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Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA
In the summer of 1972, state-of-the-art campaign spying consisted of amateur burglars, armed with duct tape and microphones, penetrating the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Today, amateur burglars have been replaced by cyberspies, who penetrated the DNC armed with computers and sophisticated hacking tools.

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Where the Watergate burglars came away empty-handed and in handcuffs, the modern- day cyber thieves walked away with tens of thousands of sensitive political documents and are still unidentified.

Now, in the latest twist, hacking tools themselves, likely stolen from the National Security Agency, are on the digital auction block. Once again, the usual suspects start with Russia – though there seems little evidence backing up the accusation.

In addition, if Russia had stolen the hacking tools, it would be senseless to publicize the theft, let alone put them up for sale. It would be like a safecracker stealing the combination to a bank vault and putting it on Facebook. Once revealed, companies and governments would patch their firewalls, just as the bank would change its combination.

A more logical explanation could also be insider theft. If that’s the case, it’s one more reason to question the usefulness of an agency that secretly collects private information on millions of Americans but can’t keep its most valuable data from being stolen, or as it appears in this case, being used against us.

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UNIQLO will conduct a social media campaign beginning Aug. 25 to bring love to children from people around the world who share Novak’s sentiment. For every social media post using the “#BringTheLove” hashtag, UNIQLO will donate one dollar (up to $25,000) to New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL), an organization that supports the healthy development of children through tennis. Posts can be made through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The $10,000 bill is the largest denomination U.S. bill printed for public use.

The $10,000 bill first circulated in 1945 but was discontinued in 1969 by the Federal Reserve System due to ‘lack of use’. The bill is still legal tender, but the value was larger than the net worth of the average American during the time it was available. 

Other large currencies were also discontinued in 1969, like the $5,000 bill. Only a few hundred authentic bills remain.


Orange mornings by Jonathan Percy

I figured out what I need to do.

I was offered travel leave for the month of October from my flight company and I think im going to take it. Im going to hop on airplanes and just travel the U.S. Wherever the flight goes to thats where I’ll be. I’ve always wanted to do a spontaneous adventure where im lost in the world and figuring out what im going to do on the spot and this is that opportunity.

Already a lot of my friends are offering me places to stay but in case i end up in a totally random location airbnb is going to be mybest friend.

Now im just going to wait back to hear if I get it. If I do keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the brown boy with the wide eyes full of wonderment.

If i only get half a month I think i’ll just go to England. Win/Win.

I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to share.

Seattle Synagogue Hosts Israel Critic Who Was Condemned by Wiesenthal Center.

The relentless efforts of groups like New Israel Fund and J Street to dilute Jewish support for Israel in Seattle is bearing  fruit. Case in point is the upcoming lecture by Israel critic Matthew Duss. The event sponsored by J Street and New Israel Fund will be hosted by Temple De Hirsch Sinai, a once reliable bastion of support for the Jewish state.

Duss along with his colleagues at the Center for American Progress have made comments so extreme that they have earned opprobrium of the Obama White House and censure from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Duss has referred to Israel’s defensive arms blockade on Hamas ruled Gaza as a “moral abomination” and compared the Jewish State’s policies to those of the Jim Crow South. According to the Jerusalem Post; the Wiesenthal center condemned the statements of Duss and his colleagues, describing their comments as “infected with Jew-hatred and discriminatory policy positions toward Israel.”

“The War Is Over!” A poster for an anti-war concert attended by 100,000 people celebrating the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. It was designed by ‘troubadour of the New Left’ Phil Ochs, a folk singer, guitarist and lyricist whose music provided some of the strongest notes of protest during the war.