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“Dubbed anime has been airing in the Middle East since the early 80s, if not the late 70s. So we all grew up with it. However I truly got into it back when I was 9 years old (1992). I used to buy a lot of anime on VHS, in fact, I did most of my shopping in London, which was my family’s no.1 destination for summer vacations back then.

(Anime/Manga in the United Arab Emirates got) Really popular, especially after the year 2000 with the introduction of high speed internet. People started downloading anime and it became very popular between college students. It’s quite unfortunate to see anime being introduced through piracy like this, but it’s only because Japan has no interest in entering the Middle East market for animation. And to this day, the Middle East remains an untapped market. I’m working really hard to change that!

So many arab shows and cartoons that have been airing on TV always portray Arabs as lazy, stupid, self-centered, unskilled, etc and that’s how the stereotype was formed. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give kids and young adults a more positive role model a brave Arab protagonist who may be lazy and unskilled, but has a very pure heart that’s full of courage and the willpower to protect other people even if the fight doesn’t concern him.

The story will still maintain its identity as a comedic action series loaded with homage, easter eggs and parodies, and it’ll make fun of a lot of typical giant robot anime tropes, but the protagonist’s personality will develop into a more serious one as the story progresses. Even the name of the robot is a trope. A typical giant robot’s name usually ends with "er” and I wanted to do the same thing, and that’s how Torkaizer was born.“ - Ahmed Al Mutawa, Creator of Torkaizer

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