united police state of america


They go by many names,

They come from all backgrounds,

But they all have one job in common,

Protecting life.


Remington POE Model 8 rifle

Manufactured by Peace Officer Equipment co. in St.Joseph, Montana c.1935-1936 - serial number 68415 & another gun with an additional Thompson pistol grip.
8.9x49mm/.35 Remington 15-round single stack removable box magazine, semi-automatic, long-recoil rotating bolt semi-automatic.

The POE police rifle was essentially a Model 8 with an extended magazine and foregrip, designed to bridge the firepower gap between law enforcement and criminals after the prohibition. After a number of successful purchases by police departments across the country, Remington cooperated with POE to bring these guns to factory standards.

Remington POE ‘Special Police’ Model 81 rifle

Manufactured by Remington Arms in Ilion, New york c.1936 - serial number 18769.
8.9x49mm/.35 Remington 15-round single stack removable box magazine, semi-automatic, long-recoil rotating bolt semi-automatic.

Additional features on the Model 81 Special Police, which was the fruit of the collaboration between Remington and POE, were a pair of swing swivel eyelets and profuse markings, including a hand-engraved buyer’s reference on the left side of the frame.

The phrase “Blue Lives Matter” is as ridiculous as it is offensive.

There are no such thing as “Blue Lives”.  Regardless of all the quasi-secret society/fraternity bullshit they promote, police officers are not a people apart from the the public at large.  A career is not an identity in the way that gender or race or even socioeconomic class are.  It doesn’t matter if your dad and your granddad and your great grandma were police officers.  Your life is not blue.  The only thing blue is your choice to become an instrument of legitimated force.

Furthermore, there exists no systematic structure for the persecution of police; there is only the long-simmering public outrage over the various institutional protections they receive from responsibility for their mistakes and their crimes.  Police officers have never been threatened, as a group, in the same way that black people, as a group, routinely are. 

If that outrage makes them feel threatened, then the police and the society which employs them need to fundamentally reevaluate what kind of people they hire to be officers, what their situation is regarding legal liability, and ultimately what the purpose of a police force actually is.


The Morality Police, USA, 1920. 

Just as compulsory as morality polices today in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and formerly Gaza Strip and Sudan. 

It is so bizarre and sporadic to pay policemen to arrest women who practice their right of dress. If it was changed in the USA, it can be changed in everywhere else; if enough people are standing up against retardation.

Hundreds Protest Racist Police Brutality At Site Of Texas Pool Party
Hundreds of demonstrators descended in McKinney, Texas on Monday -- just two days after a video that captured a police officer’s use of force against a black, female teenager went viral. Elr

 “Let’s go swimming”

It is just the beginning of full-scale protest actions of the black population in the town of McKinney . Black people again have faced police cruelty towards unarmed teens. They feel outraged cause police brutality goes on and isn’t punished. 

I wish more white people to stand up for them because we are just one nation,one community and we must unite  cause such issues are our common problems. 

Lack of action is worse to break their spirit. Nothing is more sad than a broken spirit and feeling helpless and powerless in the country where you shoud feel ,at least ,safe.