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Dramione Crossover: Historical Event- United States~ Assassination of President John F. Kennedy~

It has been a week since the assassination of Minister Draco Malfoy and his widow is speaking to the public for the first time.

 I would like the public to note that she sits before me, dressed in black with a veil covering her eyes. It’s easy to see though that her eyes are puffy and I wonder if she’ll ever stop mourning her husband. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t since the love they had for each other was a rare one. Hermione Malfoy, neé Granger, seems to have it all. She is beautiful, smart, kind, elegant, and her husband was the Minister of Magic. Every witch envied her in all the ways that she was. Tragedy seems to strike too. She lost friends in the Second Wizarding War and her parents too. Now, she has lost her husband leaving her alone in the world with their seven year old son, Scorpius Malfoy, and their four year old daughter, Rose Narcissa Malfoy.

  I started the interview by giving her my condolences and from my lovely readers as well. I then asked her how she was doing and I could see behind her veiled eyes that she was trying so hard not to fall apart. “I am in mourning, but I try to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. For my children’s sake,” she added quickly. I smiled at her, “Of course and how are your children taking it?” Mrs. Malfoy responded, “Scorpius knows what has happened and is grieving in his own way, but Rose doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand,” her eyes and voice began to water, “That Daddy’s never coming back,” I had to pause the interview at this point and let the widow grieve. My heart went out to The Brightest Witch of Our Age.

When I resumed the interview, I thought it would be easier for both of us if I asked her to talk about her late husband. I found that very helpful when I lost family in the war, “How did you guys meet?”

“As the world probably knows,” she has a nostalgic smile on her face now, “We went to Hogwarts together, but we were not friends. Then the war came and after it was won, we both went back to Hogwarts to redo out seventh year. We agreed to start over and everything just got better from there.”

“How would you describe your late husband?”

“Draco was kind, conciliatory, forgiving, a gentleman, a man of taste in people, furniture, and books. I loved every inch of him.”

“What are some fond memories you have of Minster Malfoy while he was in office?”

At this time, she burst into joyful laughter making me smile too, “I remember fondly of him always reading- while walking, dining, bathing or doing his tie. His mother always hated it and I admit, it annoyed me too at times, but I came to think of it as Draco. Just simply as Draco. I also remember how he would change into pajamas for his 45 minute nap in the Ministry.”

I laughed with her at the last part. Who knew that Minster Malfoy would do that?

For more about the assassination of Minister Draco Malfoy at Hogmeade and his widow, Hermione Malfoy. Please turn to page 3.

(Quotes in photos and some in the interview are taken from sources on the internet)

  • Max: *sitting down beside Isabel* Hey, Isabel, you did the history homework?
  • Johnny: What are you doing?
  • Max: It's called sitting.
  • Johnny: No one sits here but me.
  • Max: Mm-hmm.
  • Max: *starts talking to Isabel again* What'd you get for number four? I wasn't sure if Manifest Destiny was, A: a phenomenon that helped create the United States, or B: a series of historical events with a tangible timeline.
  • Ed: *sitting down beside Johnny* Hey. Eating at Johnny's table now? I feel extremely dangerous.
  • Johnny: Whoa. Whoa.
  • Isaac: *sitting down on the other side Johnny and pointing at Johnny* This guy bothering you, Max?
  • Johnny: Try the other way around.