united states of america

There is no justifiable reason to celebrate independence day.

To many of you, my words are treason. But to those who exist under the imperial juggernaut that is the united states government, to those who struggle with maintaining a manageable life in a society that exploits them dry to the bone, and to those who experienced first-hand the unforgiving wrath of this state’s domestic and international violence; my treasonous words speak only truth. 

While you run to your nearest window in excitement when you hear an explosion, families in Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen cower and panic from bombs bursting in air over their heads shot from our country.

While you wave your flag to express your patriotic spirit, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Haitians, Dominicans, and other Caribbean, Central, and South american peoples feel resentment and loathing to the forced glorification of the flag responsible for their collective historical and contemporary destabilization and torment. 

While you deify commanders in chieves, either founding fathers or recent presidents, indigenous peoples across the north amerikan continent and its captured territories and its documented and undocumented immigrants see only the blind cult worship of murderous colonial settlers or those responsible for tearing apart families and livelihoods.

What is there to celebrate in a country founded by settler colonialism?
What is there to celebrate in a country built by genocide and slave labor?
What is there to celebrate in a country that favors the rich over the poor?
What is there to celebrate in a country that puts profits before people?
What is there to celebrate in a country responsible for capturing foreign land?
What is there to celebrate in a country that’s responsible for toppling foreign democratic governments for the sake of corporations?
What is there to celebrate in a country that needs constant crisis to survive and is responsible for creating both refugees and terrorists?
What is there to celebrate in a country that still uses slavery as punishment for prisoners?
What is there to celebrate in a country that harassed, murdered, and imprisoned marginalized groups since inception, and does little to actively protect them?
What is there to celebrate in a country whose leaders only care to listen to you when they want your vote, then shut you out whenever you have a problem?

If you truly do care about humanity, about mankind’s troubles: stop supporting the nation responsible for our collective international misery.

There is no justifiable reason to celebrate independence day.

A letter from Joe Biden to his staff:

To My Wonderful Staff,
I would like to take a moment and make something clear to everyone. I do not expect, nor do I want, any of you to miss or sacrifice important family obligations for work. Family obligations include, but are not limited to, family birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any religious ceremonies, such as first communions and bar mitzvahs, graduations, and times of need, such as an illness or a loss in the family. This is very important to me. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if I find out that you are working with me while missing important family responsibilities, it will disappoint me greatly. This has been an unwritten rule since my days in the Senate.
Thank you all for the hard work.
Sincerely, Joe

Nā Pali Coast State Park - Hawaii

Na Pali Coast State Park is located along the north-west side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited island in Hawaii. The park is best known for its amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, green cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and deep valleys. Inaccessible to vehicles, the park can be reached by hiking, helicopter, kayak, boat, or paddle board. Camping is allowed in the park, although campers must obtain a permit. 

The coast was famously featured in the Jurassic Park films, as well as King Kong, and The Descendants.

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Fourth of July Explained for Non-Americans

The Fourth of July is the holiday on which Americans give thanks twice as much to George Washington, George Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

One common American tradition on the Fourth of July is that of the Presidential Prayer Beads. At dinner time, one family member takes out a bracelet with 45 beads and uses it to help name each president and their role in building America. Every time the country elects a new President, families add a bead to their bracelet. Highly observant families also have bracelets devoted to the number of states, Constitutional Amendments, and Sessions of Congress.

Families settle down to the Independence Dinner after they finish counting and reciting all their beads and praying to each president. There is no single type of Independence Dinner. This reflects how America is a melting pot or tossed salad of different cultures and ways of life. In fact, that’s just what a lot of Americans do: they serve melting pots and tossed salads, but what’s in those meals differs with each region, city, or even neighborhood!

During the Independence Dinner, all Americans have their tv, radio, or web browsers open, listening for the First Bite made by the president. It’s customary that no one in the family starts eating until the President takes a bite of his or her own dinner, which has been broadcast throughout the country as long as there has been sound recording equipment or word of mouth in the Washington, D.C. It used to be a custom that the President would visit a household and take the First Bite from their dinner, but this ended with the Scalding of 1949.

After the Independence Dinner, Americans set out their lawn chairs on the grass, dirt, balcony, or in front of an open window. They do this to get a perfect view of the Fourth of July Fireworks. If you are staying in America during the Fourth of July, you will not need to travel very far to see the show because they are visible in virtually every part of the country. If an American does not live closer to a fireworks show, there is a good chance that their household plans to hold a fireworks show that year. Many states restrict the sale of fireworks, but if an American goes to a store and says I am holding a Fourth of July Fireworks show the law enforcement will usually look the other way. In major cities, this is less important because the town government will pay for the fireworks show.

When the Fourth of July Fireworks end, most Americans go to sleep. All burnt fireworks are recycled and all unused fireworks are sold back to retail stores at half price. If an American lives near the border with Mexico or Canada, they may cross the border to spread the festivities.

I hope this has been helpful. Criticisms and questions are welcome. If I missed something, please let me know. Happy Fourth of July!