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BTS signs to Def Jam Records

Ok, so i read some stuff and it seems like big doors are opening for Bts, as they are being signed to one of the biggest music labels in the United States, Def Jam Records.

For now they will only be promoting their music in the Japanese branch but their goal is probably to make Bts collaborate with big Artists. I’m soo happy for Bts and they deserve everything that is coming to them times ten, but i’m also sorta worried that if they will be introduced to the American label, they might also be forced to change to the American style of music. If you get what i mean. I’m not assuming anything tho. I’m just praying out loud. There are so many artists with actual talents ruined because they had to fit the typical mainstream media picture. 

Anyway let me know what you guys think  ♥

Bridge Burner
Bridge Burner

Life will act against your will if you lie to
People who trust.
Live with integrity honesty,
And then happiness will prevail!
Your reputation destroyed
By your own ignorant actions!
Self destroyed by your own actions!
Why do I write lyrics
To express the way I feel?
Because I can’t talk face to face
With an irrational person who steals!
Self destroyed by your own actions!
Left alone, yet cease to realize.
I cross you out from a list of friends.
People who lie and steal!
Because in my eyes you’re as guilty as Marc,
And Eric Neal!

Wayne Rooney has become the leading goal scorer in Manchester United history following his 250th goal for the club.  The goal came from a beautifully struck free kick which helped United snatch a point late against Stoke City.

Manchester United’s Top Ten Leading Goal Scorers list now reads as follows:

  1. Wayne Rooney - 250 Goals
  2. Bobby Charlton - 249 Goals
  3. Denis Law - 237 Goals
  4. Jack Rowley - 211 Goals
  5. Dennis Viollet - 179 Goals
  6. George Best - 179 Goals
  7. Joe Spence - 168 Goals
  8. Ryan Giggs - 168 Goals
  9. Mark Hughes - 163 Goals
  10. Paul Scholes - 155 Goals

“It means a hell of a lot. It is a great honour and I am very proud. It is difficult at the minute to be over-pleased because of the result but in the grand scheme it is huge honour. It is not something I expected when I joined. As I said before, I am proud and I hope there is more to come. The players who have played for this club have been world class. I am proud to play for this club. To be all-time goalscorer is a huge honour.” Manchester United all-time record goalscorer Wayne Rooney.


Birthday Wishes to Tony McPhee by Tony
Via Flickr:
Tony McPhee is an influential guitarist and leader of the group Groundhogs, most popular at the end of the sixties into the mid seventies. Tony McPhee’s style is predominantly Blues and Progressive Rock.


On this day in music history: January 12, 1959 - A twenty nine year old songwriter and aspiring entrepreneur named Berry Gordy, Jr. borrows $800 from his family to start a record label. With the loan from his family, Gordy starts Motown Records, with its first release being “Come To Me” by Marv Johnson (released as Tamla 101 on January 21, 1959). The single quickly becomes a local hit in Detroit and is picked up for national distribution by United Artists Records. It charts on both the Billboard R&B singles chart and the Hot 100 peaking at #6 and #30 respectively. Gordy sets up shop in a small house he purchases at 2648 W. Grand Blvd in Detroit, converting the photography studio at the back of the property into a recording studio, and living with his family on the second floor. Within a year, the label breaks its ties with United Artists, independently releasing Barrett Strong’s “Money” (#2 R&B, #23 Pop), setting the company on the path to the unprecedented success it experiences throughout the rest of the 60’s and beyond. Gordy maintains ownership of Motown until 1988 when he sells it to MCA Records and Boston Ventures for $61 million. Polygram Group Distribution takes over distribution from MCA in 1991, buying the label outright 1993 for $325 million. Since 1999, Motown has been owned by Universal Music Group, being relaunched as a free standing label within the company under the Island Def Jam Group.


Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You - Tina Turner (Tina Turns the Country On, 1974)