Upcoming for Unite


Seattle Pride June 24th
We will be partnering with SlutWalk Seattle to help promote their event.  Meet at the fountain at KeyArena at 12pm to get flyers.  Thanks to Collen Isbell for being our SlutWalk Seattle liaison and to Taylor Malone for being our SlutWalk Spokane liaison!

Any future actions are somewhat limited to the amount of funds so Unite is reminding you to consider supporting our work. We have started an Indiegogo campaign  http://www.indiegogo.com/unitewomenwa

Direct Action
Unite Women will take advantage of our strengths in being a grassroots organization, giving us the freedom to engage in direct actions and protests, as we are not accountable to stakeholders, other then women and the families who love them. 

Our first direct action will be a Rapid Response protest to the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Acthttp://www.facebook.com/events/243597559085938/    For this action Unite is working in partnership with groups like PlannedParenthood, Fuse, and more, including grassroots groups like MicCheckWallSt and Occupy Seattle NonViolence groups.  More information to come!

Unite is currently making plans for a Nationally coordinated UniteWomen direct action that will focus on getting the Senate version of VAWA passed.  More information to come! Your participation and support is needed!

Updates from Unite

Unite is represented in Seattle (Headquarters), Bellingham, Central Washington, Spokane (Eastern Washington), South Puget Sound (Olympia) and is currently working on reaching out to Southwest Washington.

Unite works closely with NOW, NARAL, and other interested stakeholders to ensure women’s rights are protected and issues are addressed.

About UniteWomen

UniteWomen.org is a national grassroots organization founded to protect & advance women’s rights in all areas of our lives, across our entire lifespan.


NOW Regional Conference
Our Olympia Community Organizer Liz Ellis, with the help of Cari Huston, represented UniteWomen WA at the NOW Regional Conference.  Liz said there was a lot of excitement and interest in what we are up to. 

McKenna Lawsuit

A number of Unite women signed on as plaintiffs in the McKenna suit. An interview was provided to the Stranger that will explain why the lawsuit did not move forward:  http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2012/05/30/judge-its-not-illegal-for-rob-mckenna-to-lie-to-voters
    -Special thanks to Nikoel Stevens, Beth Mountsier, and Taylor Malone for attending the in-person delivery of the motions to the McKenna offices.

Spokane Pride

Unite’s legislative team has been working hard to collect accurate information on Representative Cathy McMorris’ position on the Violence Against Women Act, which, combined with both the House and Senate versions of the Violence Against Women Act and, was handed out at OutSpokane Rainbow Festival a catchy little card along with bubbles for the kids with our logo on the bottle.  The card is non-partisan, encouraging people to volunteer at shelters, rather than voting for one candidate or the other. The card ties in with Pride as Unite contends that the House Version of VAWA does not protect LGBT, among others.

Special Thanks to!
    -Special thanks to OccupySpokane who lent us their tent, Robin Yount & VisiPrinting in Tacoma for being so helpful in making the printing look great yet affordable, and the entire Spokane team (Taylor, Justin, Rebecca, Sophie, David, and more), and the Legislative Team (Mercedes, Linda, and Beth)!
    -And extra special thanks to Sophie Hirschfeld for educating us on how we can support groups like the Sex Workers Advocacy Project and featuring UniteWomen on your radio show!  http://www.publicrealityradio.org/programs/tumblingbrainmatter

Olympia Pride

Liz Ellis helped represent UniteWomen while working with NOW at Capitol City Pride and made some great connections with other grass roots organizers including a group from Vancouver, WA that is spreading the word about approving Ref 74 in the southwest part of the state. 

Paycheck Fairness Act - voted down again - NOW is time for a UNITED change!

While the Paycheck Fairness Act ended up losing along a party-line vote (all Dems voted for/all GOP voted against), hundreds of UniteWomen members nationwide made calls to their legislators to draw attention to this issue. This must be re-introduced (again and again) until it is passed!

Other States - what are your mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, and grandmothers doing?

UniteWomenWA members have been helping with issues in other states including partnering with labor unions to call WI voters, promoting protests in MI against the ‘LetWomenDieAct’, and calling N.Dakota voters to try to stop personhood measures.  (This just in: Over 500 protesters showed up today in MI, many of them UniteWomen members and successfully stalled the vote on HBs 5711, 5712, and 5713-direct action works!)

Do not stop the support!

Keep up the support, we cannot do this alone! Let women’s rights groups know that you need them, volunteer at shelters, Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, Unite or others. Send a card, donate a dollar, donate needed supplies, whatever you can.

Pass on the United News! Up next, future direction for United!