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Drewhemian Rhapsody- a Hell’s Studio Fic

In which I had an idea, @doodledrawsthings liked it, and so I turned it into a story. It’s not quite in line with the original idea, but it’s close enough. Also, since today is the premiere of the new BATIM trailer might as well have a fic in conjunction. Get ready for a Muppets-esque distraction away from important business meetings to keep things running and BATIM inspired lyrics to a famous Queen song. Seatbelts on? Here we go!

First it had started with the Muppet Bendy, which Bendy used to amuse Henry and Joey while simultaneously scolding them. Among the other pranks Bendy pulled, relatively harmless. The others ran the gamut from harmless to harmful -in the sense that the victim would be torn between anger and embarrassment for the rest of the week, but never at the detriment to a cartoon in production. No, Bendy and company usually took the opportunity to pull pranks at meetings, much to the annoyance of all those in attendance.

Today, was the worst -or perhaps best- occasion for such a prank. Studio founder Joey Drew and a few of the other original workers were coming out of their retirement home for one last visit and they were going to sit in on a meeting involving the rest of the studio on the direction the company should take moving forward. Conference call machines were set up in every department available so that news could be directly there for everything that was to come. The execs should have known better, but to be fair they hadn’t known the whole rest of the studio would be in on it.

It had started innocently enough. Bendy, Alice, and Boris as well as Joey, Henry, Susie, and Sammy were sitting amongst the executives in the meeting room. All other departments were on call via the conference machines. Per Sammy’s working conditions request a piano had been brought in for him to work his fingers with. The meeting had been going well so far as various people pitched their proposals and the audience had listened intently. Where it had all gone wrong was when it came time for questions. They should have known Bendy would pull something, especially when at the moment he was only benignly asking questions. Usually at these things he would harshly berate with questions, ripping an idea to shreds before piecing it together into something he liked. No, instead it was going something like this,

“So how does this vision positively affect our product output?”

“We specialize in hand drawn animation, how could we combine that with computer animation without compromising everything we have built up as a company?”

Questions that focused on business casually drifted, so subtly it wasn’t noticed until it was too late;

“I mean c’mon, what world are ya livin’ in? Is this real life, or is this fantasy?”

There was a pause as Bendy stopped a moment looking around the room from his position standing atop the table. No reaction came from anyone, they were all holding their breath, waiting to see what the little devil would do next.

Bendy glanced over to his toon companions, who were looking at him in blank confusion. The demon spoke again, “Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.”

There was the screech of a chair as Alice stood abruptly. With an unreadable expression the two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.then their mouths opened an in harmonic unison they declared,

“Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…”

Boris joined in with, “I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.” while Alice and Bendy fell to backup before the three voices coalesced.

“Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me. To me…”

Suddenly the board realized what was going on and they attempted to shut the whole thing down.

“Now see here,” one of them harrumphed, reaching for Bendy on the table. But before they could, the conference machine spoke with the noises of a single piano playing notes.

The toons allowed Bendy to continue, changing the lyrics as he saw fit, “Papa,” he looked straight at Drew, “Just killed a man, swung a hammer at his head, cracked it open now he’s dead. Papa!” Bendy slid to his knees in front of his creator, “Life had just begun, but now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!”

The toons continued to croon as the executives stood there flabbergasted, unable to control the meeting they had set up. But just as they came back to their senses the toons were finishing up and -as no one had seemed to notice- inching to the door.

“If I’m not back again this time tomorrow! Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters.”

And they peeled out of the conference room, the door slamming shut behind them. The suits breathed a sigh of relief, believing the prank to have come to a close. But the old folks, the ones who knew Bendy and company the best, knew this was only the beginning.

Just as they were attempting to bring the meeting back to focus they heard it, from the little machine.

“Too late,” it was Bendy, “My time has come. Sends shivers down my spine, ink is achin’ all the time.”

“Goodbye ev’rybody,” Alice took over, “I’ve gotta go. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth…”

“Papa!” Boris howled and then the others joined him, “We don’t wanna die, sometimes we ya’d left us sketches on the wall!”

The music department was in on it, the execs realized as the instrumental break kicked in and one of their employees began to wail on his guitar. This needed to be shut down, and they dispatched several guards to do so. But it didn’t work.

