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Re: you and Joan singing Fifty Nifty United States on Snapchat- I started singing it at the bar on Friday and PEOPLE JOINED IN! IT'S A THING!

Oh man, whaaaaat!!! That’s amazing!!!! It’s a universal thing!!

One of the Ways - Peter Quill/Star Lord Imagine

Word Count: 1619

Rating: PG

Warnings: kissing, fluff, indirect confessions, sparring!

Summary: You and Peter have bonded quite closely, since both of you were from Terra. However, a friendly bet turned competition can change a few things.

Word Count: 1619

You never planned on being away from so long. Earth wasn’t that bad of a place. It was just dull. And that’s coming from someone who was born there. You wanted a more interesting life, and boy, did you get what you wanted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, your team and family. Nothing was ever dull with them. Even when there was nothing to save or protect, your friends always seemed to make things more interesting.

Gamora, Rocket, and Groot were discussing something. Peter Quill was listening to music, and you and Drax were exchanging some fighting techniques.

“I just look around for the best thing to hit them with,” you shrugged.

Drax stared at you. “Hitting someone with a pipe doesn’t do much. Punching them in the face does.”

You shook your head. “Sorry, Drax, but not all of us rely on pure muscle.”

“I don’t rely on pure muscle. I rely on food, sleep, and-”

“It’s an expression, Drax.” You laughed.

“I still don’t think you could handle yourself with just mere logic.”

“Of course she can,” Raccoon stated. “She could even take Quill down!”

“Down where?” Drax asked.

Gamora shook her head. “It’s an expression. It means that (Y/n) can beat Peter in a fight.”

Drax dragged his finger across his throat. “Like this then?”

“No!” you shouted. You shook your head. “Not like that. At all. What she means to say is that in a fight, I would win. Without death, just a surrender or immobilizing him for more than a few seconds.”

Rocket shrugged. “She’d win.”

“I agree that (Y/n) will win this duel where no one dies.”

Peter removed his headphones and gasped. “Nice to see you guys have faith in me. I, personally, think I would win.”

“Ha!” Rocket shouted.

Drax just stared at him. “Why are you laughing?”

“Sarcasm, Drax!” the raccoon stated.

Suddenly, the small plant, Groot, spoke up in a squeaky voice, “I am Groot.”

“A bet?” Rocket asked. he picked up the pot and stared at it.

“I. Am Groot.”

“Ten units on her?” Rocket looked at the plant surprised. “Fine. Fifteen units on (Y/n).”

“We’re betting on this?” Peter took off his headphones.

“No, we are not!” you protested.

Drax raised his hand. “I put fifteen units on (Y/n).”

Peter’s jaw dropped. “Seriously. Fine. Fifty units on me.” He stared at the green-skinned woman. “Gamora? Come on. Help me out here?”

“Ten.” Gamora smirked. “Ten on (Y/n).”

Peter groaned. “Oh come on!”

You shrugged. “Too bad, no one will be winning or losing the bet. I’m not doing it.”

“Neither am I,” stated Peter. “I don’t want to do that to her and embarrass my entire team.”

You blinked. “Do what?”

“Completely humiliate you in front of our team. It just… it doesn’t seem fair.”

Your jaw dropped. “Get ready to lose your money, Quill.”

Peter smiled deviously. “It’s on.”

Twenty minutes later you were clad in some old leggings, sports bra, and fingerless gloves. You were warming up in your corner. Next to you was Gamora, who was nodding in approval. “Just don’t lose.”

You scoffed. “See what I’m up against?” You nodded to the man at the other side of the room, the man was currently being cut off multiple times by a dancing tree.

You smirked. “I got this.”

You faced Peter Quill, your fist raised in front of you. Gamora stated the rules, “No rules. Do whatever it takes to win.”

“That’s not fair,” you argued. “Do you want me to knock him out?”

“I’m right here, (Y/n)!” Peter reminded you.

Groot waved his arms around. “I am Groot.”

Rocket exclaimed, “What! No weapons? That sucks the fun out of everything.”

“I’m good with no weapons,” Peter agreed. He eyes the many heavy objects that you could lift and use against him.

You scoffed. “Fine.”

You barely heard Gamora start the round. Peter lunged for you. You easily evaded his attack by stepping to the side and pushing him to the ground. “I like no weapons.”

Peter grunted in discomfort. “You know what?” He took you by surprise. Somehow, he flipped the two of you over and laughed. “I like no weapons, too.”

