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Hi. I’m from Ukraine and I want to tell you something. this shit with election happened to us once. We had a strong and clever woman by the name Yulia Timoshenko running against Victor Yanukovich, the worst person ever. The Jerk actually won and EVERYONE regretted it. And he got Yulia Timoshenko in jail on false charges. Than we had the worse presidency which led to Maidan revolution. The only reason we got rid of Yanukovich it because we united and made him run to Russia with tail between his legs. Timoshenko was released from prison. Yanukovich is wanted for high treason.

“Trump can’t do all of this awful stuff, he will be checked” 

Yeah, sure. i hope it won’t take hundreds of people dead before you see, that limitations only work when people want them to.

Yanukovich’s actions’ aftermath is Russians invading Ukraine. 

I escaped from that shit, I came to America and hoped to be safe.

I guess people are not so different in different countries as everyone thinks.

The most effective propaganda is found not in the Sun or on Fox News - but beneath a liberal halo. When the New York Times published claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, its fake evidence was believed, because it wasn’t Fox News; it was the New York Times. The same is true of the Washington Post and the Guardian, both of which have played a critical role in conditioning their readers to accept a new and dangerous cold war. All three liberal newspapers have misrepresented events in Ukraine as a malign act by Russia - when, in fact, the fascist led coup in Ukraine was the work of the United States, aided by Germany and NATO.
—  John Pilger, ‘War by media and the triumph of propaganda’

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National Corps, Right Sector and Svoboda signed the National Manifesto

Today, in the historical for Ukraine site where 100 years ago began the ongoing Ukrainian revolution (Teacher’s House), happened an event that will change the future course of Ukraine’s history: signing a memorandum between the nationalist forces of National Corps, Right Sector and Svoboda.

The event started with the joint performance of the OUN’s anthem (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists). It seemed that ancestors of the present, great fighters  for a united Ukraine, were also there.

Oleg Tyahnybok, the leader of Svoboda, said as follows: “Hundreds of Ukrainian generations have always been statesmen. Ukrainian state is the embodiment of the Ukrainian nation’s aspirations. It is in our hands today, to make Ukraine large and powerful.”

“This point has to be historical. For the first time nationalists unite their efforts not around elections, but around the idea,” said the leader of Right Sector Andriy Tarasenko.

According to the leader of National Corps Andriy Biletsky, “this is the manifesto of the struggle with which we start our "crusade” against the authorities, the system, for the Ukrainian Ukraine! Any document comes into force when people are willing to give away their time, their happiness, and their lives. We will fight until we implement each provision!“

The text of the Manifesto was recited by a man whose music has been upbringing the generation of modern nationalists - Andriy Sereda, the frontman of "Komu Vnyz” band. He handed the document to the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists.

Leaders of other nationalist organizations in Ukraine also signed the Manifesto. The event ended with the collective execution of the anthem of Ukraine.

But all of this is just the beginning. The great historical beginning which soon will lead to changes in Ukraine anticipated by nationalists on their way to freedom, victory and independence.

The Signs As...European Countries
  • Aries: Sweden
  • Taurus: Italy
  • Gemini: Ireland
  • Cancer: Poland
  • Leo: Greece
  • Virgo: Germany
  • Libra: Switzerland
  • Scorpio: France
  • Sagittarius: Ukraine
  • Capricorn: United Kingdom
  • Aquarius: Czech Republic
  • Pisces: Andorra
Black Lives Vs. All Lives

I got a message a day ago that was a bit demeaning. There was a post that said black lives matter and I reblogged it and added “all lives matter” to the bottom. The individual who posted this image messaged me and asked me not to say things like that. Because apparently only black people are being oppressed.
You can call me all the things you want, but let me clarify what I am about to say. About 2-3 weeks ago, my friend and I posted signs in the school bathrooms concerning Ferguson and the Michael Brown case. Many of them had quotes from Tumblr and Twitter posts written on them, and to my own ignorance, the signs that I posted only conveyed one message. That what had happened was purely a racial issue. I was called into the school office, asked to not do something of the nature again, and I was not even in trouble.
However, looking back at what I wrote on those pieces of 8 x 12 in paper, and talking to more and more people about this whole fiasco, I have realized something. What is happening across the United States is not just a racial issue, it is a plethura of issues. I could go into each one of them, but I will be straying far from my point.
My point is, all lives matter. My deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of all individuals whom have died these past couple of months due to the Ferguson riots and something that of an instability in police forces it seems. I cannot imagine how it feels like to loose someone that died because they were fatally shot,beaten or choked. But it’s not just black lives that matter.
I live in a predominantly Hispanic populated city, and almost every night there is something on the news about someone getting shot or raped or beaten. Hispanic and white and black little girls have been kidnapped and raped by black, white, and Hispanic men. A woman was beaten by a police officer. Why don’t people start riots about that?
Why didn’t people start riots for the innocent American and European and Eastern reporters who’s heads got cut off by Isis?
Why didn’t people start riots for the Ukrainian and Russian people in Ukraine who were and still are getting killed by Mydan soldiers?
Why didn’t people riot for those in Syria and Egypt and Palestine?
Why aren’t there riots for Asian children that work in factories?
Why didn’t people start riots from the proven statistic that many black females are in abusive relationships?
Why didn’t people start riots for the war veterans and ex-athletes that beat their wives?
Where are the riots for men and children that get raped by women and vice versa?
Why aren’t there riots about cops that steal drugs from evidence?
Why wasn’t there a riot when a white police officer killed a white man?
Why aren’t there riots for the Native Americans who were put on reservations?
Why weren’t there riots about all the school shootings that have occurred?
If someone could explain to me the answers to these questions, please do. My inbox is open to all. And I’m talking about things that happen in other countries because people who live in those countries, riot for their own injustices, and many rioted for Ferguson as well. As Americans we need to notice what is going on around us and to us. It is important to read and talk about Ferguson, but it is also very important to talk and bring notice to everything else that the media conveniently does not bring attention to.
I am white, yes. I am also the daughter of an immigrant; I did not have a formal home for the first few years of my life. My mom and I lived on food stamps for 4-5 years. I have had my fair share on unprivileged-ness myself. I got diagnosed with a condition that requires me to take medicine everyday for the rest of my life. My mom had cancer. I’m also a short girl who can’t say anything to anyone about politics without being told I don’t know a damn thing about anything. I can complain all day about the stuff I have had to go through, but I don’t. Because it’s not worth it.

