unite against the war on women rally

A lot of good people were killed today. Executed without cause, without remorse. What they did was without conscience, and they did it to inspire fear among a populace, among the world, and they succeeded in this. Already, people are going to be pointing fingers at their neighbors and attacking people that had nothing to do with this in “retaliation,” for these depraved acts. That’s them, that’s the ignorant and the scared. That’s always going to happen. The thing is, this attack is also going to inspire something else, something that the Daesh, the name that ISIS despises being called, very probably never saw coming.

They’ve united a people against their evil, and they’ve awoken a sleeping giant that hasn’t had reason to rear its head in nearly a hundred years. The French are going to grind them into dust, they’re going to track them down, and remove them from this Earth, they’re going to become a rallying cry for good men, and good women, to take action against evil. War is never justified, no matter what’s happened, but the Daesh brought war to the doorstep of one of the oldest nations in Europe, with one of the proudest, most decorated military history that the world’s ever seen.

This is not going to be a war.This is going to be a reckoning the likes of which the Daesh will wish that they had never seen.

Je suis Parisien.
Vive La France.