thank you @artemistudying for the idea – here’s my accountable to-do list for tomorrow and Wednesday (probs Thursday as well but I really need to get these done).

  • nomenclature index cards for chemistry - revise and memorise
  • biology revision of unit 3 AOS 1
  • biology revision of unit 3 AOS 2
  • bio topic test 1
  • bio topic test 2
  • unit 3 prac exam
  • finish english language assignment
  • start working on eco assignment
  • manicure
  • eyebrows

Please keep me accountable for this idk send me messages/asks I just really need to stay on top of my game these holidays because next term is C R A Z Y in regards to assessment tasks, tests, studying, and important exams (legit this bio exam is in ~4 weeks and I need to get 100% because my SAC marks were average compared to the cohort and I mean I’m aiming for 45+ on all of my other subjects so 30 on bio is okay but I would like to see close to a 40 bc I need a 99 atar do u see my problem im dead although my sacs get scaled a shit tonne bc i go to a select entry school ugh tho ugh)


|4 september 2017|

it’s finally back to school time for most of us and, at least for me, it’s also time to start good habits, crack down on the bad ones, and just begin to prepare for the year ahead. i’ve been in school for a couple of weeks now and, so far, i’m doing pretty good. below, i’ve compiled some simple tips that help me in day to day life that i would love to share. so let’s get cracking:

  1. prepare outfits and pack your backpack on sunday instead of in the morning. i know for a fact you have more time on sunday to prepare your outfits and pack your backpack than on monday morning so planning in advance will most definitely benefit you. instead of running around in circles trying to find that shirt, hang them up in the front of your closet or place them in the top of a drawer on sunday. and instead of throwing random pens in a bag, pack your backpack and put it in front of your door. it’ll save you time to do other things such as eating and washing your face.
  2. prepare and eat a breakfast. whether it’s some cherrios in a bag on the way to class or eggs and bacon cooked that morning, eating will definitely benefit you. you’ll have more focus in class and it’ll get your metabolism going. if it’s easier for you, think about preparing your food the night before and packing it in bags or tupperware.
  3. have a tray by the door to put small things in. oh, how many times have i forgotten my earbuds or keys. keep yourself organized and not calling your roommate to get an extra set of keys by just having a tray on which you can put smaller things you don’t put in your backpack. then, just grab them before you leave and voilà! you aren’t locked out.
  4. on sunday, do your meal preps, weekly spread, and clean your room and workspace. i am such a procrastinator during the weekends and there have been so many days that because of that, i am trudging through knee high messes in my room because i just won’t pick up. i also commonly forget to plan the week and prep my meals and then boom, it’s monday and i’m a mess. so don’t be a mess like me, do it all on sunday.
  5. have a letter tray to put class handouts and old assessments so you can put them in binders later. using a letter tray to collect handouts and assessments can be so beneficial to keeping your desk clean. and without it, i tend to throw out old graded assessments i could study instead of putting them in binders. keeping all those papers in one binder is super helpful, so put them in a binder and finals won’t be your doom.
  6. have a bedtime routine. having a bedtime routine can increase your productivity and sleep time because, one, it can help you stay organized and, two, it helps put you to sleep. the more your brain associates doing certain tasks with sleep, the faster you’ll be able to drift off. so be smart and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
  7. have one journal for in class notes and one to retake and organize your notes at home. in class you do not have time to keep your thoughts organized. with tangents from your teachers and questionable notes, its best to just use a pencil, pen, and highlighter to make scratch notes in class and then come home and organize it into something that you can study from. this idea has kept me afloat time and time again.
  8. talk to your teachers. do yourself a favor, ask and answer questions in class and go to your teachers’ office hours if they have them. if you do this, your teachers are more likely to recognize you and will be more lenient with your grade (since it shows you’re engaged and involved). you don’t necessarily need to like the teacher, just pretend you care. smile and nod along as you ask about their lives, questions about the content, and for advice that you are never going to take. this is a pretty slytherin thing i’ve been doing for years and it has got me so many half points back, especially in math and science.
  9. use quizzes and tests to study for finals. as i stated earlier, it’s important to save your assessments to study, and that is especially true during finals. teachers commonly use similar questions on the final as unit tests and quizzes. think of how many more points you can score on that final if you just study your tests.
  10. make a study group. find friends and people in your classes that you would like to study with and meet up! they’ll definitely be able to help you understand topics and it’ll be more fun than holing yourself up in your room. also, explaining concepts to others will help you better understand them and answer those questions on your tests.
  11. make a weekly to-do list. some of you may already do this in your weekly spreads, but it’s important to make to-do lists of goals and tasks you need to complete. this isn’t necessarily studying and notes but things such as cleaning your room, watering your plants, or going grocery shopping. make lists, organize yourself, don’t be a mess like me.
  12. reward yourself for doing well. whether it’s talking to your teacher or scoring straight a’s, we all work hard. so why not treat yourself to a nice dinner or relaxing bath? have fun, relax, and don’t let yourself get too stressed. remember to unwind.
  13. sit up front in class. i know, i know, you don’t really want to, but think about it. if you’re up front, you are going to be 100% more engaged and paying more attention. and this will make your teacher remember you, which you now know the benefits of. you will also be able to see the board easier, get your questions answered, and hear what is going on.
  14. talk to the people around you in your classes. jeremy from physics sneezes on you and suddenly, you’ve got the flu and can’t make it to your lit lecture. what are you going to do? text that new friend you made from lit that sits next to in the lecture hall of course. simply talking to people on your first day can help you stay on top of class in case you miss or can help you study before the test. never doubt the benefits of knowing people.
  15. if there’s an opportunity for extra credit, take it. i don’t care how good you are in that class or how perfect your grades are, take the extra credit. those few extra points could be the ones that take you from a b to an a. just do it and don’t question it, you may need them. 
  16. outline all papers and presentations. you have a draft due for your class in a few hours and you open you computer and prepare to type. but where to begin? what are you writing? how do you want to phrase it? well, you could already know that if you had outlined it. take the time to research, write a thesis, and fully understand your prompt before you write. especially if this is a persuasive essay. do this as well for presentations and visual assignments so you say every fact and point you want to.
  17. keep your test dates by you at all times. no matter who you are, you need to know when tests are coming up. and, as someone who tends to leave things at home sometimes, i may not have my planner with those tests dates next to me when i need them. but what do i have? my phone. i use the app My Study Life to keep track of those dates. i explain that beautiful app in this post.
  18. have a ‘school survival kit.’ by now i think you’ve caught on to the fact i can be a bit forgetful. so i like to have a little bag with me that has things i may need that i could have forgotten. this includes a pen, pencil, highlighter, a few pads, some mints, pain medicine, allergy medicine, tissues, band-aids, hand sanitizer, tide-to-go (stain remover), and other such items. i may make a list of these items at another time.
  19. if you have a question, ask. i’ve already gone over the benefits of talking in class but it’s also extremely important to understand your content. it’s better to ask than not know, even if you think the question is dumb. there’s a good chance someone else has that exact question. it’s also better to look stupid than have that count against you during assessments.
  20. if your university, college, or high school has a writing center, use it. i work in a writing center and we are here to help. we do nothing so much of the time and you coming in makes our day. contrary to the popular opinion, we aren’t going to judge your writing or insult you (unless you ask for it). but we also aren’t going to correct your entire paper, we want to help you learn how to edit your papers and make sure you’re fitting the requirements. and this goes for all tutoring centers; if they’re an option, use them. 

