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Deuces Wild: A Bronx Tale (20th Anniversary Mix)

1993 was a keynote year for the “hip-hop movie.” The term, although never officially coined, became a popular when movies such as CB4 and Who’s The Man hit the big screen,  A Bronx Tale was definitely not one of them.

For starters, the movie took place in the the segregated sixties - two decades before hip-hop even took its first breath. There isn’t a h movie’s score and soundtrack contained no rap music, and remember, this is an era way before the term rapper-turnt-actor became popular.

Twenty years later its easy to see how hip-hop has adopted A Bronx Tale into the culture. There enough lyric references to go around - vocal samples have been lifted from movies, and a handful of “A Bronx Tale” song/mixtape titles.

In the past we’ve celebrated the important anniversaries of album releases, producer’s birthdays, and even movie releases. So what we’ve put together, to honor a movie which was not only adopted by hip-hop but has influenced hip-hop, is a mix of joints sampled from the movie’s music and film’s soundtrack. Without further ado, enjoy this latest mix - celebrating the 20th anniversary of A Bronx Tale.

M.O.P. - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
produced by: DR Period
Sample: Aaron Neville - Tell it Like it is

Action Bronson - Thug Love 2012
produced by: Party Supplies
Sample: The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

Fugees - Zealots
produced by: Fugees / Jerry Duplessi
Sample: The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

Shyheim - One’s 4 The Money
produced by: RNS
Sample: Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

Smoke DZA - Best Seller
produced by: Ski Beatz
Sample: Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

Craig Mack - When God Comes
produced by: Easy Mo Bee
Sample: The Beatles - Come Together

Evidence - Frame Of Mind
produced by: Evidence
Sample: The Beatles - Come Together

KRS One - My Life
produced by: The Resistance
Sample: Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin

Madvillian - America’s Most Blunted
produced by: Madlib
Sample: Fever Tree - Ninety Nine and One Half

Guilty Simpson - Man’s World
produced by: J Dilla
Sample: James Brown - It’s A Mans World

Knight in Silver and Blue Pt. 2

Originally posted by thepequeliargirl

Part 1

A/N: Hey guys…So yeah I need this again. I had a very stressful day and basically people that I thought cared about me don’t and I’ve been criticizing me all day so right now I’m sitting in my room crying and eating ice cream and imagining that my knight in silver and blue will come comfort me… So basically here’s what happened to me today in a nutshell. 

Warnings: Verbal abuse

It had been about a year since your knight in silver and blue rescued you and brought you to live in the tower with him. You loved it there and soon all the Avengers became your friends. They often called you Princess because you were Pietro’s Princess. His ray of sunshine that made him the happiest he had ever been. And you were just as happy with him. He practically spoiled you with affection and sweets and basically anything that you wanted. That year that he was living with you was the best of his life. And he wanted every year to be like that, and he planned on telling you soon what his intentions were. This particular morning he seemed happier than usual when you were packing your backpack for work. “You seem very chipper this morning?” You tell him. 

“Yeah well I have a feeling today is going to be a great day for us.” Pietro says and smiles at you. You finish packing your bag and come over to him and hold his face with both of your hands and kiss him. 

“I hope so too.” You say and stare into his eyes before he scoops you up and dashes out the door with you. 

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UpNorthTrips Presents Father MCs

1 - Temptations - Intro
2 - Slick Rick - It’s a Boy
3 - Ed OG - Be a Father To Your Child
4 - Big Krit - Rich Dad, Poor Dad (United Crates Remix)
5 - Asher Roth ft. Miguel - His Dream
6 - Atmosphere - Yesterday
7- Copywrite - June
8- The Game ft. Busta Rhymes - Like Father, Like Son
9 - Royce Da 5'9" ft. Amerie - Life
10 - Juelz Santana - Daddy
11 - Don Trip - Letter To My Son
12 - 2pac - Letter To My Unborn Son
13 - Nas - Daughters
14 - Jay Z ft. Blue Ivy - Glory
15 - NY OIL - Father

Bonus: Common ft. Lonnie Lynn - Pop’s Rap Pt 2

Mixed by: @UnitedCrates

The Roots: From Trees To Branches [Mixed by @UNITEDCRATES]

Today marks nineteen years since the release of their sophmore album, Do You Want More?!!? Over the last two decades we’ve seen  The Roots grow from small stage shows & open mics in the streets of Philly all the way to headlining their own festival & the Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon.  

As they proceeded to continue to rock the mic, their impact to Hip-Hop was immediate. From the jump, they displayed an expertly mixed combination of lyricism and live musicianship which amazed fans and influenced their peers alike.

We hope today’s reminiscent reflection and tribute of Hip-Hop’s greatest live rap band will help you understand the complexity of seeds planted by The Roots.

Thank You Philly.

Words & Mix by @UNITEDCRATES