Flamey-Os Instant Noodles

Noodeliest Noodles in the United Republic! 

A lovely noodle dish, popular amongs it’s citizens in Republic City due to it’s quick preperation time. And just like the titles states, these noodles are really cooked in an instant! 

You don’t even need a stove to cook them! Convinient, eh? Because of that, this recipe falls under the category of my mini series of Avatar inspired food that can be cooked without a stove, to honor the people in college and such, as requested by the wonderful @daughterofthemoonslayer 

And all you need to do to get my recipe for these noodely noodles, is to press Keep reading below! Enjoy cooking, my darling fireflakes! 

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Cherry Berry Lemonade

A refreshing drink from the United Republic Nations, made from squeezed cherries, berries, lemon juice, water and sugar. Mako and Bolin’s grandmother Yin offered this beverage to Prince Wu in “Remembrances”, Legend of Korra, book 4 episode 8. For recipe, press Keep reading. 

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“The Pledge”
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

A comic for the 4th of July; the day we as Americans take pride in our independence. However, this past year my country has broken my heart over and over again, and I don’t feel quite as free as I thought I did. Today I won’t be able to eat apple pie without a bitter taste in my mouth, and the fireworks will remind me of the gunshot sounds aimed at innocent Americans.
Go celebrate Independence Day, but ask yourself why?

In JROTC, we say the pledge of allegiance every morning. You know what I actually say?

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic, for which is stands: one nation, with liberty and justice for Some.”

And I honestly cannot wait until the Colonel or one of the MSgts actually hear me say it.

Korrasami Fanfic Recs- most are multi chapters

Here ya go lauraknatt! Sorry it took so long!!

Summaries are by the authors! I apologize for not tagging every author!

A Second Glance Series by Valkrez

What if it wasn’t Mako who Korra was looking at that night?The developing friendship and secret affair between Korra and Asami Sato, taking place in Book I Series

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by gummy-gums

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.Strip Club AU with Korrasami.

Blizzard by n1nastill

During the Biannual Winter Games, snowboarder Korra became captivated by a certain United Republic athlete, the renowned Asami Sato.

Chemistry by AutyRose

In the first installment of the Elements Series, Korra and Asami meet at the University of the United Republic of Nations in chemistry class. Little do they know the effects chemistry will have on them.

Conflict Resolution by sy-itha

Korra enjoys being a radio show host, especially since she gets to help people find balance in their lives with her advice. What they don’t know is that her personal life is nothing short of a wreck. After crashing and burning on all her relationships, Korra is content to be a failure at her own love life. But things never go quite as planned.

Cowboy Raava by ReneeMontoya

War wages throughout the galaxy as Kuvira the Great Uniter continues her devastating assault on the United Republic in an attempt to rebuild the Earth’s shattered empire following the death of Queen Hou-Ting at the hands of Zaheer. Korra, a notorious bounty hunter, is on the trail of Zaheer when she’s shot down by imperial forces on Si Wong and placed under arrest on trumped up charges. In prison, Korra almost immediately falls for her cellmate, the rebel fighter, Asami Sato. With only her wits and trademark penchant for violence, Korra must survive prison fights, horrible food, terrible living conditions, cruel guards, and unbearable sexual tension.

Forbidden Love by dwaaaaaatt

Yet another korrasami teacher/student AU, I love them so I couldn’t resist writing one. I wanted one where Korra plays hockey and after finding none I decided to make my own. There will be smut at some point, so i’ll change the rating once we get there in the story!

Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again? by official puppy

AU where Asami works for the college IT department and Korra is smitten.

How does it feel? by Dimensional Lover (this is my absolute favorite. It was my first KA fanfic that I read! Be warned it’s still being updated and is 100K+!)

My own HBO-ish version…HISHE (how it should have ended) Slightly AU. In my story Korra doesn’t leave for 3 years she stays in Republic City while she’s recovering.

Love Isn’t as Easy as the Books Make it Seem by AnotherShotofBourbon

Asami Sato is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar, international company. And six months ago she spent four days in a hotel room with a beautiful woman who never called her back. So imagine her surprise when she picks up a harlequin romance novel by her favorite author only to find the story was about her.

Model Behavior by Angel_of_the_Starz

Modern/AU. Korra thought it was an ordinary day of art class at Republic School for the Gifted. But then, the art model Asami Sato walked into the room… Korrasami. First in “Model U.N.” series.

Neon Signs and Coffee Grinds by whiskeywords

Legend of Korra AU/Korrasami/Stripper AU/Coffee Shop AU. Korra has started her own coffee shop in the center of Republic City. Mako and Bolin insist that she go with them to check out a new club down the street. Little does she know what she will find there.

