unite the lorax fandom

things about the sherlock fandom’s past that make me cringe so hard
  • threatening to hut female cast members for “interfering in gay ships” (aka doing their fucking jobs)
  • superwholock gifset crossovers
  • that post where all the fandoms unite in a cringey mess of lorax-sherlock-doctorwho nonsense
  • shitting on elementary, a far better show with diverse characters and excellent writing
  • “if you hate on johnlock we’ll murder you and make it look like a suicide”
  • sapiosexual *shudders*
  • people unironically saying “high-functioning autism”, thus proving they know nothing about autism or how autistic people work
  • irene adler being a lesbian who likes men but NOT A BISEXUAL OR PANSEXUAL BECAUSE THOSE DON’T EXIST I GUESS
  • the johnlock conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy
  • “i’m a high-functioning sociopath ;)”, “I’m such a sexy psychopath” aka glorifying mental illness without understanding it or having a mental illness
  • shipping abusive ships and then excusing it because it’s GAY (queer relationships can still be abusive okay)
  • excusing the cast and crew’s horrible comments about disabled people, people of color, poor people, trans people, queer people, women, and everyone that isn’t a rich white guy
  • “the writing is so clever! some people just can’t get it! only the truly intelligent can!”
  • sherlock’s extreme rudeness being framed as charming, and people aspiring to date someone like him, even though he would be emotionally abusive as fuck
  • toxic relationships and assault are okay if the people are gay
  • queer-coded villains and gay people being the butt of jokes, constantly teasing a main queer romance, but always making sure EVERYONE knows john and sherlock are actually straight