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“The Headmasters” Grand Galvatron vs “Unite Warriors” Grand Galvatron.


Halo Wars 2 - Sgt. Avery Johnson
Unit breakdown for Multiplayer

Following on from the breakdown for Sgt. Johnson’s Blitz cards, here is the breakdown for his unit’s in normal multiplayer. Lets begin!

  • Sergeant Johnson [Hero Unit] - 0 Population / 450 Resources / 450 Power

Sergeant Johnson is the hero unit for, ermm, Sergeant Johnson. Yes he is just like Kinsano, Decimus and Sgt. Forge where he would rather be on the battlefield then sat in the background. He will enter the battlefield in a mech suit that heavily resembles one of the original concepts for MJOLNIR armour for the first generation of Spartans, which Sgt. Johnson is, so the suit is very fitting for him. The initial version of Johnson has just a Minigun and the ability to drop a Repair Beacon on the ground to heal all friendly unit, it’s pretty much Restoration Drones on a unit, he does have some upgrades though:

Smart Missile - 450 Power
Adds a Smart Missile onto Johnson’s mech suit, this periodically fires a long range missile. This can attack air units!

Beacon Shield - 600 Power
This upgrades the Repair Beacon so that unit’s inside take less damage and make the Repair Beacon last longer and heal faster.

Gauss Chaingun - 850 Power
Replaces the Minigun with a Gauss Chaingun which does alot more damage.

  • Mantis [Ground Vehicle] - 5 Population / 400 Resources / 0 Power

Now aswell as the hero unit Johnson also has 2 other units that are unique to him and the first one if the Mantis. Now the Mantis for Sgt. Johnson doesn’t seem to make much sense since Johnson has zero connection to the Mantis, but since this is all mech themed it was a good way to bring the Mantis into Halo Wars 2. Now the Mantis replaces the Warthog and is much slower then the Warthog, but is much more powerful, not only that but the Mantis is pretty good against air unit’s aswell as ground. Now for the single upgrade for the Mantis:

Missile/Shield Req. - 600 Power
Upgrades the Mantis missile to do more damage.

  • Colossus [Ground Vehicle] - 9 Population / 750 Resources / 120 Power

Fun fact about the Colossus, the Colossus is a giant Mantis, which you will notice very quickly, but the fun part is the Halo 4 map Adrift has a giant Mantis in the middle of the map that’s under construction, well we now know that is actually a Colossus that’s being constructed. Onto the unit itself for Halo Wars 2 and this is a beefed up Mantis and replaces the Scorpion tank, now unlike the Mantis this has a much larger attack radius and can still attack air. For the upgrade this bad boy has:

Stomp - 500 Power
Allows the Colossus to stomp the ground, stunning and damaging all enemy ground units around it.

And there you have it, all the other units are the exact same as all UNSC leaders.

Sgt. Johnson other breakdowns

Absolutely Mental | Ian Macks

Two summers ago, my life changed for the better.

From the outside, I was rock bottom. Out of school after a sophomore year where I’ve never felt more depressed or insecure in my life. Lacking acceptance and understanding from my family at the time, I had two options: Enlist or Get a Job. The only jobs I had prior to this time in my life were in the Mental Health field. Since my mom was an Occupational Therapist, the only real in that I had job-wise were through her prior and current jobs. I had worked at her old job, Center for Disability Services, as a Relief Counselor from the summer before my Freshman Year through the summer before my Sophomore Year. I was the youngest person to every work that position at that job, landing it exactly on my 18th birthday.

Here’s the first lesson I learned: People are not born crazy. We have all been victims of this harsh reality one way or another, whether that incident is small or great. During my time at CFDS, I mainly worked with the physically disabled and the autistic. This made me appreciate the little things, things you can easily take for granted in this reality. Waking up, making breakfast, having a read, going on a run. These people couldn’t do that. In fact, they just needed someone to help them get through the day. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be dependent on someone to help me take a shower, go to the bathroom, eat a meal, and take a walk outside.

The weird thing was the whole process left me paralyzed emotionally, at least at that job. My co-workers had no issues helping these people, but you could tell their heart wasn’t in it. They were in it for money to help them pay for school, rent, gas, etc. Legitimate reasons to do a job that pays over 10 dollars an hour right? Yeah, but the people who needed the help could tell they really didn’t give a fuck, and it showed in the way they were treated. They were helping them to help them, they were just doing it to get it over with, get paid and take care of their own bullshit.

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