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As far back as the 1960s in Britain, when anti-nuclear protesters - mainly women - set up a peace camp at Greenham Common, they turned an air force fence into a work of art with their knitting and material crafts. In fact, knitting’s association with political dissent goes back hundreds of years - to the grim days of the the French revolution. Women known as les tricoteuses (knitting women) famously sat by the guillotine in Paris during the “reign of terror” - and were later immortalised by Charles Dickens in the sinister character of Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities. They would watch the executions calmly - knitting the symbolic red “liberty cap” between deaths, according to some stories. Those bonnets rouges are a symbol still worn by the figure of Marianne, the embodiment of France. The United States adopted that patriotic-yet-productive spirit during its own revolution, when women knitted clothing for soldiers during the war of independence - a wartime tradition that continued into the twentieth century.
—  “Pussyhat’ knitters join long tradition of crafty activism’, BBC

Oh my God, I just started the BBC show “Miranda” (because Tom Ellis, lbr) and I don’t think I’ve laughed THIS HARD in a good long time.  Miranda Hart, you give this awkward, single, tall girl hope…

Y’all gotta watch it.  

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Hillsong “Let There Be Light”

“Good news embracing the poor
Comfort for all those who mourn
For the broken hearted
We sing louder

Release from prison and shame
Oppression turning to praise
For every captive
Sing louder

Restoring sight to the blind
Breaking the curse of the night
For all in darkness
Sing louder

Proclaiming freedom for all
This is the day of the Lord
Beauty for ashes”

“Grandfather, I thought you were a Pai Sho master!”

screw the heartache and tears the finale will inevitably bring seriously just no

just give me uncle iroh, general iroh and fatherlord zuko having family funtimes in the spirit world okay 

is that too much to ask bryke 

Okay, this has been on the backburner for freaking months and the colours were basically throwing a hissy fit, so I had to revert to mishmashed tones and lines and stuff. After realising the finale was so close I figured if I didn’t do anything with it now, it would never see the light of day. There are probably mistakes everywhere, but that’s okay… I’ll fix them tomorrow… [and ignore that Pai Sho table I literally just threw tiles on there randomly and ran away…]

seriously i just want my three babies interacting together…hnnnnng 

Also, yes, this is indeed a Pai Showdown. Get your act together, Zuko! 

Orange County family says they were kicked off Delta flight after argument over child's seat
An Orange County couple says they were kicked off a Los Angeles-bound Delta flight last month after airline staff insisted their 2-year-old son could not sit by himself
By James Queally

Here we go again, the airlines really need to get it together and figure out a better plan for all these issues going on.

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Sera@Unit 2: Excuse me, dear, but did I hear correctly that you're one of the city leaders here? Forgive my curiosity on the matter, but I couldn't help but notice that you and the others in charge appear to be shiny. Is that mere coincidence, or is shininess an inherent trait reserved for just the leaders? Is it, perhaps, not even inherent, but rather, earned?

2: It’s to be able to point us out easier in a large crowd.

2: A few months after my friend Unit 1 passed away, our creators decided that another Porygon was going to take her place. It’s the first and only time thus far that a city worker has earned a spot among the leaders!

2: And that Porygon is… [da dadadaaa]

2: She’s in charge of adjustments and upgrades to the other Porygon! She was one of the best Porygon-2 units, and always–and still!–makes sure their well being is put before anything else. 

2: Stahl was able to transfer her consciousness into a new shiny body. Never in the history of Steel City has a city worker Pokemon line member naturally hatched shiny.