united nations meeting

Parks and Hamilton

Hamilton: What’s this?

King George: It’s a white flag so you better start waving it!

Hamilton: the only I’ll be waving is you dECAPITATED HEAD IN FRONT OF YOUR WEEPING MOTHER!!

King George: Good lord.

  • assistant, leaning towards my ear and whispering: sir you are literally in a united nations meeting right now, i think you should concentrate.
  • me, watching anime on my phone under the desk: hold on shinji's getting really angsty about kowaru.
How scientists reacted to the US election results
Trump victory generates shock, disbelief and fear of funding cuts.

Researchers expressed concern over the future of climate science.

“With a climate skeptic as President and a creationist as vice-president, scientists can only be worried.” —Albert Descoteaux, a biologist studying host-parasite reactions at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

“President-elect Donald Trump’s stance on global warming is well known. Science cannot expect any positive climate action from him. The world has now to move forward without the US on the road towards climate-risk mitigation and clean-technology innovation.” —Hans Joachim Schellnuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact in Germany, in a press statement.

“The kind of work we are doing here [at the United Nations’ COP22 climate meeting] today takes a new importance right now. Political events do not and cannot change the reality of climate change.” —Philip Duffy, president of the Woods Hole Research Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

And some scientists had more existential worries.

“Unlike the day after the EU referendum vote, when I was bitterly upset, I just feel numb today. I don’t know if that is a kind of despair settling in because despair is precisely the wrong type of reaction to Trump winning the presidential election. Throughout the campaign he showed himself to be a facist and racist, who bragged about his mis-treatment of women. He showed scant regard for truthfulness and espoused denialist views on climate change. It seems unlikely that the scientific and research prowess of the USA will flourish under such a president.” —Stephen Curry, a structural biologist at Imperial College London.

Thousands of researchers and government contractors like me, here in DC, are going to lose our jobs!


Donald Trump Publicly Insults Ambassador From Lilliput

The Lilliputian ambassador to the United Nations left a meeting today in anger after Donald Trump, who was supposed to be present only as a spectator, suggested her nation was “a small nation of small people.” When the ambassador confronted Trump about his remarks, Trump didn’t take back his words but doubled down by continuing, “I don’t just mean you’re tiny, I mean you’re small people. Incomplete people. Short minded, short tempered people.”

He went on to say the ambassador’s outraged departure proved his point. President Obama has already apologized on behalf of the nation for the treatment of Glumdalclitch Munodi while she was staying in New York, and has extended her envoy an invitation to the White House. Still insulted, the ambassador declined and stated she would not return to the country until Trump, who she referred to as a “hairless yahoo” was executed. Obama stated that while he would love to comply, U.S. law prohibited the act.

Other republicans in the running for 2016′s presidential race have condemned Trump’s insults, reaffirming the need to remove him from the race. Trump is not to be daunted however, and has already departed on his visit to Brobdingnag where he will speak on immigration.


Donald Trump has been crushed to death. Details to follow.

High at the meeting of the Allies

Ok, at first I thought it was kinda cute

and then there is France, who is trying to kick Iggy in the balls…

Urmmm…. what?

Alfred and Francis, what are you guys doing behind the others?

And here is Ivan’s headspin

And finally there is Alfred, who can stop this mess….though they’re all kinda frightened of him (and Ivan is like ‘IDGAF, cause I’m fancier than you’)

And ‘cheese~’

Now, the meeting is over and Canada died of laughter.

[Video]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frlKpsvl_fU 

Halloween Night

Here is my contribution to @jilytober although I’m not really sure that it counts, but it is what I was stuck on. This story takes place on Halloween.

James Potter walked slowly down the hallway, trying hard not to make a sound. He loved the little cottage in Godric’s Hollow, and he had done enough sneaking around it to know which floorboards didn’t creak. Glancing back through the doorway of the room he just left, James could see a messy thatch of black hair just sticking out of the blanket. Smiling with the knowledge that the boy was still asleep, he quickly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, where he was surprised to find it already occupied.

Lily was standing on her toes trying to reach the tin of biscuits on the shelf, her long red ponytail bouncing as she stretched. Chuckling, James came up behind her and reached around, easily grabbing the tin. Lily jumped in surprise, and then glared at him while he ruffled her hair.

“Still too short to reach the shelf, Lily?” James asked, taking the tin over to the table and opening it up.

“There’s no need to be mean,” Lily huffed, but joined him at the table anyway, swiping a biscuit from the tin. “What are you doing up anyway?” she asked around a mouthful of chocolate.

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Angelina Jolie attends UN Security Council meetings in New York.

