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English air musket c.1800′s

.30 caliber, 120mm diameter brass gas tank, steel lock with brass smootbore barrel and triggerguard.
Only the trouble of making cheap and resilient air-tight pressurized air containers stopped air guns to become a common battlefield weapon. That would have been so awesome :v

Detail from one of a series of murals that hang at the top the grand staircase in the Foreign Office, Westminster.

“Perhaps the most vivid expression of the triumphalist post-war mood in 1918 is Sigismund Goetze’s grandiose allegorical mural ‘Britannia Pacifatix’ commissioned by the Foreign Office and completed in 1921. Britannia stands resplendent in Roman helmet and red robe, flanked to her left by four, clean-cut, Adonis-like figures representing the white dominions (to their right are the figures of India, Arabia and Africa), and to her right by her somewhat more exotic allies, France, the United States and Greece (among others). At Britannia’s feet, the children of the vanquished enemy prostrate themselves repentant. Yet there was an illusionary quality to Britain’s victorious peace…”

Quote from Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Niall Ferguson.

The hijab is now an official part of police uniform in Scotland
Police Scotland has announced that the hijab will become part of its official uniform as it aims to create a more diverse force. The force said they hope the move will “encourage women from Muslim communities, who may previously not have seen policing as a career option, to reconsider”. In the past, Muslim police officers in Scotland were allowed to wear the hijab, but only once it was approved by senior staff members.

Meanwhile in Scotland, a wonderful move towards inclusion!