.
  • Long story short: Cartoons are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

You can be like Sif
You can be like Black Widow
You can be like Jane Foster
You can be like Darcy
And you can be like Pepper Potts

But I suggest being like Mjolnir, and allow only worthy people to pick you up.

Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑

Nobody knows what these idols are going through in their lives.

We only see what they put out to the public, many idols could be suffering in silence, shouldn’t this be a lesson?

We don’t know hardly anything about these idols underneath the surface. Your words hurt them too.

As someone who is struggling with depressions, let me tell you something, you can’t tell the voices in your head go away, you can’t just ‘get over it’. Every day is a daily battle to stay alive, the tiniest thing can trigger the voices in your head telling you that you should kill yourself.

Jonghyun was so talented, an amazing performer, a great role model to many, he helped so many people without even releasing it. He supported the LGBTQ community, he fought for what he believed in.

At 9am this morning I was crying happy tears over a couple getting married and now since 12pm I have been crying over a death of a guy who helped me in my darkest of times.

For those saying “SM haven’t confirmed”. They are probably grieving too, they have lost a member of their family. His sister has confirmed it along with the police, that is all the confirmation you need. Let everybody grieve, respect their privacy.

Don’t expect Shinee to be doing variety’s or being active in the public at this time, they have lost their brother

Please, don’t struggle in silence, talk to someone, whether it be online or a friend or family member.

For anyone feeling suicidal or is extremely distressed by this situation my ask box and messages are open, I will reblog helplines for you all to contact if you need them.

Please, be kind, everyone you come across has a story and you may never what they have or are going through. It shouldn’t take a death to unite us, we should already be united as fandoms in giving our idols a place they can feel safe and loved.

Respect everyone grieving right now.

Rest In Peace Jonghyun, we will never forget you.

Does anyone else ever think of your first fandom as your first love in a way?

Like you weren’t introduced to the fandom, you found it on your own, no one told you about it, no one told you why you should watch/read it, no one told you that it was good, you just kinda went in watched/read it and fell in love? Maybe not even your first fandom, just the first that you found on your own. You took a chance and that changed your life. You became the friend that would obsess about this thing that know one else knew of, and you became the one who would tell people of why they should watch/read it.

Is this just me?

When your cartoon season finale ends on a cliffhanger and goes on hiatus for Lord knows how long.


Cop #1: What are we looking at?
Forensic Scientist: Seven stab wounds. Excessive force used.
Cop #1: Did you speak to the perpetrator? Why did she kill her?
Cop #2: Yes. The victim insulted her OTP.
Cop #1: No crime here. It was OTP-defense. Who wants a donut?

*Law & Order theme: Don, Don*


If you’re socially anxious or you feel you aren’t great with speaking, text the word “RESIST” to 50409.

It will prompt you to state what city you’re from, your name, and soforth. (Complete address I believe is optional. )

It will find senators for your location, who represent you.

Then, it will prompt you to type a text message letter, that will send by fax machine to your senators. Rather than calling to no avail, because their voice mail is always full.

Please share this if you live in the United States and you want to keep the net how it is.

The reason why I will be posting (maybe too much) things about net neutrality is because


(tagging random fandoms because everyone needs to know about this)