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You ever notice how Dean always leaves generous tips? Like when he pays for things, he pulls out enough cash to cover it and then some for the tips. He doesn't really count it out, he just leaves like 10s and 20s to cover it and tip and stuff.

I sort of noticed this, the way he sometimes flings money around when he’s paying the tab at a restaurant or bar, but after searching through my gifs, I’m not entirely sure it’s just about generously tipping. He tends to throw money down without counting it when he’s in a big hurry. When Sam was all riled up in 3.11 and he had to chase after him: 

Or when he’s really eager to get to a case in 4.08: 

Or to get the hell out of a restaurant because Sam’s hell wall is caving in 6.13:

Or, when he’s almost a demon and he can’t be bothered to count out the money(or eat his cheeseburger either) in 9.23: 

When he does count out the bills, it’s hard to tell how much he’s leaving (like here in 10.07): 

Or here in 7.16

In Regarding Dean, he starts to count it out and then just tosses it all on the counter: 

I think it’s probably a combo of him often being in a hurry, and him being a good tipper, because Dean understands the plight of the working man (well, not that he has a paying job but he doesn’t have much money either so) and he’s always polite to waitresses and cashiers, etc. But I also doubt he’s a huge tipper for the same reason. Doesn’t have a lot of cash to spare. But what I do find especially interesting about Dean and his tab-paying is how it fits right in with my Parental Unit Dean discourse. When he’s with Sam, he always pays the bill. It’s never even discussed. Dean just opens the wallet and throws down the cash, much like any parental unit would. He’s with Sam in almost all the gifs above, except the one from 9.23. The Regarding Dean one is the only one Sam actually asks if he has cash which is not normal at all but it fits the tone of the episode with Dean losing his memory and regressing to a younger-like state

I wish we could have seen the dynamic when the boys are with Bobby. But although we saw them eating out together a few times, alas, there was no money involved. 

Forever regrets, man. Forever regrets.