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All these ‘humans are weird’ posts seem to talk about how difficult humans would be to work with— but what we’re actually one of the easiest species to work with?

Sure, we have that weird 'relationship’ with local fluffy predators that nobody wants to talk to much about, and when scared (or happy, or excited) we scream at a frequency that bursts other species’ eardrums, and sometimes we do this thing called 'brushing hair’ which involves using a spiked tool to rip out most of our head hair in an effort to make what’s left lie flat— but we’re just so well prepared!

Other species spend generations trying to figure each other out, but for humans there’s a guidebook… written by a human. Several decades before humans actually made contact with other species.

Yeah. Sometimes this preparedness can make us seem a bit like the kind of creep who spends the whole first date talking about the wedding, but even while they’re weirded out by it, nobody can deny how useful it is.

For instance, every species goes through a phase of hating what they see as 'alien invaders'— the difference is that humans pretty much got past that stage almost before they’d discovered space travel. By the time we make contact, we’d already made the groundbreaking works of fiction that suggested that other species weren’t all that bad. The leap from first contact to working with other species, which for most species took generations, was incredibly short for us.

What’s more we’d, bizarrely, already prepared for species that hadn’t been discovered yet. When UP (United Planets, a human idea that had caught on. Other species were amazed that such a thing had been achieved, humans seemed a bit surprised that there hadn’t been one already) made contact with the first known sapient reptillian species, it was the humans who set to work redesigning the heating controls to mimic the climate of that planet. Hell, before other species— who weren’t sure it was going to be that easy— stopped them, they were about to go through with plans to put a hatchery on every ship.

All this 'humans are space orcs’ stuff is what makes humans so easy to integrate into the galactic community.

Some Creative Dystopian Ideas

You start off with freedom, but one by one slowly and subtly certain things are taken away.

When you once could go to a doctor and have that covered now you must pay the entire fee. And some people aren’t even allowed to go.

Families who were once supported are now living in boxes on the streets, as food is no longer supplied and they are evicted.

When you once could believe in whatever higher being you wanted, now you are forced into a single category and registered if you do not worship it.

When you once could love who you wanted, marriage is only allowed for certain people.

You must dress according to a small scrap of paper given to you at birth. You are immediately judged and categorized according to this. Anyone who disobeys is socially executed and banned from society.

Criminals once went to Prison, but now they are filled with minor offenses regarding medication that is needed and possessing minor recreation drugs. Rapists walk free.

Police do not uphold the law, they attack when and wherever they please… they are given tanks and weapons to attack the common people.

Basic necessities are limited to the wealthy few while fresh water is slowly consumed. What remains is poisoned by oil and toxic waste.

Forests and nature are slowly allowed to be destroyed as those who wanted to protect them are silenced.

The media stops reporting the news and instead reports false information. In fact subtle brainwashing is used. Anyone who objects is arrested.

The leader is a puppet for a shadow government.

Did I forget to mention that this is the United States of America? Yup. America has become the basis of a dystopian novel.

Kaze please……….


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Mercury Signs

Mercury is the planet of thought and communication, the mind and our cerebral qualities. It is known as fast moving, a trickster and for being witty.

Mercury in Aries- Infuses Mercury with a bold and brash communication style bordering on authoritative. Often makes thinking go through black and white categories, yet is also known for their childlike imagination. Thoughts erupt like missiles. Can have racing thoughts.

Mercury in Taurus- Slows Mercury down, makes it methodical, efficient and attached to their own point of view. Can also infuse it with poetry and creativity in the way they think. Can lead to anxious or cyclic thinking. Memories last a lifetime here, and they can be retrospective.

Mercury in Gemini- Mercury rules Gemini, often emphasising the Mercurial traits with this placement, therefore Mercury is witty, fast paced and changeable here. May like wordplay and puzzles. Will find their curiosity peaked by many differing subjects.

Mercury in Cancer- Capable of wonderful emotional intelligence and can be talented with both creativity and more traditionally logical based subjects like finance for example. Their mind work like a mood board, changing thought patterns depending on what is in their field of experience.

Mercury in Leo- Bold thought patterns and often takes pride on their sense of belief and self. Likely communicates with style and authority, but also has a very justice orientated mind, where fairness is put to the front and center. 

Mercury in Virgo- Mercury also rules Virgo, making them adept to detail orientated thoughts that can be perfectionistic. They are often good with puzzles, can flourish in fields of science, yet their attention to detail can also lead to wonderful creativity. Anxious thoughts are a possibility. 

Mercury in Libra- Mercury has the ability to unite two opposing ideas in Libra, where the pros and cons of everything are weighed carefully. They may have interests to do with society and people as a whole, psychology, sociology, but are also likely fond of “pleasing” and harmony inducing arts.

Mercury in Scorpio- Infuses Mercury with a detective quality, diving deep into taboos, secrets and subjects that many would shy away from. They can have obsessive thoughts and can often intuitively know the intent of the people around them. Can be immensely passionate about their interests.

Mercury in Sagittarius- Has a mind like a flying carpet, soaring to great heights when it comes to asking questions of the universe. Science, philosophy, the social sciences could all be potential interests, and when they gain knowledge, they are unlikely to shy way from sharing it. Each thought can feel like a jewel.

Mercury in Capricorn- Makes Mercury methodical, practical and efficient, moving like cogs and wheels. When they set their sites on something, they effectively plan ahead to achieve their goals. They like to ground the often flighty Mercury, although an interest in the written word and language is not uncommon.

Mercury in Aquarius- Mercury is inventive, innovative and forward thinking in Aquarius, where old thought patterns and systems will likely be rejected. They can have bouts of chaotic and eccentric thinking, where even in the middle of the night they are up thinking about the weird and wonderful subjects of the world. Will receive lighting bolts of insight.

Mercury in Pisces- Thoughts aren’t structured and separate here, but can all blend into one like a vague wash of colour. They are more likely to doodle their dreams on their maths book than do sums, but are capable of the most wonderful abstract and imaginative thinking, often leading to a different sort of intelligence.