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Owned (M)

Genre: Smut

Length: 3,553 words~

Kink(s): Daddy kink, breath play, impact play (spanking), brat taming (?), thigh riding

Description: Wonho was one of your best friends. You were always there for each other and practically inseparable. You really never had those types of feelings for him, well not until recently, something had changed in you…and in him. 

Ever since you realized that you had feelings for Wonho, you noticed you started distancing yourself from him. If he asked you to hang out with him, you’d refuse, or if he unexpectedly showed up at your place, you’d act like that biggest brat ever. You hated being this way towards him, but you knew you had to do something to get over him.

It was about 11:30 at night, almost midnight, Wonho hadn’t spoken to you all day. Of course it saddened you quite a bit, but at the same time it was a relief. Every time you saw his name pop up on your phone your heart fluttered, and you just wished he were there with you. 

You sighed as you began to get undressed so you could shower before bed. “God damn it…” You murmured to yourself as you thought about how fucked up you were for intentionally trying to ruin your friendship with the guy you have know practically all your life. This was literally all you thought about during your shower. 

Once you got out, and dried off. You changed into some black cotton sweat shorts, and a t-shirt Wonho had left at your house the last time he spent the night. You breathed in deeply, breathing in what was left of his scent on it as you slipped the shirt over your curvy framed. You plopped onto your bed, and picked up your phone. You gave yourself a quick pep talk before finally gathering enough courage to call him.

The phone rang twice before he answered;

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Galaxy Girl! 

Member of an galaxy famous idol unit, when the planet she & her friends were performing on suddenly got destroyed! Now she has to go across the galaxy to collect fragments of her homeworld and hopefully find the rest of her group! One of the fragments she already has can let her manipulate matter & use it to defend against the mysterious evil organization trying to stop her

As you can see I kinda took a lot of liberties with the original design, but it was just so boring. As I’m working my way through these It’s becoming more fun to deviate further from the Sailor Fuku idea and make it it’s own thing (while still trying to keep the original concept in mind) 

Meet 7Senses

(*blows a kiss into the sky* for the anon that wanted to know them better)

7Senses is a sub-unit for chinese idol group SNH48. Their goal is to reach a global audience by mixing both Asian and international charms. The members had some extra training in South Korea where they improved their performance.

They recently debuted with their first song Girl Crush (MV) (Dance ver.). You can watch their full debut showcase here.

Members are, left to right: Bee, Diamond, Akira, Tako, Kiki, Eliwa & Lynn

Akira (Girl Crush teaser)

Bee (Girl Crush teaser)

Diamond (Girl Crush teaser)

Eliwa (Girl Crush teaser)

Kiki (Girl Crush teaser)

Lynn (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Chen Lin (陈琳).
  • She also has the nickname Datou (big head).
  • A member from SNH’s 4th generation, she’s in Team X.
  • Her weibo account.
  • She’s from Shanghai and was born on July 24, 1998. She’s the youngest 7Senses member.
  • So far she hasn’t ranked in any of the General Elections. Hopefully she’ll make it this year!
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 2 times for Engine of Youth and Dream Land.
  • Her unit in Team X’s original stage is Meng. She’s mostly on the left here, you can’t miss her.
  • She was in a special Team X performance of Hei Tian’e (from NII5).
  • She got to sub Sun Xinwen’s spot for Monster.
  • She and Tako performed AKB’s Wagamama na Nagareboshi at SNH’s recent idol festival.
  • She has only been in the group for two years + is not a regular senbatsu member. Also, she apparently shares her name with a Chinese solo singer, so if you wanna find stuff with her you might need to dig a little deeper. However you can easily spot her on Team X’s stuff.
  • Still, there’s some good material out there, like this solo performance.
  • She can braid her hair in less than a minute (?).
  • I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but please just watch it. It’s almost 4am please forgive me.
  • Fact: her head is, indeed, big.

Tako (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Zhang Yuge (张语格)
  • A member from SNH’s 1st generation, she’s in Team SII.
  • She’s from Heilongjiang and was born on May 11, 1996.
  • Her weibo account. She also has an instagram.
  • She ranked #8 on the past General Election, a 3-spots drop compared to her 2015 rank, making her visibly upset and feeling like she has failed her team. You can see her speech here, Princess Cloak MV.
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 12 times for Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki*, UZA, GIVE ME FIVE!, After Rain*, Manatsu no Sounds Good! (center), Halloween Night, New Year’s Bell*, Engine of Youth & Princess Cloak
  • She was not one of the performing members for Team SII’s original stage shonichi, but she has performed Xin Shijie (in the video she’s the one in blue).
  • She performed Tian Hei Riji at this year’s BEST 50.
  • She performed Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou with Bee three years ago.
  • She’s also centered Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate a few times, including this performance during last year’s TOP 16 mini-tour.
  • She also performed this with Team HII’s Liu Jiongran.
  • Here she is dancing to CLC’s High Heels. And here is PPAP Tako ver.
  • Her goal is acting, and she took one of the biggest roles in last year’s drama Campus Beauty. The whole thing is on YouTube and you can find it just by searching the Chinese title (贴身校花), but it’s not subbed so you have to either understand the language or be really committed to seeing the girls lol

I try to post regularly about them (specially Akira since she’s my love) but I’m super lazy and forgetful, so if you really wanna stay up to date you can follow @FY7SENSES on Twitter. And of course, follow the girls on their social media~

If you spot a mistake or anything else, you can send me an ask~

(* didn’t include links to the Heart Ereki, After Rain & New Year’s Bell MVs. After Rain is the theme of their documentary so the MV is not senbatsu-focused. The other two don’t have a real music video.)


New idol unit that will appear in season 3!

And safe! As none of their designs really ping me even if one is voiced by Kotaro Nishiyama~ :3c

And all I can think of is - this is going to make getting Sogo from the gacha and Sogo stuff from blind boxes/bags/packets harder since more characters = lower chance of getting him… orz

Sources: Here, here, here, here and here

Mogyutto "LOVE" de Sekkin Chuu! (Rosé Pétálés Mix)
Hanayo Koizumi, Kotori Minami, & Nico Yazawa

Well I’ve got some more mixes to throw at you, so here’s the second of Rosé Pétálés’s mixes, “Mogyutto ‘LOVE’ de Sekkin Chuu!” Miss Hanayo never really gets too many chances to shine, so she holds the center position for this one. I hope you enjoy!

Double K x Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo, Veteran Hip Hop • Idol Unite

Rapper Double K, who has a long career in the hip hop scene, has united with Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo.

On the 8th, according to the music industry, Double K will release a song “Green Wave” along with Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo. This is the last pre-release song of his regular 3rd album project, which has been continuously shown since the beginning of this year.

In the meantime, Dok2, JUSTHIS and Groovy Room have been in full bloom. It’s been since 2010 , seven years ago that Double K has not released more than 10 songs at once. The new album will be released on the 23rd.

“Green Wave” will be released at noon (KST) of 11 April.

*Omission of album details*

Cr: sportschosun + Liveworks Company, Translation by SHCJFrance

Le rapper Double K x Lee Minwoo de Shinhwa, Hip Hop & Idole vétérans Unite

Le rapper Double K, qui a une longue carrière dans la scène du hip hop, s'est associé à Lee Min Woo de Shinhwa.

Le 8, selon l'industrie de la musique, Double K sortira une chanson “Green Wave” avec Lee Minwoo de Shinhwa. Il s'agit de la dernière chanson de pré-sortie de son projet d'album ordinaire 3, qui a été affiché en permanence depuis le début de cette année.

En attendant, Dok2, JUSTHIS et Groovy Room ont été en plein essor. C'est depuis 2010, il y a sept ans que Double K n'a pas sorti plus de 10 chansons à la fois. Le nouvel album sortira le 23.

“Green Wave” sera diffusé à midi (KST) le 11 avril.

*Omission des détails de l'album*

Cybird “Ikemen Series  - Idol edition”

For the “Animate girls festival 2016″ (November 5-6), Cybird is forming two idol units: “White Blossoms” and “Black Diamonds”, using suitors from eight of their otome games. 

From Midnight Cinderella they chose Alyn Crawford (Black Diamonds unit) and Louis Howard  (White blossoms unit). From 100 Days Princess they chose Xeno Gerald/Byron Wagner (Black Diamonds unit) and Yuri Norbert/Nico Meier (White Blossoms unit).

And from Destined to Love, Hijikata (Black Diamonds) and Keiki (White Blossoms)

They are going to release more information about the “Idol edition” in the future. 

@kseifert @passengersaraht Byron like you’ve never seen before ;) a “Black Diamond” 

@lustfullyleocrawford @stargazing-cinderella Nico is a White Blossom ;)

@cathyhellen Keiki ;)  @confused-tofu Louis ;)

Once again I regret that I don’t live in Japan :(