united airlines flight 175

List of Victims on United Airlines Flight 175 that hit Tower 2, WTC: #NeverForget #Sept11 #Flight175

Alona Abraham
Garnet Edward Bailey
Mark Lawrence Bavis
Graham Andrew Berkeley
Touri Bolourchi
Klaus Bothe
Daniel Raymond Brandhorst
David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst
John Brett Cahill
Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen
John J. Corcoran III
Dorothy Alma de Araujo
Ana Gloria Pocasangre Debarrera
Robert John Fangman
Lisa Anne Frost
Ronald Gamboa
Lynn Catherine Goodchild
Peter M. Goodrich
Douglas Alan Gowell
Francis Edward Grogan
Carl Max Hammond, Jr.
Christine Lee Hanson
Peter Burton Hanson
Susan Kim Hanson
Gerald Francis Hardacre
Eric Hartono
James Edward Hayden
Herbert Wilson Homer
Michael Robert Horrocks
Robert Adrien Jalbert
Amy N. Jarret
Ralph Kershaw
Heinrich Kimmig
Amy R. King
Brian Kinney
Kathryn L. LaBorie
Robert G. Leblanc
Maclovio Lopez, Jr.
Marianne Macfarlane
Alfred Gilles Marchand
Louis Mariani
Juliana McCourt
Ruth Magdaline McCourt
Wolfgang Peter Menzel
Shawn M. Nassaney
Marie Pappalardo
Patrick J. Quigley IV
Frederick Charles Rimmele III
James Roux
Jesus Sanchez
Victor J. Saracini
Mary Kathleen Shearer
Robert M. Shearer
Jane Louise Simpkin
Brian David Sweeney
Michael C. Tarrou
Alicia N. Titus
Timothy Ray Ward
William Michael Weems

The case of Brock Turner is not an issue of the justice system so much as it is an issue of culture. A culture that tells women that someone has the right to take them, to take their liberty, their comfort, and their peace of mind and receive little to no repercussion. That women feel that their trauma needs to be silenced for fear of backlash, judgement, or disbelief. Women who dare speak out against the assault that has been imposed on them face accusations of “ruining a man’s life” for “20 minutes of action.” Let us examine that idea further. Twenty minutes. If we didn’t charge any crime that was under twenty minutes, this is what our world would look like: it took mere seconds for United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11 to crash into the Twin Towers. An active shooter situation lasts on average for 3-5 minutes. It is in a blink of an eye that innocent children are kidnapped while riding their bikes or walking home from school.  If we punish action based upon the duration, or based upon the race, socioeconomic status, or athletic ability of the perpetrator; we may as well not have a justice system at all if we are just going to annihilate what it stands for again and again. If we live in a culture that decides offenses towards women; half of our population, the very people that brought you into this world are minute, then something about what humanity is supposed to stand for has been truly lost.