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Joan of Arc Saved France by Library Company of Philadelphia
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World War I-era poster urges American women to buy War Saving Stamps by using Joan of Arc as a symbol of female patriotism. Issued by the United States Treasury Department; artist: Haskell Coffin. 

 Accession Number: P.2284.122b


So I just finished watching United World 2. Next (last?) episode comes out next month. I can’t put into words my feels about these eps.

To be honest, I am and have been pretty disappointed with how much the show diverged from the game. But that doesn’t diminish my feels when Takayama Minami is screaming and crying.

I will say, while the comparison between Mithos and Lloyd (and Mithos and Genis) has always been there in every media, the animation really put more emphasis on Colette’s likeness to Martel which wasn’t something I thought much of before. Martel really is an adult Colette. And Lloyd is if Mithos had never lost Martel…

The difference is that I can’t really see Lloyd doing something like Mithos did even if he lost Colette (or Dirk or anyone), but I definitely see Genis as a reflection of Mithos. If Genis had lost Raine (and didn’t have Lloyd&co to be there for him) he probably wouldn’t have DONE anything to the extreme of Cruxis (that’s more of the Lloyd side of Mithos) but I think he would certainly be in the same state.