Autumn can make us feel nostalgic sometimes, with its shorter days and changing colors. In this scene of two women picking grapes on a fall day, American artist Francis David Millet was definitely looking back—all the way to ancient Greece and Rome. The women’s draped gowns and the marble columns are inspired by classical prototypes. At a time when the United States was becoming increasingly urban and industrial, on the eve of a new century, this romanticized view of the past held a strong appeal for certain audiences.

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Jason is always a joy to watch. He is very engaging and artistic. I love his transitions and am totally jealous of his flexibility.
Terrorism & The Upcoming Presidential Election
How terrorism is affecting politics and why it’s time to take bold steps against Saudi Arabia.
By Younus AlGohar

‘The role the United States has to play in this world is very important, therefore any president of the USA should be carefully elected and appointed. No one who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder should become the president of the United States of America.’
North Dakota pipeline protest prompts more than 80 arrests
MANDAN, N.D. (AP) — More than 80 people protesting the Dakota Access pipeline were arrested Saturday during a demonstration that gathered about 300 people at a construction site in North Dakota and prompted law enforcement…

YAAASSS SLAAAY Adam. This program is awesome, he performs it soooo well. I love his attitude and sass.