You growled. Blow after blow, neither of you seemed to have the upper hand. Peter didn’t have rocket blasters of his handy guns. You weren’t allowed to use the discarded items around the ship, like that conveniently placed pipe in the corner of the room. However, you had many tricks up your sleeve. Peter was too impulsive.

Finally, you had him against the wall, holding his arm behind his back. “Ready to surrender, Quill.”

“Not just yet.” The man hooked his foot behind your leg and tripped you. You fell on your back.

Peter leaned over, ready to pin your to the ground.

You rolled over, narrowly missing his next move. You stood up. For a split second, you paused to think out your next few moves.

With all the energy spent on strategy and actually defending yourself, your brain drawn up a complete blank. Before you could block an incoming punch, Peter pushed you to the wall, his elbow lightly pressed against your throat. “Got anything smart to say now, hm?”

Blinking furiously, you fought the urge to grab the thing nearest to you and knock him out. There was a compact, heavy-looking machine on the shelf nearby. Thinking back to all of your years on Earth, you rattled your brain for any advice you could use. Then, it hit you. You could practically hear the light switch go on.

You licked your lips. “You’d be surprised.” Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his.

Peter was shook, his eyes wide open. He tried to ignore your lips that were constantly pressing against his own. He needed to win this! He had it in the bag. His elbow was at your throat! But, he couldn’t help it.

The elbow at your throat was lowered. You smiled against his lips and kissed him harder. Despite the fact that this kiss was just a way to get the upper hand, you, admittedly, lost yourself. Kissing Peter Quill… it was the best feeling you’ve ever felt. Better than when you left Earth and all the weight of your burdens was released. it was better than realizing you could take care of yourself and not have to rely on anyone. It was better than finding your team, your friends, and realizing that you are able to rely on yourself and rely on them as well.

Your fingers threaded through his hair, pulling and tugging. His hands found your hips and pulled them closer to him.

You gasped in surprise, making you remember your plan. You smiled and kissed him harder. You reached down and rested your hands on his.

Then, you tripped him. Peter landed on the mat with a slight thud. Easily, you straddled his hips, held his hand above his head, and smirked.  You counted down from ten.

Peter, unexpectedly, did nothing. He just stared at you or, more specifically, your lips.

The count hit zero.

Cheers erupted from the team.

You tilted your head, feeling pride well up in your chest. “Got anything to say now, huh, Quill?”

He blinked. “Me? Ha! All I need to say is that I let you win.”

You scoffed. “And lose fifty units for it?”

Rocket leaped onto his chest. “Speaking of which, I believe you still owe us fifty.”

The team, except for Peter and you, were celebrating their newfound wealth. You were celebrating with them, but Peter needed a co-pilot.

“You fought well,” you stated.

Peter cleared his throat. “As did you. Does seduction count as a weapon?”

You rolled your eyes and punched him playfully. “Shut that mouth, Quill. It was just a strategic move. Nothing more,” you blurted out. Once those words left your mouth, you instantly regretted it. Not because you thought you’d hurt his feelings in any way, but because you knew you were lying to yourself. Sure, that’s how it started, but you longed to feel those lips against yours again.

You glanced at Peter, and he seemed a bit tense. Squared shoulders. Clenched jaw, white knuckles. You stared at your lap.

“Well, if that’s the only way I can get you to kiss me, maybe we should spar more?” he suggested.

You stared at him, surprised. However, Peter was focused on driving the Milano. He never turned to face you. You smiled a little. “Well, I’m sure there are other ways to get me to kiss you again.”

Peter Quill smirked. “Can you tell me these ways?”

You shrugged. “You’re Star Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m sure you could figure it out.”

“(Y/n)!” Gamora shouted. “Rocket’s taking apart your radio!”

You groaned and got up. However, the door to the next room shut. You whipped around. “Pete-” The said Star Lord was right in front of you, his lips set in a devious smile. “Well, first off, I can get you a new radio. Second, do you think if I put Milano on autopilot, and, I don’t know,” he grasped your hips and pulled you closer, “this.” He leaned down, his lips only inches from yours. “Do you think these could be one of the ways to get you to kiss me?”

You smiled. “Promise me a radio, and I’ll answer.”

“I promise you a new radio.”


Your lips met his, and that spark you felt before appeared once again. With a smile and giddiness, you pulled away slowly. “You should discover more ways to get me to kiss you.”