Actress and activist Angelina Jolie delivers a speech during the United Nations Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East and Syria at the United Nations on April 24, 2015 in New York City.


Wow this girl has some balls. She is addressing a UN meeting on the environment in Brazil. She is twelve years old.


I’m guessing the banner behind her says “1992”……I don’t see any change :/

at least 11 species have gone extinct since that year, what does that say about us?

Wedding Day.

Warning: Fluff all around! Some Civil War spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet!

 Word Count: 1,142

Author’s note: This is my first imagine so don’t be too harsh 😊!


Today is the big day, I’m finally getting married to the love of my life…. I have been with James Buchanan Barnes for about two years. I will never forget the day we met..

*Steve had brought Bucky to my house to find a safe house while everyone was trying to get Bucky for supposedly bombing the building where the United Nations were meeting to sign Sokovia Accords. Steve would do anything for his best friend Bucky and obviously he thought bringing him to my house would be a great idea which I didn’t understand seeing as I am an Avenger myself. At first Bucky didn’t really talk to me just to Steve, which I understood because of everything he had been through. I knew about Bucky because I got close with Steve after he came out of the ice. I have worked with Natasha and Clint since I was 18 they have taught me everything I know. Bucky and Steve were at my house as much as possible, yet they still had to find out who was black mailing Bucky which was not an easy task. Eventually Bucky started to warm up to me when he figured out I only wanted to help him and Steve and didn’t care if I got in trouble by Tony who was against this whole idea. 
There was a lot of bumps in the road like the winter soldier became a thing again because some Hydra jerk with a book. Then a full on fight between sides of Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers. Now everything is over I have my Bucky back and I have never been happier. He got put under for awhile since he wanted Hydra forever out of his head so he wouldn’t hurt anyone he told me when he came out of the being under he would take me on a date and I held him to his promise after two years we finally went on our date here I am two years later and I’m marrying this man.*

I am sitting in my moms room getting my hair done and I’m playing with my engagement ring and trying not to make myself sick I always do this.

“ Y/N it’s time to go!” my mom yelled

I stand up and thank Wanda for doing my hair and thank Natasha for my makeup I slip on my flats and I got to my mom

“Y/N you look absolutely beautiful honey.”

“thanks mom”

“you okay?”

“yeah just nervous you know me.”

“it will be ok honey I promise”

I smile at my mother and see her tearing up I kiss her cheek and we walk down the aisle I look up and smile at all my friends and family who could make it to this evening. Then I lifted my head and I saw my prince standing at the end of the aisle waiting for my mom to hand me off to the man I will be married to for the rest of my life. We finally get down to Bucky and I smiled at him and he winked at me I turned to my mom kissed her cheek and then stepped up to Bucky and then the pastor started talking and I was just looking at Bucky and taking him in he looked so good with a suit on. It was time for the vows my hands were shaking so bad Bucky went first..

“With this ring, I give you my promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.

I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving.

You are my lover ,
And you are my true counterpart.

I will love you, hold you and honor you,

I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you, In health and sickness,

Through sorrow and success,

For all the days of my life.“

My eyes were starting to burn with tears I couldn’t stop smiling at this man.

Now it was my turn.

“With this ring,

I give you my promise 
that from this day forward 
I will give you all my love, 
and you shall not walk alone.

I have no greater gift to give.

As your love is my anchor,
 and your trust is my strength

May my heart be your shelter 
and my arms be your home

As this ring has no end or beginning, 
so shall my love for you be.

As I place it on your finger ,
I give you all that I am, 
and all that I shall become.”

Bucky started to grin like the Cheshire Cat and he looked so happy

“ The rings please.”

I slipped his band on his finger then Bucky slipped on my band

“ Do you Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N take James Buchanan Barnes to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?”

“I Do”

“Do you James Buchanan Barnes take Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?”

“ I Do.”

“ I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride.”

Bucky grinned at me and lifted my veil and grabbed my face and kissed me hard I smiled in the kiss and kissed him back.

* Reception *

I was sitting at the table with my husband and he was talking to Steve who was his best man obviously. He turned to me and smiled

“ Hi my beautiful wife”

“Hi my handsome husband”

He smiled then kissed my cheek and before I knew it was time for our first dance.

I walked up to Buck and he grabbed my hand and spins me around I laughed so hard he grabbed my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist, I wrapped my other arm around his neck and played with his hair on his neck he cut his hair for our wedding so it’s nice and short. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he hummed the song in my ear as we just swayed back and forth I looked up and kissed his cheek and it was time for everyone to come and dance so I went and sat down for a few mins. After lots of hours of dancing and talking with friends and family it was finally time to go on our honeymoon where the fun will begin… ;)

Should I do a second part let me know!!!