united states of rowing

  • Saints Row: *Playable character can only be male*
  • The rest of the series: *Same playable character, but now there's also the option to be a woman*
  • The series as a whole: *Can thus be viewed as the story of a trans woman who goes from gang member, to gang leader, to star of a multi-media empire, to national hero, to President of the United Goddamned States, to Emperor of the Fucking Galaxy*
  • Me: nice

The President of the United States everyone.

Just felt like drawing my Saints Row boss Lyla since I finished SR4 today. I already feel like starting up the third game again haha. I like how this turned out with the flat colors. Inspired by this.

2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cast List


1. Adriana Lima - June 12, 1981 - Brazil

2. Alessandra Ambrosio - April 11, 1981 - Brazil

3. Lily Aldridge - November 15, 1985 - United States of America

4. Elsa Hosk - November 7, 1988 - Sweden

5. Jasmine Tookes - February 1, 1991 - United States of America

6. Josephine Skriver - April 14, 1993 - Denmark

7. Lais Ribeiro - October 5, 1990 - Brazil

8. Martha Hunt - April 27, 1989 - United States of America

9. Romee Strijd - July 19, 1995 - Netherlands

10. Sara Sampaio - July 21, 1991 - Portugal

11. Stella Maxwell - May 15, 1991 - Northern Ireland

12. Taylor Marie Hill - March 5, 1996 - United States of America

(list continued below)

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Get hyped for this year’s total solar eclipse by watching a partial one seen from space
On August 21st, the United States will have an epic front row seat to a total solar eclipse — one that can be seen from the coasts of South Carolina to Oregon. Of course, we still have some time to go before the event takes place, so if you need an eclipse fix in the meantime, NASA has something just for you: a partial eclipse seen from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory — tasked with staring at the Sun every day — spotted the Moon as it crossed in front of our parent star on May 25th. Read more

Voices of Dragon Age: Inquistion #9 - Female Inquisitor #2

Sumalee Montano (Female Inquisitor #2) is an American actress and voice actress of Filipina, Thai and Chinese ancestry. Before she became an actress, she was an analyst at investment bank in New York and Hong Kong. However, she decided to leave Wall Street and travel through the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It was during this travel she decided to take up acting. She guest starred in tv-shows like ER, The West Wing, Bones, Close to Home and in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. Sumalee lent her voice to Arcee in Transformers Prime cartoon and to Katana in Beware the Batman. She also voiced numerous video game characters in games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Dead Island, Diablo III, Guild Wars 2, Skylanders: Giants, Elder Scrolls Online. Her two the most memorable roles are surely the Nyareen Kandros in Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC and the President of the United States (female voice #3) in Saints Row IV. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, she lent her voice to Female Inquisitor (American accent).

Trivia: Sumalee graduated from Harvard.

Trivia II: Sumalee has two pets - “a big dog and a tiny cat”.

anonymous asked:

Address the argument though- Isis is Islam. I've already deflected your feeble attempts to somehow blame imperialism/da white man. Do you honestly think concepts like gay or women's rights exist in the Middle East? Speaking of the dark ages you're more than free to move to present day Somalia if you want a quick trip to the dark ages though. I'm sure all those al shabaab terrorist would love to talk about feminism with you. Being forced to wear a hijab is a great way to fight the patriarchy!

Isis came out of a very specific set of events in the Middle East, events which you can’t disentangle from imperialism because those events started with the United States invading Iraq twice in a row.


                                    Every Passport in the Americas 

First Row: United States, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Dominican Republic

Second Row: Guyana, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Haiti

Third Row: Dominica, El Salvador, Peru, Argentina, Bahamas

Fourth Row: Uruguay, Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador, Barbados

Fifth Row: Suriname, Bolivia, Antigua, Trinidad, Costa Rica

Sixth Row: Colombia, Paraguay, St. Kitts, Jamaica, Guatemala

Last Row: Belize, St. Vincent, Nicaragua

Note: I could not find any clear pictures of a Grenada passport or a St. Lucia passport which is why they are not included 


August. 1968.

The Beatles along with Capitol Records president, Stanley Gortikov, attend a business meeting in London. The band and Gortikov are sitting at a table to sign the contract that would allow Apple Records to be sold in the United States.

In the fourth row photos you can see (L to R): George Harrison’s head, Apple chief executive Ron Kass, Paul McCartney, Ken Mansfield, Ringo Starr, Stanley Gortikov and John Lennon.

omgcp characters as shit i’ve done

inspired by the lovely @mrcrappyknight!!! this was super duper fun even though i couldn’t do every single character.  

bitty:  got really angry at middle school and pre algebra so i took a two hour shower while blasting 2008 beyonce throughout my house (i was 12)

jack:  locked myself in a practice room to practice viola, emerged five hours later with throbbing fingers and a fever 

shitty:  biked around the town i live in for three hours while wearing a red teletubby suit, fell in a ditch twice bc i couldn’t see

ransom: told everyone i wasn’t dating my best guy friend in sixth grade (even though i totally was and we were going strong on three weeks)

holster: being a musical hoe by identifying every note i hear, whether that be the school bell, a vacuum cleaner, a lawn mower, etc.  i will find that note and will not rest until i have identified it. will definitely sing it for fifteen minutes and piss off everyone i’m with atm

lardo:  drew an exact map of the united states of america on my desk in math two years in a row, called it minimalism

nursey:  bought a venti pumpkin spice latte and felt rly cool bc it was my first psl of the season.  little did i know coffee literally kills me and had shaky ass hands and cried in a bathroom later that day, the Opposite of Chill

dex:  got PISSED OFF at my world history teacher freshman year bc she thought i was a slack off just bc i made c’s and d’s in her class. so after she moved to georgia (she had to move for her husbands job ig) i found her contact info through google and cussed her out via gmail

chowder:  love my friends endlessly!!!  literally am always down for cuddles.  slept over at a friends house two nights in a row bc she was going through a bad breakup and she needed me, so u bet ur ass i was there.

We’ve become a culturally bankrupt country. We ban books like Little Red Riding Hood. We recoil through classical art, because it depicts the majesty of the human form. But most importantly, what we call football, ISN’T football. It’s rugby for fucking pussies!
—  The President of the United States (Cockney accent), Saints Row IV