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omg did y'all hear of this already

“NCT does not only stand for Neo Culture Technology but also New City. This will begin from Seoul and expand to other cities such as Tokyo, Bangkok, etc. This is policy of Mr. Lee Soo Man, Chairman of SM Entertainment.” blablablbla all that but now LISTEN. “Someone told us, "Ten is one of the very important person in this project because Ten is multi-talented.” Ten is likely to be active in Thailand and China.“ AND LIKE? TEN REALLY IS THE ACE OF NCT HUH? HE’S A REALLY IMPORTANT PERSON IN THIS PROJECT Y'ALL THEY SAID IT THEY HAVE CONFIRMED IT!!!!!!! (acts suprised) we love a multi-talented legend who is sm’s secret ace!!!!! hooooyaaaahhhh AND ALSO IF NCT CHINA IS HAPPENING TEN DEFINITELY IS PART OF IT I’M LOSING MY MIND

page 317 - if an enormous skeletal claw were to descend from the ceiling I think I would be okay with it. First off, I’d know nothing about it until it grabbed me because of how dark it tends to be in here. Secondly, cool, ya, that makes as much sense as anything else.

have more faith in people. we can be very good. it’s fear and misinformation that tend to lead others against each other. People aren’t inherently anything, but I do see that in our society we truly do care about helping each other when we are able to, and feel we have the power to. 

Cheap examples involving money: 

look how high poor people on average tip in the united states

look how much money we’ve raised on the internet for people in need

many people want to do good, they just don’t know how or where to start. Do not think all people are evil, and that humankind is inherently selfish, we are not, we are social creatures, we rely on each other for existence. 

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Why have you been boycotting United already for so long?

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No worries! I just ramble on in my notes usually. But yeah, I haven’t flow United in years because I was so disgruntled with them. n my early naive days of flying we went to Las Vegas and my sister didn’t have a seat number. When we called, customer service straight up lied and said she had a seat. Of course she didn’t the sister got left behind to play slot machines. But it really festered when I used to fly with them for my last job. I never had a good experience. The flight crew was always rude and/or dismissive, seating extra tight, luggage was lost, and the planes used to be pretty worn down. The last time I used them was when my family took them for a vacation and they took away any Aloha spirit we had left by the time we got home. I was done. 

I started taking Southwest, Jet blue, and Virgin America (I’m going to miss Virgin!) and my flying experience was so much better. Starting with that the people are actually nice. Not to mention flights are usually cheaper. It’s never easy flying but when you can get on a plane and NOT feel like a piece of garbage, that’s a bonus. 

And let’s be real, overbooking flights is straight up greed from the industry. Or rather “capitalism”. Any way to make more money. If a person doesn’t show up, they don’t show up, but nope, instead they want to game the system. 

So yeah, more than 10 years not flying United Airlines and not one moment of regret.