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Gabriel Bell
Born: April 24, 1987
Died: September 3, 2024

Known as the father of Earth’s post-modern reformism, Bell galvanized the people and government of the United States of America when he led an uprising in San Francisco’s Sanctuary District “A.” Besides arranging for food and medical supplies for the hostages, Bell was able to establish a wide broadcast data link through the planetary communication system, “Interface.” Through this broadcast, he was able bring an unavoidable awareness of the ineffective and cruel nature of the time’s Sanctuary Districts to a wide audience. This helped create public outcry for massive reform to the mental health and criminal justice systems as well as widespread economic change. The American political climate eventually shifted towards justice and equality, and away from the climate of inequality and ignorance. Although Bell was killed during the uprising, he is known as a figurehead for the movement and change it spawned, and the uprising has since been known as the Bell Riots.


Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he is a socialist.

Still relevant today in time when our tax dollars should be used to fix our broken society. Instead, our tax dollars is used to subsidizing the rich, big oil, supporting Israel, and paying for reckless wars.

  • tony: *refuses to comply with the government and solves everything on his own*
  • people: wow look at him he's so selfish
  • tony: *sides with the government*
  • people: wow look at him he's so selfish
  • steve: *with the government, in the military, serves his country*
  • people: captain america!!! so righteous!! we love him!!!
  • steve: *takes matters into own hands, breaks up avengers, doesn't listen to anyone's advice, goes against 117 governments and the united nations*
  • people: captain america!!! so righteous!! we love him!!!

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What part of the US constitution allows Bernie Sander's programs? Why should we have a single payer system when the VA is a single payer system and lets down our veterans?

This is the age-old argument about the limits of the Constitution.Does the Constitution grant power to government or grant rights to people? 

In this case, I would argue that it does not matter, In the preamble of the constitution it reads:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. (x)

We establish this Constitution to promote the general Welfare, it is explicit in the text. People may argue what general Welfare means. to better understand the framing of those words at the time, let’s look at Dictionary of the English language by Samuel Johnson (1768). To place some context of timing, The constitution was written in 1787 and would be ratified by 1788 and would be put into effect by 1789, making this the dictionary closest in time-period to the Constitution.

General: the whole, in totality

Welfare: happiness, prosperity

At the time the Constitution was written, those words would have been perceived to mean to promote happiness and prosperity of the whole of the People of the United States of America. 

Do those two things not promote the prosperity of the whole, if they are given to all equally?

On the VA, Republicans have consistently cut funding to Veterans programs, including the VA.

So it seems disingenuous to call into question why the VA is failing while there is a history of lack of support. It is also interesting how you do not bring up the largest single payer healthcare system in the US, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services(CMS).

This is likely because it is difficult to find a compelling argument for your side here:

It seems to me that a single payer system is still superior, especially since the Kaiser Family foundation concluded:
  • In most local markets, providers have monopoly power. Consequently, private insurers lack the bargaining power to contain prices.
  • In most areas, two or three dominant insurers dominate the regional market, limit competition and make it extremely difficult if not impossible for new insurers to enter the marketplace and stimulate price competition.
  • Medicare Advantage, which enrolls seniors in private health plans, has failed to deliver care more efficiently than traditional fee-for-service Medicare. Both the CBO and the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), the commission which advises congress on Medicare’s finances, have calculated that Medicare Advantage plans covering the same care as traditional Medicare cost 12 percent more
  • Karen Ignagni, who heads America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the insurance industry’s trade association, has admitted that private plans cannot bargain down provider costs and has asked Washington to intervene.

Even private insurers are looking for the government to step in and help them on their pricing, why not just cut the profit centers out of the deal and save that money?

- @theliberaltony

In North Dakota, #water has become the symbol of #whiteprivilege which is also reflection of how much water is taken for granted. No one should ever be forced to accept a pipeline that threatens other people’s water supplies.

But the environmental racism that exist in North Dakota may not end there. It’s only the start of it in other places of the US.

Migrants Choose Arrest In Canada Over Staying In The U.S.
A rural road in northern New York has become a magnet for migrants who no longer want to stay in the U.S. Growing numbers are stepping into Canada, knowing Mounties immediately will arrest them.

dated 17 February 2017

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…

On the road - Jack Kerouac

(because it inspires me so much)

Alrighty, it’s story time kids.

So I was leaving the mall today, and I was wearing this black jacket which had Bucky’s metal arm printed on the left sleeve, so it was a Bucky jacket, and I wear it because it makes me feel safe ok leave me alone.

Anyway, I pull the hood up and I sulk my way back to the exit because I haven’t slept in years and then I crash into this chick, sort of in the middle of the mall, a little away from the doors. I drop my coke on the ground. I start to curse colourfully and violently, because there’s coke on my damn sneakers. This girl starts apologizing, and as I’m straightening up after picking the cup off the floor, I notice the colour of her t-shirt. It’s blue. A really familiar blue. Then I see the damn star on the chest and I’m thinking at this point no fucking way

The girl frowns, then she sees the arm and her eyes widen a little.

“Bucky?” she says. I can tell he’s suppressing a grin.

I frown, but more smirk than actual frowning. “Who the hell is Bucky?”

There are tears in our eyes.

I can hear an Apple store employee applauding us.

It’s time to let the Democratic Party sink under the weight of #ignorance since they STILL refused to accept the consequences of giving Clinton the nomination through a rigged primary. And since the party won’t change their attitude as to who’s to blame then they deserve to have Trump as president.

As we approach the 2020 primaries, are party insiders going to rigged the primaries so they can give Clinton or another corporate Democrat the nomination? If this happens then they deserve another 4 years of Trump in the White House (because it wouldn’t be surprising that they’re this stupid).

Former Governor Bobby Jindal once called the Republican Party “the stupid party”. The same can be said about the Democratic Party since it has become the stupid party in the last few decades. Even more during 2016 primaries and choosing Tom Perez as chairman of Democratic National Committee.

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Did you sold your soul to be this talented? Your art is unnatural. It's almost SUPERNATURAL.😅 I love you.

LOL thank you

and if soul-selling was involved i feel like there would’ve been a much bigger jump in ability around like, the age of 16

i feel like 16 year old scout would have considered it

Anonymous said:

Scout, I have taken your sagely advice and have been listening to game grumps playthroughs while painting. They are so unbelievably funny :D What else do you listen to while you jam draw?

i love listening to comedians!! a lot of them have their comedy albums on spotify. i suggest starting out with aziz ansari and john mulaney

i also recommend

  • Will You Accept This Rose
  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • and i’ve heard good things about My Brother, My Brother, and Me (i’ve seen some of the show, and it’s hilarious)

i also like to listen to albums that have cinematic-like themes and such to them, for instance:

  • Muse - The Resistance, The 2nd Law
  • Gorillaz - Demon Days
  • TWRP - Ladyworld
  • Rasputina - Oh Perilous World
  • The Presidents of the United States of America - These Are The Good Times People, Freaked Out And Small

these are just a handful of examples, but when i listen to these albums when working i feel like i’ve watched a whole movie. i don’t know if this is a common feeling but it’s super satisfying! (AND i’m super late to the party with this one, but i’ve been listening to like, exclusively only Twenty One Pilots for the last week. Blurryface and Vessel are super great albums)