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Poke-Ball-Pokemon Economy in the United States Maps

Poke-balls are a rather inexpensive tool that are necessary for any trainer. Though the base price for a Poke-ball is quite low. The actual price, due to inflation and economy, actually changes over the states. The lowest price a Poke-ball is $4.32 in Mississippi, and the highest price is $5.86 in Hawaii, giving a range a difference in 30% from the base price of the Poke-ball.

Georgia nonprofit says it unwittingly gave $25,000 to white nationalist Richard Spencer
The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area was not happy to learn it had become a major financial supporter of Richard Spencer, one of America’s most prominent white nationalists.
By Matt Pearce

Dear Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area (or anyone),

Please unwittingly give me $25,000.  I may not dress as well as Spencer, but I am not a neo-Nazi.  That should count for something, perhaps 25,000 somethings.

Thank you in advance,

November 16, 1916 - The Somme: Battle of the Ancre Continues, “The Salamander” Wins his Victoria Cross

Pictured - Bernard Freyberg, VC. An English-New Zealander, Freyberg had perhaps one of the most action-packed lives of the 20th century. Churchill nicknamed him “the Salamander” for his ability to come through danger unharmed.

The Somme’s final operation continued on November 16, as British and Commonwealth troops pushed towards their final objectives. Many Germans surrendered en masse, but the fighting was still unbelievably fierce. One officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Freyberg, was continuously at the hottest spots. A New Zealander who had previously trained to be a dentist, the young Freyberg was a charismatic young tough who had traveled to Mexico in 1914, becoming an officer in Pancho Villa’s revolutionary army. In 1914 he traveled across the United States (using money he won in swimming and prize-fighting competitions), making his way back to England and joining the Royal Naval Division.

In November Freyberg was in the heat of the action, leading an attack that stormed a German strong-point and taking 500 enemy soldiers prisoner. The New Zealander took a piece of shrapnel in the neck during the assault, but refused to leave his men. Reinforcements arrived and eventually the entire British battle-line was composed along where Freyberg had breached the enemy trenches. Even the official history of his division, the 29th, wrote that “By his initiative, fine leading and bravery, Lieutenant-Colonel Freyberg won the battle of the Ancre. Probably this was the most distinguished personal act of the war.” For his valor he won the Victoria Cross.

The stretcher-bearers might have admired Freyberg’s daring, but they didn’t make much of his chances. Covered in blood-soaked bandages, he was places in the tent with those expected to die. Awakening, he barely heard a quiet voice telling soldiers to move him to a tent for treatment.. “He could not find out who his saviour was. A quarter of a centruy later, while in a hotel foyer in Cairo, he heard that same voice and asked the man if he had been on the Ancre in November 1916. It was the medical officer who had saved his life, Captain S.S. Graves, then commanding a hospital ship.”

Freyberg’s survival was good luck; the heroic young New Zealander survived the war (winning several more medals along the way) and served as a general in World War II, commanding the defense of Crete in 1941 and a corps in Italy afterwards, still leading from the front as always. Nicknamed “The Salamander” by Churchill for his uncanny ability to get through the worst heat unscathed, he made it though the Second World War as well, becoming afterwards a beloved Governor-General of New Zealand.

Fire Emblem Mobile Predictions

1. All-new cast with the same face
2. Everyone picks a waifu even though they probably won’t have any background writing whatsoever
3. Localization is once again a point of contention
4. The porn
5. Older FE characters appear
6. Only Awakening and Fates characters appear
7. Another white haired male character becoming the equivalent of Komaeda/Takumi/Robin
8. Prices are sky-high to get in-game currency
9. Reviving units costs real money, and all casual players drop the game because it’s always classic mode
10. Avatar customization not allowing different skin tones
11. Factions and shitloads of spite-filled hate towards one another just like with Hoshido and Nohr
12. Art style is moe characters only. Everyone looks like a small anime child.
13. Everyone forgets about it in a week because no one really cares about mobile games