unit: joker

Joker: “I taut I taw a Batty Bat! Tee hee hee…”
Batman: “Joker…”
Joker: “I did, I did taw a Batty Bat!”
Batman: “Shut up!”
Joker: “Tsk, tsk. Such a rude behavior! If I were your Mother I would definitely wash your dirty mouth with a bar of soap!”
Batman: “I’m taking you back to Arkham…”
Joker: “Same old, same old…You know, I’ve been there lately. Nothing new. Well, maybe besides the upgraded ECT device. They finally turned up the watts. You should try it, old friend. Nothing better to get rid of all the bats in the belfry than a sizzle through your frontal lobes. At first you’re a bit dumdum, but it actually helps clear all those pesky neurotransmitters…”
Batman: “Your choice, Clown. We can do it the old way, but you know exactly how it’s going to end.”
Joker: “Oh, p-lease. Again, with the Big Bad Bat story. Don’t forget, Darling. This time you’re on MY territory. The Sun is beginning to rise, but the fun is yet to begin. Now, be a good boy, and try not to ruin the moment. Afterall, it’s just you and me…”