The guards went chasing them down and passed a full size poster advertising the characters. But then, the Bendy’s head peeled off the wall and began singing, “I see a little silhouetto of a man,”

The guards turned tail and chased the trio to a locked room whereby the toons escaped by slipping under the crack, Alice and Boris crying,

“Ink and paint ink and paint will you do the fandango?”

The guards got the door unlocked just in time to be greeted with the entirety of the animation department screaming at them, “Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me!”

From behind them Alice and Boris argued,

“Susie Campbell!” “Sammy Lawrence!” Susie Campbell!” “Sammy Lawrence!” “Susie Campbell!” only for Bendy to break in at the last moment with “Joey Drew!” and then Alice to add in, “And Henry too…” drawing out the ‘o’ while Bendy and Boris joined her.

Bendy pushed his way to center stage, hands together and looking like a repentant soul, “I’m just a demon, nobody loves me,”

Alice and Boris emphasized, “He’s just a demon from Joey’s ink machine, spare him his life from a monstrosity!”

But the guards snapped out of it and chased them down a hallway, all the while the toons kept singing. And yet, this seemed to go according to plan as the hallway was littered with doors that would open at some cue for the people inside to shout at each other;

“No we cannot let them go!” (“Let them go!”) over and over again.

And all of this was heard throughout the studio and back in the conference room the execs and new heads of the studio were absolutely mortified. This was going on in front of the people who had built the foundation for their careers, and retired or not Joey Drew still owned enough stocks to shut the entire place down if he so desired.

The music built and pounded and swelled until it circled back to the conference room for the grand finale, which was so loud and powerful it nearly blew out the conference machine. And Sammy Lawrence moved aside as Bendy appeared on the piano bench and plucked out a few of the final notes out on the instrument. Alice and Boris leaned against it on either side, singing,

“Nothing really matters, anyone can see… Nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me…” and from the machine came the echo into fade out. The song was done.

Stunned silence filled the room. No one could say a single word. And then it came, hoarse and raspy and sounding almost like a creaking hinge. Laughter, pure, unbridled, unadulterated laughter. Happiness, from all the old folks they had brought in today. Some short minutes later, there also came clapping as the original cast applauded the toons’ and the rest of the studio’s efforts.

Bendy stood atop the bench and joined hands with his silver-screen costars. They bowed in unison a couple of times before the ink demon leapt off onto the table and approached them.

“We heard this was probably the last time we was ever gonna see you guys,” he said by way of explanation, “An’ we just couldn’t let’cha go without a proper send off.”

“Yes,” Sammy grumbled, “Over the top and trouble making,” but then a smile cracked his hardened, wrinkled face, “In typical, true, Joey Drew fashion.”

“I have to agree,” Henry added, “Well done. Even better than Muppet Bendy.”

“Brava,” Susie cheered.

But then it fell quiet as everyone waited for the word from the big man himself. Well into old age, but no less sharper for it, Joey Drew sat in his wheelchair and simply looked at them. There was no hint of rage, but no hint of happiness in his expression. The silence drew out into something uncomfortable, even getting to Bendy.

Nervously he stepped forth, mouth turned down against his face in a frown, but eyes uncertainly hopeful.

“Joey?” he ventured, “Didn’t’cha like it?”

Joey narrowed his eyes, pursed his lips and swished them about his face a moment. Then, he spoke, voice sounding stern and disappointed, “Bendy I’m surprised at you,” Bendy shrunk down, head colliding with his torso, “After all these years,” Joey smiled, “I can still get one over on you.”

It took a beat for Drew’s meaning to sink in. But when Bendy looked up he could see the smile of pride on the old man’s face, accompanied by the sentiment of, “Well done my little dancing demon. This has to be your best performance yet.”

Alice and Boris leapt onto their creator, losing their forms a moment due to their happiness. And Bendy just melted into a puddle. Just a little bit. Over the conference machine there came cries of celebration from all over the studio. And the meeting was abandoned for the sake of good times in the projection room, reliving the glory days of Bendy and friends.

So yeah, there we go. Hope you all liked it!

paltafeliz  asked:

Can I ask for another one? :) kakasaku. 12. 👀 (nsfw maybwweeejfjsjfkdjend)

i have developed an insatiable need for more ks same age AUs. mostly because my favourite kakashi is an incredibly awkward and useless kakashi, and he’s capable of being so much more awkward and useless when he doesn’t have an extra decade plus of mystery and respect to hide behind.

as is just going to become my status quo, this is set in some ambiguous AU where everyone lives because, damnit, sometimes i DON’T write angst to tear your heart out (if you’re feeling @‘ed, that’s because i’m talking to you).

and, yeah babe, some nsfw, just for you. ;)

Sakura adjusts her mask once and then forces her hands back down to her sides.

