unite half marathon

2017 Rutgers Unite Half Marathon - 1:44:06

2017 Rutgers Unite Half Marathon recap

This thing was actually really hard to hold up Three weeks, three half marathons. This week was the CGI Racing Rutgers Unite Half Marathon. Unite has a special place in my heart. Not only does it run through my old alma mater and where I used to live for over a decade—and partially through a park I often did training runs in before moving to Jersey City—but its inaugural year was also my very…

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I pick up my race pack in the morning. EEEEP!

The half marathon is this Sunday. I’m equal parts nervous and excited.  It was very difficult skipping Zumba yesterday and today but I really needed to give my legs somewhat of a break. I did run 7 miles this morning though. It felt good to get out there and run one last time before Sunday.  Tomorrow is a busy day so I won’t have time to think about Zumba or running. 

As for race day, my mom and brother were supposed to come with me.  My brother had to cancel on me earlier in the evening.  I’m disappointed but I understand his reasoning.  He has a family and responsibilities he needs to take care of.  My bestie will be joining us instead.  She’s the best… Always there when I need her. 

Race organizers have chosen to honor Boston by having us wear green or purple… of course if we wear the race’s red that’s ok too.  So I think I will wear my red race shirt. (They’re pretty sweet.) I’ll tie my hair with a green ribbon and wear green nail polish to show my Boston love. 

Off to bed… I’ve got an early start tomorrow.

Rutgers Unite Half Marathon here I come!