united air


English air musket c.1800′s

.30 caliber, 120mm diameter brass gas tank, steel lock with brass smootbore barrel and triggerguard.
Only the trouble of making cheap and resilient air-tight pressurized air containers stopped air guns to become a common battlefield weapon. That would have been so awesome :v

US Air Force finally gives 91-year-old gay veteran an honorable discharge

  • Hubert Edward Spires received an “undesirable” discharge from the United States Air Force in 1948 after his commander wanted to purge gay men from the military branch.
  • Now, 69 years later, the Air Force has changed the 91-year-old’s records to an honorable discharge.
  • Spires is one example of hundreds of gay veterans — once discriminated against in the military.
  • In 2011, changes were allowed on veterans’ military records for discharges unfairly labeled “undesirable.” Read more