She isn’t nervous; she’s a professional.

It’s just discomforting to be joining a team outside of her usual roster. Teams weave rhythms, and there’s no guarantee that Sakura will slot smoothly into what they’ve already built.

Plus, there’s always the fact that some people don’t think much of her due to a plethora of reasons that include everything from the colour of her hair to her specialization.

Admittedly, she usually disabuses them of any disregard pretty quickly, but Sakura is still getting really tired of having to prove her worth again and again.

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Remember, remember

Originally posted by beautifulshuas

pairing; woozi x reader

summary; you fall into a coma after an accident and you try to remember your boyfriend jihoon.

wow this is so bad for my first one i’m so sorry. i’ll do so much better next time ! feel free to leave any requests :)

may 30th, 2015

sunlight streamed through your blinds as your eyes fluttered open. they immediately widened when you realise you were no longer in the car. your bed sheets had been freshly washed and smelled of vanilla and home.

“that’s strange,” you thought out loud. your dream had been so vivid you had almost convinced yourself it was real. but you were awake and unscathed; the only evidence against the realism of it all. sighing, you heaved yourself out of bed, calling for your boyfriend.

“woozi?” no response.
“jihoon? were are you?” you began to panic once you checked the kitchen. usually, he would make you breakfast on lazy days like this. you decide to check his studio, to see if he was working on a new song. you froze as the door creaked open.

everything was gone. his speakers, his plushies and figurines, the expensive computer he bought for the sole purpose of composing. all of it was gone. just like jihoon. you frantically rushed around the room, sweeping away the dust and cobwebs. instead of a brand new mic stand, in it’s place stood a rusty hat stand. the comfortable swivel chair he almost broke? now replaced by a rocking horse you never knew you had.

without another thought, you shut the door behind you and took a seat on your couch. your shelf was peculiarly bare; every picture of the two of you had disappeared. or rather, he had disappeared from the picture. beginning to convince yourself he was part of the dream, you head to the kitchen to make yourself a hearty breakfast.

you must’ve been less awake than you thought because next thing you know, a glass tumbles to the floor with an ear-splitting crash. all of a sudden, your vision is filled with darkness and a car window shattering into oblivion. you shook your head and watched your hand twitch as you swept and disposed of the broken glass.

a knock resonated through the house, gradually become louder and more urgent. grimacing, you tidy your hair before opening it to reveal your best friend. holding a cake?

“happy birthday y/n!!” they stood in front of you proudly, thrusting their homemade cake into your face. you became solemn and half-heartedly took the cake.
“birth…day?” you whisper, your throat dryer than the sahara desert. water, you needed water
“you forgot your own birthday? are you ill? you do look kind of pale,” your best friend tattered as you shut the door behind them, still holding the cake. y/bf/n had not yet noticed the uneasy atmosphere.

“why aren’t you ready? you said you’d be ready by one and it’s already coming up to half two!” they took the cake from your hands and set it on the counter before pulling you off to your bedroom. they immediately noticed the crumpled sheets.

“did you have a nap again? you know you shouldn’t nap in the afternoon like this. it spoils your sleep pattern!” y/bf/n hurriedly makes your bed, letting you wonder over to the posters you never realised were on your walls. each one of them read ‘seventeen’ and you squealed when you saw jihoon on a poster, your jihoon.

“my…boyfriend…” you mumble, reaching out to the smooth paper. you heard your best friend tut in the midst of your thoughts and it brought you back to ‘reality’.

