there is video at the link but if you haven’t seen it yet, be mindful that it is viciously white supremacist and disturbing, an old white man with power calls a young girl a “cunt,” physically assaults and then shoots at a group of kids, and is suspended with pay.

if you want to complain (and i hope we can generate enough complaints to get noticed) you can file a police report or tweet at them @anaheimPD



Trudeau defends move to give U.S. agents more powers in Canada
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday defended plans to give more powers to U.S. border agents stationed in Canada, saying travelers would at all times be protected by domestic laws.

As part of a 2015 deal between Canada and the United States, Trudeau’s government has introduced draft legislation allowing U.S. border agents based in Canada more leeway to question and search people wishing to enter the United States.

Critics say this increases the chance of abuse at a time when the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is cracking down on immigrants, prompting dozens of people to cross the border into Canada every week. […]

The evening before I left, bidding farewell to some of my colleagues, many of whom have also since left, I notified Trump’s senior NSC communications adviser, Michael Anton, of my departure, since we shared an office. His initial surprise, asking whether I was leaving government entirely, was followed by silence––almost in caution, not asking why. I told him anyway.

I told him I had to leave because it was an insult walking into this country’s most historic building every day under an administration that is working against and vilifying everything I stand for as an American and as a Muslim. I told him that the administration was attacking the basic tenets of democracy. I told him that I hoped that they and those in Congress were prepared to take responsibility for all the consequences that would attend their decisions.

He looked at me and said nothing.

It was only later that I learned he authored an essay under a pseudonym, extolling the virtues of authoritarianism and attacking diversity as a “weakness,” and Islam as “incompatible with the modern West.”

My whole life and everything I have learned proves that facile statement wrong.



Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a peaceful demonstration that may turn bad — even before anything actually happened.
SB1142 expands the state’s racketeering laws, now aimed at organized crime, to also include rioting. And it redefines what constitutes rioting to include actions that result in damage to the property of others.
But the real heart of the legislation is what Democrats say is the guilt by association — and giving the government the right to criminally prosecute and seize the assets of everyone who planned a protest and everyone who participated. And what’s worse, said Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, is that the person who may have broken a window, triggering the claim there was a riot, might actually not be a member of the group but someone from the other side.


The GOP put out a survey called the “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” and it’s as biased and terrifying as it sounds:

  • It only went out to people who are on a Trump email list. Because that’s a fair and representative demographic. 
  • It uses biased questions to plant ideas in people’s heads. Just take a look at this gem: “Do you believe that political correctness has created biased news coverage on both illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism?”
  • It uses wording to sway people into the “right” direction. According to Carolyn Dicey Jennings, a philosopher at University of California, “many of these questions—at least 16 of the 25—are framed in a way that signals to the reader that they are meant to be answered yes”. This leads to what “acquiescence bias”.
  • It’s basically “push polling”: trying to convey some information rather than asking people what they think. “This is not an attempt to get information about the media, but to sway opinions” says Daniel Oppenheimer, a psychologist at UCLA.
  • It uses incomplete and questionable poll results: “Were you aware that a poll was released revealing that a majority of Americans actually supported President Trump’s temporary restriction executive order?” - This has been contradicted since many polls show a majority opposes the “Muslim Ban”.
  • It doesn’t ask for demographic information beyond ZIP code. So, if analyzed, the survey wouldn’t be able to be properly weighted.
  • It’s full of confusing questions that serve no purpose other than to slam the media: “Do you believe that contrary to what the media says, raising taxes does not create jobs?”
  • It says that the media is “noise” that President Trump wants to “cut through”. The media is noise. Let that sink in. 
  • It plants the idea that the GOP should “hold the media accountable”. Just a little PSA: it is the media’s job to report on politicians, not the other way around. "Holding the media accountable” sounds like it comes straight out of “Dictatorship 101″ and it’s terrifying. 
  • It is testing which ideas resonate with Trump supporters and which don’t. The ideas that poll best are more likely to show up in a future ad or a Trump speech.
  • It’s giving Trump a brand new bogus source to cite. The last time Trump’s team sent out a survey, the email said “Well, Friend, with your help today, the next time I’m being interviewed, I will have my own poll that shows that the American people disagree with the dishonest media!” - and this time is no different. 
  • It’s a fundraising plug: once you’ve completed the survey, you’re asked to donate money to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

Sources: Boston GlobeNPR, Washington Post, Wired

Texas hunters who accidentally shot each other blamed undocumented immigrants, police reveal

it is genuinely too bad they didn’t off each other.

A hunting guide and his client accidentally shot each other and then blamed it on undocumented migrants, police in the US have said.

Officers attended the scene at a remote south Texas ranch, near to the Mexico border, in early January, finding the two men bleeding from gunshot wounds. A second guide was involved in the incident, but escaped without injury.

The casualties, guide Walker Daughtery, 26, and client Edwin Roberts, 59, and the other guide, Michael Bryant, told police they suspected the shooters were undocumented immigrants they had seen on the ranch earlier in their trip.

Gut-wrenching photos show the final hours of the Standing Rock protest
Water protectors set fire to camp structures as law enforcement prepared a final raid on Wednesday.
By Mic

With the smell of burning wood and insulation in the air, and only a few hundred water protectors still at the camp, someone will occasionally shout the signature cry of the Standing Rock resistance: “Mni waconi,” or “water is life.”

Number of US hate groups rose in 2016 — and most are anti-Semitic, civil rights center finds
“2016 was an unprecedented year for hate,” an official at the Southern Poverty Law Center said.

The number of hate groups in the United States rose in 2016, and most of them subscribe to anti-Semitic views, a civil rights group found.

Last year, 917 hate groups were active, up from 892 in 2015, according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC released a list of the hate groups categorized by types, such as anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim. There is no category for anti-Semitic groups, according to Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Alabama-based center.

“The reason we don’t have a separate category for anti-Jewish groups is that the vast majority of them are all anti-Semitic,” Potok told reporters in a conference call, responding to a question from JTA.

At least 550 of the 917 groups are anti-Semitic in nature, Potok later clarified to JTA in a phone call, emphasizing that the number represented “a minimum.”