“Trust me. I will.”

Hey, guys! it’s been a while. So sorry for the hope I gave. I was pulled into babysitting some kids, and I love those kids! So, so so sorry about that. Anyway, hope you like it!

The Winter Soldier (part 1/4)

A/N: Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven’t been publishing anything for a while, I was a bit busy haha but look!! I’m back again with a new series!!! This time it’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Okay, so I’ve kinda been wanting to do this but I haven’t exactly gotten the time to do it and I thought it’ll be really interesting if the reader met Bucky and yeah. If you guys have anything you want to see next please feel free to message me😊 So anyways, the timeline for this is that it happened between Avengers and AOU so you can read my Avengers series first to get to know the reader’s powers and a bit of backstory, here’s part 1!! Enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,532

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Epilogue

You jogged beside Steve, your pace matching his. Looking to the side, you watched the beautiful sunrise, the purple and pink hues making you feel a sense of relief after defeating Loki’s army.

Ever since then, you decided to try find out more about yourself, you couldn’t remember much of your past so you decided to ask Director Fury to help you get your blood tested to at least find out some basic information. You managed to find out the date you were born and your first name but the information was limited, you also found out that your entire bone structure was made from a very strong alloy.

Y/N, born on 20th April 1886, 128 years old. God, after hearing that you felt like a freaking fossil.

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“Plants have feelings though” is a fairy tale some meat-eaters tell themselves. I’ve seen this argument too often, so let’s just end it now.

Everyone knows there is a difference between mowing the lawn, and mowing over 50 kittens. Every knows the difference between picking some apples, and from throwing live male chicks into grinders (as is common-place in the egg industry).

Plants are different to animals. Plants aren’t sentient - they have no brain, no nerves, no central nervous system, and they have no ability to feel ‘pain’ or react in a conscious way.

Plants can react to vibrations and chemical stimulus, but this isn’t a conscious act, it’s autonomic. However, we do know that birds, mammals and fish have well-developed nervous systems and pain receptors. Like us, they show pleasure and pain and they present comparable evidence of fear and well-being. Animals cry out in pain, they nurse wounded body parts, and they seek to avoid those who have hurt them in the past.

Veganism is about doing the least harm. it’s a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation to animals.

And if you do genuinely care about plants, realise that it still takes somewhere around 4lbs to 16lbs of plants to make just 1lb of meat, so vegans still consume less plants overall anyway. Go to the source, don’t get your nutrients second-hand after they’ve been filtered through an animal.

Producing a single pound of beef, for instance, requires sixteen pounds of grain. One pound of pork requires six pounds of grain and for every sixteen ounces of edible chicken flesh that is produced, at least five pounds of innocent plants must lose their lives.

In the United States alone, fifty-six million acres of arable land are dedicated to growing hay for livestock production, whereas only four million acres are used to grow fruits and vegetables for people. Thirty percent of the Earth’s land surface, which is equivalent to seventy percent of all agricultural land on the planet, is devoted to growing crops for and raising farm animals. And according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the amount of grain fed to livestock in the U.S. alone could feed about 840 million people, roughly eleven times the number of people who die of starvation every year.

The misery and suffering of the tens of billions of animals raised and slaughtered for food every year are multiplied by hundreds of orders of magnitude if one accepts the claim that plants, as well as animals, possess consciousness and therefore suffer when they are harvested.

So if you genuinely believe plants suffer, a vegan-diet actually saves billions of plants. (And as a bonus, saves plenty of animals too!)

It’s time we end the “Plants have feelings, though!” argument and recognise it for what it really is: a weak attempt to undermine the ethical basis of veganism with bad logic and pseudo-science.

Creepypasta #989: Fun Facts for Kids! The Fifty Nifty United States

Length: Medium

Alabama: The 96th president, Pyrope Vesuvian, was assembled in Alabama, the first president to be engineered from various body parts of previous presidents.

Alaska: The sun never rises in the winter because there is a giant standing in front of it. The giant is so tall that its head reaches into the stars. It was the first to see the black ships that originated from those stars.

Arizona: The state reptile of Arizona is the Time-Traveling Basilisk Lizard. They run so fast they arrive before they left! The army is using them to travel back in time and figure out where the war went wrong.

California: The highest point in the state is God’s Obsidian Watchtower, rising 440 feet above the ocean where California sank after the first weapon detonated.

Delaware: The first state admitted to the union. The first state to host an enemy ship. The first state to boldly kill that unearthly ambassador and declare war.

