summergen fic recs

I’m finally catching up a bit on the SPN Summergen Challenge and wanted to rec a few of my favs so far! The fics are all posted anonymously until the end of the challenge, so I can’t list authors yet - but please leave a comment if you enjoy them too!

Dead Center (PG, 2100 wds): ‘The Men of Letters located their place at the geographical center of the contiguous United States. Soon after moving in, Sam and Dean find out there’s a very good reason for this.’

Campanula Rapunculus (PG, 4035 wds): ‘Sam’s haircut goes supernaturally wrong.’

Over the Mountains of the Moon (G, 4500 wds): ‘In a coda to “Dark Side of the Moon,” Sam reminisces about a golden summer when it was possible to dream about having a normal life. Set immediately after 5x16 with a flashback to the end of Sam’s junior year of high school (Sam is 17, Dean is 21).’

Guys the reason Danell Levya did the whole shirtless routine + dancing is because he took the advice of Sam Mikulak who said he wanted people to objectify men’s gymnasts more omfg he said “Maybe compete with our shirts off. People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.” So basically we all have to thank Sam Mikulak who saved the United States and inspired Danell to bless us with that video

Even before Sam Mikulak of the United States men’s gymnastics team remarked to The Wall Street Journal that his teammates might garner something like the attention paid their more obviously mediagenic female colleagues if they performed shirtless, Mr. Mikulak and his teammate Jake Dalton were regularly posting Instagram shots of their ripped torsos during training.

“People make fun of us for wearing tights,” Mr. Mikulak told The Journal. “But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.”

“And now, an explanation of the Corrupt Bargain, which took place in the back halls of Washington while no one was watching…” -Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

(pardon the bleeps I made this for a high school class)