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This is the second video in a my White History Month series. This video speaks about the history of Anti-Asian discrimination in America and how one Japanese man went to court to argue that he should be legally recognized as white. 


WARNING: This series will feature the usage of outdated terms that are now considered slurs. Through much debate, I realized that I had to discuss things in historical context and use all terms regardless of how offensive they are in the contemporary sense.


Singer who forgets the words to the U.S. National Anthem on the first note        

  • usa:lets make our universities ridiculously expensive, right?
  • usa:and then, make most students dependent on loans we give them, you following?
  • usa:ok, then, we have a max amount of loans students can withdrawal, haha.
  • usa:but that max amount doesn't have to cover the real cost of an education ;)
  • usa:so they are either forced to quit and take up a job that will never cover the cost of their loans in time for them to take out more to attend school again
  • usa:OR they will be forced to beg the private sector for loans even worse than ours
  • usa:and if their credit is terrible because of the loans they took out from us, and they have no cosigner, they're gonna' get stuck in low paying jobs anyway, and get stuck paying us for life
  • usa:hahahahaha. i'm fuckin funny.

what baffles me about the police brutality debate in america is just how many people say “if you just obey the police, nothing bad will happen to you”

because holy shit for a country that is all about “freedom” and “rights” that’s such a weird thing to hear. someone who works for an arm of your government is just going to ask you to do something that you have NO legal obligation to do (ie, put out your cigarette in your own car during a traffic stop) and you think everyone should just obey because the police have tasers and guns and pepper spray and every ability to hurt you if you don’t obey? that’s literally not freedom at ALL


Flatiron Building, New York City by Thomas Hawk


U.S. Army soldiers of Alpha Company, 10th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, along with their Albanian and Croatian counterparts engages opposing forces while conducting troop movement training during exercise Combined Resolve IV at the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany, May 27, 2015.