Hawaii: Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? They were all recruited by the army. All citizens must fight, even snakes. Their armor is the eggshells of extinct birds; their spears are the severed stingers of deadly jellyfish.

Idaho: Has more ghost towns than any state. These towns are inhabited by a quarter million ghosts, who outnumber living residents 12 to 1.

Kansas: Contains the world’s largest grain elevator, where President Vesuvian hid the nuclear weapons that the invaders eventually used against us.

Maine: It is the closest state to Europe and Africa. If you stand on the seashore and look east, you can see the two continents that accepted the offer of “peace” and “friendship”, dooming themselves to the possibility of subjugation by these extraterrestrial foes. Only the United States had the courage to declare war. Stay far away from Maine.

New Mexico: This state is always on fire. It was set aflame as a burnt offering to God, to purify the land, in hopes that one day He would accept the offering, and would finally rise from his sanctified throne to bestow victory upon us. Amen.

North Dakota: This state’s wide-open prairies were transformed into the world’s largest children’s cemetery. Instead of headstones, the tiny corpses are encased in amber, and line the lonely roads as a monument to what we have lost.

Utah: This state’s sparkling white salt flats provided bricks for the Holy Salt Temple, the safest place to be during an air strike. The enemies are deathly afraid of salt and supermassive structures.

Wyoming: Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state? That means more room to build a prison so large it can hold all citizens who oppose the war. All Americans must support the war. All Americans must fight the war; even you, little one! This is the last remaining nation on Earth to defy and resist the invaders’ impending takeover of the minds of humanity. Dissenters are indistinguishable from those whose brains have been commandeered. They must be imprisoned.

Credits to: cold__cocoon

Want to be on Orphan Black, #CloneClub? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE.

ANNOUNCING the #ILoveOrphanBlack sweepstakes to win a walk-on role in the final season!

Full deets: www.bbcamerica.com/ILoveOrphanBlack

You’re telling me a FAN gets a walk-on role in season 5?

Nailed it.

What do I need to do?

Submit a video telling us why you love Orphan Black. It can be a quick video of you speaking, a skit, or anything else you’d like. That’s it. Easy, huh?

How are you choosing a winner?

At random. Seriously, everyone who submits a valid video has an equal opportunity to win.

What exactly do I get if I win?

The grand prize winner will receive a four-day/three-night trip for two to the set of Orphan Black in Toronto, Canada, including airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and $500 spending money. And of course, you’ll also have a walk-on role in a scene shot for Season 5.

Four First Prize winners will win Orphan Black Seasons 1-4 DVDs, and maybe we’ll throw in some sugar packets and a certain gelatin dessert.

So if I win, that means I get to bring a friend?

You bet. They even get to hang out on set with you! Just remember, both you and your guest must hold valid passports to travel to Canada.

You’ll also need to pass a background check and both need to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) which means you have to keep any secrets from production secret.

Will I have lines?

Nah — a walk-on role typically involves hanging out in the background of a shot or walking across one, but it’ll still be extra cool.

What scene will I be in?

We can’t tell you what the exact scene will be (yet) but we CAN tell you it’ll be filmed between Wednesday, January 4th - Monday, January 16th. Your four-day/three-night trip will fall somewhere in that timeframe so you’ll have to make sure you’re available, otherwise we’ll have to pass it to someone else.  We’ll let the winner and guest know the exact dates mid-December.

We can also tell you that it’ll be an outside scene in January… in Toronto. Since we don’t want a #CloneClub popsicle on our hands, we’ll be sure to provide you with some free thermal wear and heating tents. Noextrasorcloneshavebeenharmedinthemakingofthisshow.

Lastly, here’s the part where we have to make it clear that not everything shot for Orphan Black makes it into the final cut - we can’t guarantee we’ll see you on air.

Will I get to meet the cast?

As it’s a working set, there are no guarantees. We CAN guarantee that you’ll have a great time either way.

Sign me up. Where do I enter?
Upload a video of yourself telling us why you love Orphan Black HERE bbcamerica.com/iloveorphanblack. Your video needs to be under 10MB, so if it ends up being bigger you can send us a lower resolution version of the original video (just keep that original video handy in case you win!)

Who can submit?
This sweepstakes is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia) who are 18 years of age or older at the time that you submit your art. The full sweepstakes rules can be found here [bbcamerica.com/iloveorphanblack].

