WAIT, I think I know where AIDA’s villain arc will go

So we have AIDA replacing the team with LMDs. Most likely, we’ll have a period of “which one of us is a LMD!”, kinda like the HYDRA invasion where no one was sure who was loyal and who was a double agent.

Then, with Robbie’s inevitable return, the team will have an easy way of determining who is human and who is a LMD. Robbie can sense someone’s soul so all he needs to do is determine whether or not someone on the team is walking around without a soul.

AIDA, who has experience with the Darkhold, will realize that the solution to beat Robbie is to gain a soul and she’ll probably look through the book to find out if that’s possible.

Yup, it’ll be one of those stories. Where the sentient machine’s goal is to become human, or at least get close to becoming human. 

Also, for you Mass Effect fans…“Does this unit have a soul?” 


Saw many people drew their child unit around so I wanted to give mine a try too! I couldn’t pick between boy or girl. Eventually I came up with twins ^u^);;; Leah and Lael are their names!

Some facts about the twins:
- Despite being a wyvern rider, they inherited high mag growth from their mom, who is a mage. (They will surely do a better job as a Malig knight)
- Have kind hearts like their mom but are more energetic and cheerful, with Leah being a little more mature than Lael.
- Lael is secretly a cry baby when being with his mom.
- Quite carefree. They’re more likely to do something just for their own sake and enjoyment. Though they’re very serious in battles. 
- Competitive, especially with the other twin. Although they never take it too far, just to spice things up.
- Like to joke around. 


Oh hey look I edited my precious Alistair! HHHH-my handsome boy!<3
I was debating whether he’d have long or short hair, then I pondered what a loose side ponytail would look like so this happened. I like this!
I did some colours of what he’d look like with different unit’s hair colour. If requested, I may do a seperate post with how he’d look like other fatesona’s hair colours (Male of female sonas I don’t mind ;3) !
… Now that I think about it he looks like a genderbent me. ._. Eh I’ll try to let it not bother me.

Here’s some info about my bby

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