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Peaceful Pepperbase

My new home base. Will remodel as HG adds more base pieces, but this is my final location. Can’t imagine a planet much better than this.

Went for a much different approach with this base. Instead of a single tall tower, I went for more of a very small village.

Features: Health/Shield recharging units, plenty of hydroponic NipNip Buds, two landing pads, Signal Scanner & Save Point, some other crops, two landing pads, Galactic Trade Terminal, Sgt Pepper’s Cafe (stop in for some Baked Cucrassula), medium-difficulty Sgt Pepper’s Circuit racetrack, a lot of chairs, and great views of the local wildlife and landscapes.

Come visit in the Hub! I’ve already had 3 visitors at least.

WAIT, I think I know where AIDA’s villain arc will go

So we have AIDA replacing the team with LMDs. Most likely, we’ll have a period of “which one of us is a LMD!”, kinda like the HYDRA invasion where no one was sure who was loyal and who was a double agent.

Then, with Robbie’s inevitable return, the team will have an easy way of determining who is human and who is a LMD. Robbie can sense someone’s soul so all he needs to do is determine whether or not someone on the team is walking around without a soul.

AIDA, who has experience with the Darkhold, will realize that the solution to beat Robbie is to gain a soul and she’ll probably look through the book to find out if that’s possible.

Yup, it’ll be one of those stories. Where the sentient machine’s goal is to become human, or at least get close to becoming human. 

Also, for you Mass Effect fans…“Does this unit have a soul?” 


WWE May 19th, 2013. Extreme Rules.

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE United States Championship.

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs Kane & Daniel Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Missing All the Action

– Post-Roadblock Ambrolleigns One Shot

Summary: Roman and Seth have been all over each other – watching each other’s backs and wreaking havoc on JeriKO whenever there’s a chance. That’s on TV, sure, but it wasn’t like they didn’t have each other’s backs outside of the ring too; in fact, their newly rekindled relationship was bringing all the benefits it could from ring to the bedroom. Dean, all the way on Smack Down, has clearly been missing out.

Thank goodness for Skype calls.

Relationship: Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Skype sex, Dean is missing his boys, The boys are missing him, They all have a good time, Daddy kink, 69 sex position, oral/anal sex, masturbation, mostly PWP

Written for @givemeaway ~! Also posted up on Ao3 by the same title (to my author account treble_tone_stark) if you’d like to save it, everyone!

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The audition tape for Maggie Sawyer though…

Hank/ J’onn: We’re on the same side, Maggie.
Maggie: Since you’re not my dad or my girlfriend, how bout you call me Detective?

Maggie: I think you’re part of some clandestine government organization that handles alien and metahuman crises. Probably have some cool acronym like UNIT or SHIELD.
Hank/ J’onn: This isn’t a comic book.
Maggie: And yet, if I get into real trouble, I suspect a girl with a red cape will fly in and save me.

Hank/ J’onn: May the best man win then.
Maggie: Oh I will. Don’t worry.

The sass of it all…

Why I Disagree with Steve Rogers

From Nicole (the OG @kingsmanhartwin​), the author of such rants such as: My Current Problem with Captain America 3 and Fanfic Writers Don’t Owe You Anything, comes a stunning five-page essay about why we should all be Team Tony and Steve Rogers can suck a dick.

So, I just need to get this off my chest and the best way of doing that is borrowing Erin’s tumblr for a bit. (Hello it’s been quite a while since I talked to any of you).

I watched Civil War, and I came out hating Steve and just disagreeing with most of the avengers. So I am going to talk about why below (if you don’t want spoilers don’t read).

Look, I always liked Captain America. I always preferred Iron Man, but I still loved Cap. So, when I went in to see the movie, I promised myself I would watch it without bias. It quickly became obvious my worry was unnecessary, because I agreed with Tony Stark on a worldview level.

First, let’s start with the accords and why I disagree with Steve Rogers:

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