If you’re outside the U.S., we invite you to share why you love Orphan Black with the hashtag #ILoveOrphanBlack — we love all of #CloneClub and we’ll be reblogging and retweeting a bunch.

Deadline for Submission?
The sweepstakes entry period is from Monday, November 14, 2016 at 12pm ET to Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 12pm ET.

Can I post my entry on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat blah blah blah?
You’re damn right you can, but just know that it won’t count as a submission unless you upload it here: www.bbcamerica.com/iloveorphanblack. Tag your post with #ILoveOrphanBlack so we can reblog/retweet it! 

When will you announce the winner?
The winner will be contacted around Monday, December 5th.

What if I have more questions?
First, make sure you’ve read the full rules here bbcamerica.com/iloveorphanblack. If they don’t answer your question, ask it! Chances are more people want to know the answer.
The best way to ask questions is to @ us on Twitter @OrphanBlack or @BBCAmerica, send us asks on Tumblr (link to OBTumblr/BBCATumblr), or email social@bbcamerica.com.

To sum it all up, you have from Monday, November 14, 2016 at 12pm ET to Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 12pm ET to submit a video telling us why you love Orphan Black for your chance to win a walk-on role in a scene shot for Season 5. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Shipping up to Boston

So for my contribution to the ml road trip AU, started by @kwamikwami , I give you: Boston Massachusetts.

(This is the beginning of my blurb, Boston has a lot to do so I’m going to break up their adventures into mini posts, but combine them all on the ao3 page!)

“Fifty nifty United States from thirteen original colonies;
Fifty nifty stars in the flag that billows so beautifully in the breeze.

Each individual state
Contributes a quality that is great.
Each individual state
Deserves a bow, we salute them now.

Fifty nifty United States from thirteen original colonies,
Shout ‘em, scout ‘em, tell all about ‘em,
One by one till we’ve given a day to every state in the U.S.A.~”

“Oh my god Alya, I’m going to kill them,” Nino said, pulling the brim of his hat over his eyes, “I’m going to kill them and dump their bodies in the Charles river.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we just arrived in Boston!” Alya laughed, going to switch her lane, but got cut off by a maroon Toyota Corolla and had to jerk back into her lane. “Oh my god. People here drive like jerks!” She gripped the steering wheel tightly and growled. She was just now pulling onto the Boston University bridge and, lucky for Nino, it just so happened to be right over the Charles river.

“-Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts-”

Nino pressed the button on his door and watched his window slowly roll down. He unbuckled his seat belt, eliciting a gasp from Alya.

“What are you doing? You can’t do that! We’re on one of the busiest roads-”

“I need it Alya, I need the sweet, sweet, release of death…” He put his hands on the car door and leaned his head out. It was going to be a very, very, long road trip.

OI OI #CLONECLUB. OBTumblr (that’s us) is proud to announce…


Wuuuuuuut. You’re telling me A FAN is going to design the official new season poster?
Nailed it.

How do I get involved?!
Submit your art at BBCAmerica.com/OrphanBlackPoster starting TODAY, Friday January 8th at 10 a.m. ET until Monday February 15th at 11:59 p.m. ET.


Is there a prize?
You bet. How does $10,000 sound? *mic drop*

You’ll also win a private screening of the premiere of the new season, hosted in your hometown for up to 50 of your closest friends and family.

(OBTumblr may even be there to live-blog from the corner. We promise to bring snacks.)

In addition to the winner, there will also be 20 finalists who will receive a custom print of their artwork signed by the ORPHAN BLACK cast. Your artwork will look hella professional, framed with a placard and everything.

How do I submit? What can I submit?!
You can submit any kind of art you want: paintings, drawings, illustrations, stop-motion animation, embroidery, photos, videos of performance art pieces, interpretive sculptures made of gelatin. We’re open to all forms of expression, provided that it’s possible to use your design when displayed in 36” x 24” (vertical) in 300 dpi.

Upload a low-res version of the artwork to BBCAmerica.com/OrphanBlackPoster. Be sure to keep the high-res version in case you’re selected as a finalist. Go here for more info on file size.

Who can submit?
This giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia) who are 18 years of age or older at the time that you submit your art. The full contest rules can be found here. 

If you’re outside the U.S., we invite you to share your ideas for poster art with the hashtag #OrphanBlackPoster — we love all of #CloneClub and we’ll be reblogging a bunch.