So instead of yelling and rioting and killing and blaming, why don’t we all acknowledge that we all have our own privileges and we all have disadvantages? There are actions that were made and many were wrong and hurtful to hundreds and thousands. But why should we focus on what we cannot correct or change, when we can all just put our hands up and apologize for being shitty human beings to one another? Why don’t we stop all this hatred and try to mend the wounds we inflicted on each other?

We all know why, and I think that is the thing that hurts everyone the most.


Part 2, I guess(???)

Joder, apesto xDDD fdsgbvsdfgvadsfvsad

Eurovision song titles in Norwegian
  • Albania: Verden
  • Armenia: Fly Med Meg
  • Australia: Kommer ikke Lett
  • Austria: Løper På Luft
  • Azerbaijan: Skjeletter
  • Belarus: Historie Av Livet Mitt
  • Belgium: By Lys
  • Bulgaria: Vakkert Rot
  • Croatia: Vennen Min
  • Cyprus: Gravitasjon
  • Czech Republic: Min Tur
  • Denmark: Hvor Jeg Er
  • Estonia: Verona
  • Finland: Svarttrost
  • France: Requiem
  • FYR Macedonia: Danse Alene
  • Georgia: Behold Troen
  • Germany: Perfekt Liv
  • Greece: Det Er Kjærlighet
  • Hungary: Kilde
  • Iceland: Papir
  • Ireland: Dør Å Prøve
  • Israel: Jeg Føler I Live
  • Italy: Vestligs Karma
  • Latvia: Linje
  • Lithuania: Regn Av Revolusjon
  • Malta: Åndeløst
  • Moldova: Hej Mamma
  • Montenegro: Verdensrommet
  • The Netherlands: Lys Og Skygger
  • Norway: Gripe Øyeblikket
  • Poland: Lommelykt
  • Portugal: Kjærlighet For Sammen
  • Romania: Jodl det!
  • Russia: Flamme Brenner
  • San Marino: Ånd Natten
  • Serbia: I For Dyp
  • Slovenia: På Veien Min
  • Spain: Gjør Det For Din Elsker
  • Sweden: Jeg Kan Ikke Gå På
  • Switzerland: Apollo
  • Ukraine: Tid
  • United Kingdom: Aldri Gi Opp På Deg
Swastika in modern military forces (photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia)

One of the “scariest” things about AZOV for brainwashed western journalists is its “intolerant” symbol, which includes the Black Sun and the Idea of the Nation (aka “the flipped wolfsangel”):

However, these liberal watchdogs would be surprised to know that several European countries, including Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia (all three are members of the EU) are officially using the swastika in their military forces and nobody makes a big deal out of it. Now imagine the shitstorm that would come if AZOV (or any other military unit in Ukraine) was to publicly use the swastika symbol…  

Meanwhile, the following photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia have never raised any questions:

- Finnish Air Force

- Latvian Army, National Guard 22nd Infantry Battalion

- Latvian Army, National Guard 51st Infantry Battalion

- Government Security Department’s EOD team, Lithuania


[1000 Days with BTS Project] International ARMY Fan Video: Europe
국제적인 아미 응원 영상: 유럽

Introducing our ”1000 Days with BTS Project,” BTS-Trans/BangtanSubs’ first international fan project to celebrate BTS’ 1000 days since debut.

BTS-Trans/BangtanSubs이 방탄소년단의 데뷔 1000일을 축하 해드리기 위해서 처음으로 준비한 국제적인 팬 프로젝트, “방탄과 1000일 프로젝트”를 소개합니다.

The “International ARMY Fan Video: Europe” contains congratulatory and encouraging messages, fan art, calligraphy, etc. for BTS from: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

“국제적인 아미 응원 영상: 유럽"은  오스트리아, 벨로루시, 벨기에, 덴마크, 프랑스, 독일, 헝가리, 이탈리아, 카자흐스탄, 네덜란드, 폴란드, 포르투갈, 루마니아, 러시아, 슬로베니아, 스페인, 터키, 영국과 우크라이나 아미들의 축하와 응원 메시지, 팬아트, 캘리그라피, 음악 커버, 등등을 담은 영상입니다.