united states playing cards


My hobby: collecting decks of cards. Most of them from the U.S. Playing Card Company.

This is my favorite back, the League Back. For years, I thought it was only available through Bicycle Games Rummy. Then, last year, I saw a League Back deck at a magic shop in San Francisco.

The guy at the shop was very friendly and knowledgeable. I don’t think he got the fact that I just collect cards though.

richiehoezier  asked:

Richie and Bill rollerskating. The whole club is there, tho, but Richie is totally embarrassing Bill. Write it, I dare you.

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A common pastime in the sixties, of course, but was it really good as a job?

Richie Tozier seemed to think so. So much, in fact, that he’d gotten an occupation himself as a waiter at a rollerblade restaurant. Derry’s own Hot Blade’s Hotspot had a new server- and, in Bill Denbrough’s opinion, a cute one at that. Richie had chosen this position for two reasons; one, the name and outfits were absolutely god-awful, almost like Richie himself, and two, he could embarrass the shit out of Bill.

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