Deadline for Submission?
The contest entry period is from Friday, January 8th 2016 at 10 a.m. ET, until Monday, February 15th 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Due to the volume of submissions we’re accepting up to 5 pieces of art per person. Please submit each one separately. If you submit more than 5 pieces of art or use multiple email addresses then you will be disqualified.

Who picks the winner?
The final winner will be decided by a committee of judges, including Orphan Black creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, BBC America President Sarah Barnett and CloneClub/@entertainmentweekly​‘s Dalton Ross.

Can I post my entry on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat blah blah blah?
You’re damn right you can. Tag your art with #OrphanBlackPoster so we can reblog/retweet/run around the office showing it to everyone*.

This is also a chance for you to create and spread some rad new #CloneClub fan art.

*JK running is a hazard and we take office safety very seriously.

How will my art be used?
The winning art will be used in the BBCA OB marketing campaign as a print ad in Entertainment Weekly. If you are selected as the winner BBC America may need to make modifications to your art in order to format it for the marketing campaign.

There might be Billboards in NYC or LA. Tons of promotion on BBC America. You’re basically going to be famous.

What if I have more questions?
First, make sure you’ve read the full FAQ and rules at BBCAmerica.com/OrphanBlackPoster. If it doesn’t answer your question, ask it! Chances are more people want to know the answer.

The best way to ask questions, is to @ us on Twitter @OrphanBlack or @BBCAmerica, or send us asks on Tumblr.  We’ll also be answering your questions on the #OrphanBlackPoster hashtag. You can also email Social@bbcamerica.com.

You’ve got this, CloneClub. Here’s some OB art, to get you inspired.

An Orphan Black fan will design the official new season poster.
That fan could be YOU.
Winning = 💰💰💰+ 😁🎉
You have until February 15th at 11:59 p.m.
[To learn more about the contest and read the full rules, guidelines, FAQ, and fine print, go to BBCAmerica.com/OrphanBlackPoster


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends on 2/15/16. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC who are 18 years of age or older and the age of majority in their state of residence at the time of entry. Subject to full Official Rules available here. Void where prohibited.

Prisoner of Love||L&Z

It was early morning when Loki mounted his horse. He was clad in full armor, as were the other warriors in his father’s army, and they were all readying to head out to battle.

They were to ride to the kingdom of the East, and meet them with a surprise attack. Their kingdoms have been at war for many years now, but it had only been rekindled recently when the King of the Eastern kingdom tried to steal their harvest so that they wouldn’t have any food that winter.

Now they road across fields and through forests, and into enemy territory. They moved swiftly and quietly to keep their presence unknown, and when they arrived about mid morning the eastern kingdom seemed quiet and peaceful. A little too quiet.

Just as Loki turned to his second in command, an string of arrows zipped across the skies. Most of them missed or were blocked with shields, but a couple penetrated through chain mail and two soldiers fell from their horses. With brows knitted together, Loki’s eyes turned back towards the castle, looking up towards the towers and upper catwalks.

Then, as one complete unit, about fifty or so archer torsos popped up into sight with bows at the ready, “Shite… some one must of tipped them off!” He growled then barked at his men, “Shields up and weapons at the ready! Archers! Climb up into the trees to gain higher ground!” As he said so, he unsheathed his own sword and pulled his shield closer to his chest, “This is not going to be the easy battle we thought it would be.”

Those still on horses charged toward the castle. Arrows were shot, but they deflected them easily with their shields. That was when enemy soldiers came pouring out of the castle gates.

The brawl lasted for a long time, with many casualties on both sides, but it became quite evident at one point that the Western army wasn’t going to win. Many of Loki’s soldiers realized this and started to retreat, however Loki refused. He continued to fight, using his sword to slice and skewer soldier after soldier. He was really holding his own, but soon enough his luck ran out.

An enemy soldier knocked him upside his head, causing his helmet to come off, and then stabbed him in the arm pit as he turned to swing at him. Scorching pain like fire tore through his left side, and the same soldier that stabbed him knocked him off his horse while he was stunned by the pain. Blood seeped through his clothing and chain mail to stain the grass beneath him.

He tried to make himself get up, but for some reason his legs would work and one arm wasn’t enough to push himself up. So he just laid there on the ground as he slowly started to bleed out, knowing well that this was probably the end for him. Just as he was about to black out, he felt someone touching him, and then he was laying with his arms tied together across a horse’s back. A horse that was headed into the castle of the Eastern kingdom.