On Separate Grounds by awhstiles

Asami’s idea of a perfect vacation did not include surrounding herself with prepubescent angst and hormones. The only (possible) good thing to come out of Opal dragging her half way across the country is Korra, and the fact that she was possibly, slightly, maybe in love with her. AKA Asami and Korra as camp counsellors who are obviously in love.

Sailing this Ship by orbit_k

Asami and Opal are planning on enjoying their spring break on a cruise ship to Ember Island. Their goal: hook up with someone on the ship, and have a good time doing it.

The Blacksmith’s Favor by michellemagly and sy-itha

Medieval AU. Korra, a knight-commander for her father’s kingdom, struggles with her duties as a peacekeeper after a brutal civil war. After her father pressures her to take a more diplomatic role, Korra finds herself causing more fights than preventing them. Having no where else to turn, she seeks out help from her close friend Asami, the blacksmith’s daughter.

The Internship by pugsofhousetargaryen (this one is my guilty pleasure! LOVE!)

Rated Explicit for future reference (ahem, SMUT, ahem).*ASAMI IS A MASTER SEDUCTRESS*When Korra applied for an internship at Sato Industries, she thought it would be uninteresting and unrewarding.But the moment she met the alluring CEO Asami Sato, she was immediately proved otherwise.

The Song remains the same by kittymannequin (i tried tagging but tumblr wouldn’t let me!!)

Modern Korrasami AU, Korra’s a young guitarist/singer, Asami the heiress of a rich engineering genius and plays a wicked cello and their story begins on Valentine’s day, so let’s see where it takes them. I’ll be posting at least once a week, possibly 2-3 times. Rated M for future reference.

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me. by frenetic_core

In a world where you share in the pain of your soul mate, the Avatar’s other half has it pretty rough.(Soul mate AU where they can feel each other’s physical and emotional pain to a degree.)Updates sporadically. Will cover Books 1-4.

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed

Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU.

You Belong With Me by pugsofhousetargaryen

Korra has everything a regular highschooler could ask for, being the Team captain of Republic High Basketball Team, she has popularity, loyal friends, an amazing team, and she has a girlfriend, Kuvira.Asami Sato has everything a regular highschooler could ask for, money, a loving father, a secure future due to Future Industries, and she’s always the smartest of her class.But are they really happy with what they have?

These are just a few off my list, yes i know it seems like a lot! These are all fantastic and everyone should check them out! Yay for talented writers!! Sorry for not tagging all the authors! Some don’t have

Pledge of Allegiance

by Mark Berent

As many of you are aware, the Knights of Columbus submitted to congress that the words “Under God” should be added to our pledge of allegiance. Both Houses of Congress passed the law and it was signed by President Eisenhower in 1954. The information below was based on a poll taken by NBC on what percentage should keep the words in our pledge versus the percent who want it removed.

If you read this and agree that “under God” should be left in the pledge, then just forward it to others and you have voted for it to be left in. If you delete it and don’t forward it you are voting NO to “under God.” Easy, huh?

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

NBC POLL; 86% voted to keep God in the Pledge of Allegiance and 14% against. That is a pretty commanding’ public response. I was asked to send this on, if I agreed or delete if I didn’t. Now it is your turn. It is said that 86% of Americans believe the word God should stay. Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having God in the Pledge of Allegiance.Why should our Nation cater to 14%?


PM Netanyahu glares at U.N. for 45 seconds after berating its silence on Iran threat to Israel - 1 October 2015

Special Crimes Court to pave the way to justice for victims of crimes in Central African Republic #CAR

The recent announcement of the appointment of the prosecutor of the Special Crimes Court (SCC) in the Central African Republic marks a major step forward for victims of crimes committed during the conflict in the Central African Republic (#CAR).

The United Nations, through its peacekeeping mission acting on Security Council mandate, played a key role in the establishment and functioning of the court, including the establishment and operation of the office of the prosecutor, the special unit for judicial police, investigative chambers, the special indictment chamber and the registry.

The government of #CAR adopted a law in June 2015 to create the SCC and pave the way to justice for victims and to hold accountable those who have committed crimes since 2012. While the mandate of the court dates back to 2003, it can now play a crucial role to ending the impunity that has driven the recent conflict in #CAR. Although, the court is not yet fully operational, the appointment of the prosecutor, Congolese Toussaint Muntazini Mukimpa is welcomed by human rights organizations, the international community and donor countries.

Once the court is fully operational, @MINUSCA will continue its support to the court by focusing on trials procedures