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Spent the long weekend in Colorado, the place that got me into photography a decade ago, and fell even more in love with it than I was before.

Various locations in the state of Colorado. July 2016. (Instagram)

Thanks, Obama

A list of the amazing things Obama did for the United States of America in his eight years as president:

- He provided health care for those in need, including expanding health care for children;

- He made America a safer place, with more jobs;

- He created a better economy, with opportunities for all Americans;

- He ended two wars;

- He made it easier for students to get loans;

- He created laws, helping those in need after the recession; 

- He increased the support for veterans;

- He gave women the right to stand up against discrimination at work;

- He introduced two women to the Supreme Court, including the first Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court;

- He passed environmental laws, including renewable energy laws;

- He ‘killed’ several plans that would cost billions and would gain nothing;

- He actually started working towards ending hate crime, by expanding the laws to sexual orientation, gender, or disability, in addition to race, color, religion, or national origin;

- He payed minority farmers, including Native American and black farmers, $4.6 billion in settlements after they were cheated out of a lot of money and natural resources by the government;

- He ensured better relations between the United States and Cuba;


- He joined the fight against terrorism, ISIL, in the Middle East; 

- He funded Planned Parenthood, which has saved many lives.

Thanks, Obama!

Got my MEMES™ ready for tomorrow

On your way to the voting polls? Here’s one last refresher on where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton compare on all the hot-button issues this election: