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Fifteen Septembers Later

On September 11, 2001, America came together. Here is a list of things I will not tolerate today, tomorrow, or ever. You shouldn’t either.

-Jokes about 9/11. Almost 3,000 people died, and over 6,000 people were injured. Lives were changed. The passengers of Flight 93 sacrificed themselves so others could live. There’s literally nothing to joke about this.

-Islamophobia. Newsflash: Muslims did not do this. Terrorism has no religion. Too many Muslim people died because of this, something they did not do, something they did not encourage, something they did not want.

-Disrespect to the US Military. Hey, guess what, they risk their lives for YOU on a daily basis. In the words of Lecrae - “When y'all free here saying you don’t wanna be here / Well you probably couldn’t breathe here if I didn’t load a couple magazines here / Y'all just complain in America / I’m jumping out of military planes for America / Aye I was made in America / That’s why I’m out here saving America / I got a brother in the cemetery now / Cause he wanted y'all safe / And everybody want the freedom but nobody want to hear about-face / We bled for America / To keep y'all fed in America / But what’s the point of talking a lot of y'all don’t really even care America” (Welcome To America). Yes, they make questionable choices. Yes, they’re not perfect. But like Lecrae said “…you probably couldn’t breathe here if I did load a couple magazines here…” Without the military, America might not even exist. They did their part on 9/11, working tirelessly to help.

-Disrespect to the US first responders. 411 emergency responders lost their lives that day. Firefighters, chaplains, EMTs, police officers. I know a man who went up to help. He doesn’t talk about it. Can you blame him? I can’t imagine the horror he saw.

Today is not the day to point fingers, to hate against one another. Today is the day to come together, again, and make a difference in the world. Be the change - don’t just complain about it online.


At the western entrance to Jerusalem, among the forests of the Ramot neighborhood in Arazim Park, rises a 30-foot-high American flag made of bronze. Dedicated in November, 2009, this memorial to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks is the first memorial outside of New York to list the names of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on that day, along with their countries of origin. There are nearly 100 countries represented among the victims, including five Israeli citizens.

Never Forget...

I know a lot of shit has been happening here at home lately and around the world…

But tomorrow remember how it was the entire WORLD that witnessed one of the most atrocious acts humanity has ever executed.

Never forget the people that went into the towers and never made it out, never forget the nearly 40 passengers on flight 93 that wouldn’t let the terrorist win and sacrificed their own lives for others, never forget the people that were attacked at our nation’s capital, never forget the people that were on the other three hijacked planes, never forget the families, friends that lost the people they loved because of a few scumbags that thought killing thousands of innocent lives of ALL nationalities would solve all their problems.

Never forget that not every Muslim is evil, never forget how we as a people came together and held hands through this dark time in history because we ALL felt something. You don’t need to be an American to feel how we felt on that day- you had to be a HUMAN.

Never forget

       RIP to all the people we lost on 9/11