Yesterday was one of the biggest days of my life, I participated in a civil disobedience in efforts to WAKE UP congress and tell them to GET TO WORK and help them realize how important fixing our broken immigration system is and why we need it this year and can’t wait another year! This was my first ever civil disobedience, I was very excited but of course there was plethora of nervousness before actually doing the civil disobedience. The experience was incredible even though I had to stay in a confined space for 12 hours I was happy and satisfied with the action I had taken to fight for the 11 million Undocumented immigrants living in the united Sates! Any activist who is considering an action similar to this Please make sure to ask all the questions you could possibly have with the lawyer before taking any action. Although I gotta say, I always thought doing civil disobedience would be a scary experience but it turned out to be pretty easy as long as everyone participating did what they were suppose to, the police were happy and so that meant everything went smooth. Hopefully this is the last of it, and our members of congress and the rest of the US government step it up and get to work on immigration reform because the TIME IS NOT not tomorrow, not a year later but NOW! Big thanks to all the people that make this action happen: CCC(center for community change), CASA de Maryland, and big thank you to Marc Goldstone for making sure everybody who went in came out without any problems he was a great attorney!