There are thousands of films of the nuclear age. They document the 210 atmospheric nuclear tests the United States conducted between 1945 and 1962.

Until recently, these government-commissioned films had been scattered around different archives, though the bulk of them sat in boxes at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Fortunately, a team of physicists and film archivists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California decided to digitize the films before it was too late.

Digitization Unearths New Data From Cold War-Era Nuclear Test Films

Image: YouTube/Screenshot by NPR

Unit tests

If you were asking me about THE one thing I’d suggest to every programmer, it’s this: Write unit tests.

Everybody knows they should, but many still don’t. Just do it. Learn the framework for your language, it’s worth it. Not only does it help you save possibly many hours of painful debugging in the long term, it also makes you rethink how you structured your code, rethink what it should be doing in the first place.

So go ahead. Pick some project, and create some tests for it. Or do it with the next project ahead. It feels good having something that works reliably, and even better being able to prove that it does.

80th Anniversary of the bombing of Guernica (Gernika)

80 years have gone by since the Nazi German Condor Legion (an air force unit Hitler wanted to test out before WWII and guess who were its Guinea pigs?) and the Fascist Italian Aviazione Legionaria warplanes bombed the Basque town of Gernika, which represented the heart of Basque culture, on April 26, 1937 at the request of the Nationalist faction during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in an manoeuvre known as Operation Rügen.

Ruins of Guernica after the bombing. Number of victims: between 150 and 1650 (estimates vary according to different reports).

This heinous attack aimed at civilians (mostly women and children since the men were away fighting at war) on a market day, inspired one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings Guernica (1937). It took him 35 days of work and finished his masterpiece on June 4, 1937.

Guernica (1937)
Pablo Picasso
349cm x 776cm
Oil on canvas
Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (Spain)

P.S. This is primarily not related to OP but if you want a slight connection to it, think about Nazi Germany being the main base for the Vinsmoke family and Jora’s art powers would connect to cubism.

