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2/20th SFG (Illinois NG) Participate in a live-fire night assault exercise.

Under the cover of night, the 2/20th Special Forces Group (A detachment of the Illinois National Guard) in cooperation with the Navy’s 22nd Special Boat Team 22 participate in Exercise Southern Strike 15. Moving upriver, the soldiers engage a simulated riverside village with aerial coverage from an AC-130 circling the AO.

The United States military are currently setting out plans to utilize guinea pigs instead of human soldiers for the conflict in the middle east. The almost 20 billion dollars plan will employ over 100,000 guinea pigs and equip them with the state of the art technology such as lasers, steel armour, water-proof speed boat and pea sized walkie talkies. The plan is set to initiate in early 2016 but it is still on the table for debate in the Senate.