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Risen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 5~

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The police sirens chimed and echoed through the night sky as various patrol cars sped their way through the highway. I gripped at the two front seats tighter as I tried to hold back my anticipation. At the driver’s seat, Stiles’ grip tightened around the steering wheel as he floored on the gas pedal.

Unit five heading Northwest on Crescent, reporting an incredibly large—something!” Deputy Clark’s voice chimed in through Stiles’ police scanner.

Unit nine to dispatch,” another voice began. “I think I’ve got eyes on the same thing. Some kind of rabid animal.” Stiles turned over to his best friend, whose eyes only widened at the description.

Unit five to nine,” Clark began. “Trust me. That’s no animal.”

Unit six to dispatch. We’ve got a situation downtown, multiple fatalities,” another deputy voiced through.

Copy. Medics on the way. Do you have a perfect sight, unit six?

Negative. It looks like a 10-91E. Animal attack.

10-4. Can you say what kind of animal?

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