Memoirs of the Broken People

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Pairing: JaehyunX Reader

Genre: Soulmate Au/Angst/Fluff/Historical

Word Count: 9k

Summary: History used to be your favorite class of the day. Used to. But that was before the visions, the lashing out and the incredible, undeniable heartache that erupted every day. History was Jaehyun’s least favorite class too. 

Author’s note: Goddamn, where have I been? IT’S BEEN FOREVER! How are all of you? I’m back from hell and better than ever! Jkjk, anyways, I’ve been super obsessed with NCT lately, especially Taeyong, so ironically I write about Jaehyun apparently??? Anyways! Requests are open still, but I can’t promise I’ll get it done super fast since I’m on vacation. Anywho, Enjoy this piece of shit I just wrote!

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marcadams-blog replied to your post “Hey! I just saw your blog and would like to ask you for advice. I’m…”

GitHub is a great source to find ideas and learn new things. You can also contribute! https://github.com/explore is a good place to start. Also, I’d recommend writing awesome unit tests instead of putting. A lot of comments in your code. Comments don’t stand up to the test of time, but unit tests show your code actually running.

I recommend doing both. ;)

Beetlejuice Part 2 (Connor Murphy x reader)

Part 1 (I don’t know how to link things properly) https://restoftheworldfallsaway.tumblr.com/post/163510166050/beetlejuice-connor-murphy-x-reader-fic-part-1-of 

4000+ words.

tw: suicide, depression, anxiety, angst. just it’s really fucking sad okay.

Happy midnight, this is Connor’s hour. I am sorry i am shit. You guys deserve better.

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First Day of School

The last part of the Summer Masterposts series

I know I haven’t done much on this series, but I think it’s time to inform you all about getting ready for the first day of school! Here is my best advice as to how to be prepared:

  1. Study a bit of the content before it is taught. What I like to sometimes do is go on khanacademy or look into the textbooks I am assigned and just quickly read on what we’re going to learn. Or, you could do entire lessons! The more you know, the merrier.
  2. Ask other people who took the class how it was like. Sometimes all you need is to ask someone that’s had experience. Questions like, “was the course rigorous?”, “how are assignments graded?”, and “was the learning experience fun?” can definitely help you.
  3. Get supplies early. Don’t be distracted from all the cutesy folders and stickers and whatnot the day before your school starts. Plan ahead, get the essentials, and worry about the little things later. Or, you could get the bare necessities for the first few days of class, then go out and buy supplies (depending if your teacher requires binders, dividers, etc.)
  4. Find a good bag! Make sure that it’s going to last through the year! Invest in a bag that suits your needs, but also has a good quality. Jansport and Kanken are really good options!
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Don’t throw away your half-used notebooks. Just tear out the old pages, and you can use it for scratch work, a class that doesn’t use notebooks often, or make a personal journal! Use other school supplies around your house too- save ya money!
  6. Pick your outfits the day before. I honestly do this every day as a routine. I don’t worry about if my outfit goes together and whatnot because I already know! And, if you’re really unsure about choosing an outfit, quickly wear a bunch before deciding. Better than knowing last minute.
  7. Get your breakfast things ready, just in case. Especially on the first day of school, your sleep schedule might not be fully set, or maybe you forgot to hit snooze. Make sure you set out everything on the counter so that all you need to do is whip everything together and get out the door.
  8. Set two different alarms. I have one on my Fitbit and one on my actual alarm. One may work, one may not. There are even some cases that both won’t work! My two alarms are only ten minutes apart, so even if I missed the first one, there’s always a backup.
  9. Organize as much as you can. Every month, I clean out my bag and put all extra papers, finished units and chapters, and tests in separate piles in a small box. Not only does it clean your bag, it also provides a safe place to put all your worksheets and papers so that you don’t lose anything. Plus, if you have finals at the end of the year, you’ve already got the resources!
  10. Don’t sweat it! It’s only the first day of school. Live for the experiences! It can be hard to not get worked up on things, but honestly, we’ll all get over it!

Hopefully this helped you guys! And thank you all for the love and support for my Summer Masterposts series! And here’s to another great school year! 

More on the Summer Masterposts series:

IntroductionWhat to do During Summer DIY summer crafts  • Summer Life Hacks 



had our senior class retreat this weekend- came home and made a physics study guide for a unit test tomorrow!

(inspired by @studyguideverified)

[2/100] July 9, 2017

Well today was actually… somewhat unproductive lmao. I actually watched the entire first season of haikyu! Which was v fun but also took up a lot of time lmao. Anyways I took a look at my first trio piece with my piano-viola-flute trio today! Or my part at least I haven’t photocopied the parts and organized a rehearsal yet but that’s happening…soon I hope. Aside from that I finally implemented some critical user stuff on the serverside of an app and read up on using perl as a preprocessor( @import-os look i’m doing work wow who knew)!


synopsis: a very frustated reader is failing her korean class while an equally flustered seungcheol is struggling in english o(^▽^)o high school!au

genre: fluff!

word count: 4,088 ٩(•́⌄•́๑)

It was not easy being an exchange student in Korea; you never claimed it was. Whatever possessed you to move from your home country to the world’s peak nation of academic competitiveness you couldn’t remember, but it was too late to turn back. You were the only non-Korean you knew of in the entire school– perhaps every other foreigner had given up– so the standards were never lowered. You were to march to the same drum as all the Korean students, and at times, that drum was far too harsh.

Take Calculus for example. Back home, the finding and properties of derivatives and integrals of functions wasn’t exactly easy, but it was possible. Your teacher was always willing to help individual students and, most importantly, everyone spoke English. But as you sat in the back of your Korean Calculus class (yes, the very back: you showed up to class your first day and the only open desk was a lonely slab of wood beneath a cruel air vent), you might as well have been asleep. The teacher stood behind his podium like an imposing statue, lecturing nonstop, and only said “Any questions?” just before the bell rang each day. Fearful of your next teacher, you scurried out despite being dazed and horribly confused. Each afternoon of yours was spent in that same classroom in tutoring, which arguably still didn’t help.

You promised your calculus teacher you would come, as he was so concerned about your grades that he had made it a requirement or else you would be pulled from the class. “I promise I can do it, I’m just a little behind everyone else, the Korean students, I mean… as you already know,” you sputtered. He chuckled every time.

But what was much more interesting than the droning of your teacher was his student aide: Choi Seungcheol. He sat in the very front during third period each day and paced the aisles between the desks during afternoon tutoring sessions. The faint scent of cotton and traces of cologne followed him past you, and you noticed yourself gripping your pencil a little tighter. “Ms. Y/N, are you still with us?” Your teacher would call, not stopping his chalk or tearing his vision from the board.

“Of course, sir,” you would stutter. Not once did you notice Seungcheol’s amused smirk behind you.

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anonymous asked:

Todomomo/Kamijirou Double Date??

Note: This is a ~8000 word one-shot for Kamijirou and Todomomo, has a tiny mention of Izuocha (because my friend @c-jay321 loves them) as well. I hope you enjoy! The formatting also prob looks way better on comp.

This is entirely comedic and lots of fluff; Also a crap load of Kaminari and Todoroki bonding LOL 

In which Todoroki gets help from Kaminari

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algebra teacher

I had this one algebra teacher who would give the class a do now and then explain it. Simple, except she would explain the same 6 question from the do now for the next 10 days. Anybody who asked her to stop explaining the do now was sent to the disciplinarian. She sent down at least 3 people everyday and it got to the point where the office stopped answering her calls. Eventually, the class had to take the Unit One Algebra test. But since all we learned was do nows, the highest score was a 56%. That teacher then proceed to blame it on us, because “we should of been studying.” Every time we asked her to actually teach us something to help us pass, we should give us a lecture on how “she was the teacher” and how “ she’s gonna have a doctorates degree soon so we need to respect her.” Needless to say, she got fired after 2 months and our class had to learn the entire subject of algebra 1 in 5 months instead of the intended 10 months.

The do now were basically “x + 4= 12 what is x?” And the test was about transversals and supplementary angles

Programmers nowadays have to...
  • … write 100%-covering unit tests;
  • … set up continuous integration, linters, hinters, style checkers, …;
  • … follow style guides for every language;
  • … meet impossible deadlines;
  • … meet impossible management/customer/end user expectations;
  • … read through terrible code others made;
  • … read through terrible documentation others made;
  • … make terrible documentation themselves;
  • … fight with the IDE;
  • … fight with the build tools;
  • … deal with unreproducible crash reports coming in from everywhere;
  • … debug code written at 2am (by themselves AND others);

Only Us (Part Nine)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1791

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. ALSO I’M SO SORRY

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Sobs racked through me as I sat on my bed tissues surrounding me. My mind went though all the things that I had told him. My parents, my job, all of my feelings for Peter—or him. Tears ran down my face. How could he do that? A knock came at the window and I looked toward it seeing Peter outside in his spiderman suit.

“Y/N please.” He begged. I stood up walking toward the window. “Just listen to me—” I reached up drawing the blinds over them. “Y/N…” I heard him trail off. More sobs racked through me as I dropped on my pillow. More knocks came from the window. I swallowed leaning over starting my stereo butting on “Fuck you” by Cee Lo Green. I turned it loud, louder than normal. I closed my eyes as I continued to cry feeling sick. There was yelling outside my room and a pounding came from my door.

“What?!” I yelled.

“Where the fuck is my money Y/N.” My mom yelled.

“I don’t have any of your money!” I yelled back.

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