“how many fanfictions have you been reading? yes y/n, i understand your bias is woozi but we have to get ready. it’s a long drive to seoul and we need to get going! we already missed their debut concert because of your relentless napping skills.” y/bf/n began flinging random clothes from your closet onto your bed as you made your way to the bathroom for a quick shower.

december 23rd, 2016

“hello, we are…seventeen!” thirteen boys bowed in unison on your phone screen. just as seungcheol was about to start talking, the livestream buffered from all the traffic; you sighed in exasperation. all you wanted was to watch your ultimate group do their annual christmas livestream for carats all over the world. they had dressed up in cute santa suits and sat comfortably in front of a towering christmas tree. seriously, it was so big that mingyu probably decorated it by himself.

just as you were about to check your wifi box, the video reconnected and once again, you focused on woozi. what they were saying didn’t particularly interest you; you enjoyed watching jihoon’s little mannerisms. you enjoyed watching his eyes disappear when he smiled and you enjoyed hearing his adorable laugh and gummy smile.

seventeen decided on a segment called 'our q&a’ following the release of s.coups, vernon, woozi and ailee’s single. they played rock, paper, scissors until it was decided that woozi go first.
“hmm, ok. what’s my favourite smell?” carat’s flooded the comments with scents like vanilla, lavender and the seaside.
“cinnamon.” you said out loud.
“my favourite smell is cinnamon!” you froze.
“ok next question, what do i like to do on rest days?”
again, the comments said things like 'sleeping’ or the odd 'being around soonyoung’.
“anime. you like watching animes.”
“ok time’s up! i actually enjoy watching animes with joshua-hyung.” you screamed and dropped your phone in shock.

“ow,” you muttered, feeling for a nosebleed: your phone hit you pretty hard. unsurprisingly, there was one.
“great,” you cried. you stumbled out of bed in your christmas onesie and headed towards the bathroom. the sight of you, blood dripping from your nose, triggered another vision.

this time it was darker than before and you felt someone shake your shoulders, calling out to you. in your vision, you lifted a heavy hand to the side of your head and felt something warm and sticky.

shaking yourself out of the vision, you hastily cleaned yourself up and decided it was time for bed.

present day

jihoon sat nervously in the plastic chairs that creaked with every move. he had not slept properly since the accident and spent his days

and most nights

watching over you at the hospital. the staff gave up on telling him that visiting hours were over; he would always find a way back to you.

he had noticed how you would twitch or tense your hand, as if something intense was going on behind your closed eyes. the beep of the heart monitor was close to driving him insane but jihoon knew he could wait it out. for you.

jihoon felt terrible about the accident. it was entirely his fault and he was sure you were to end it with him once you woke up. had he been focusing on the road instead of your sleeping figure, he would have seen the speeding car, the headlights and the police vehicle right behind it.

it was a hit and run that left him devasted. once the ambulance loaded you up, his car was towed to the garage and he got a lift home in the police car. needless to say, jeonghan almost threw a fit when he showed up at his house in the middle of the night, climbing out of a police car.

he was brought out of his trance when the beeping began to speed up. it was ever so slight but jihoon noticed and rushed to your side at once. the spikes became stronger and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

sunlight streamed through your blinds as your eyes fluttered open. except it wasn’t sunlight, it was a harsh white light that was unnecessary at this time of day. immense pain shot up your body and you felt like groaning. but your throat was sandpaper and you coughed weakly instead. the sound of plastic crashing to the ground and shoes squeaking on the linoleum floor were brought to your attention.

“you’re awake…you’re awake!! oh my god y/n, you’re awake.” it was jihoon. but this time, he wasn’t a recently-debuted pop idol. he was your boyfriend. your jihoon.

“jihoon?” you said weakly, the oxygen mask a little restricting.
“yes baby? what is it? are you in pain?” you managed a strangled chuckle at your boyfriends concern, a polar opposite to his usual cool composure.

“lots of pain jihoon, but i’ll be ok. i had the weirdest dream though…” now it was his turn to laugh through his tears.
“you’ve been a coma, silly. after the car accident you were rushed to hospital. i’m so sorry, it’s all my fault.”
“no, i’m sorry for putting you through this jihoon.” he stood up to his full height wow so threatening and crossed his arms over his chest.
“don’t you dare apologise! it was in no way your fault and you should rest well and recover. don’t apologise again!” he exclaimed.

“woah, calm down there shorty.”

“i’ve never wanted to hear you call me shorty so badly.”

Guest MC

You’re on Weekly Idol as a guest MC when JBJ is featured as a guest. One of Kenta’s more embarrassing secrets surfaces, and it has to do with a certain guest MC.


“Weekly Idol!” You chorused with Doni, lifting your hands up in the air in the signature way.

“So, we have a guest MC here today,” Doni said to the camera, gesturing towards you, “Defcon is on vacation in Hawaii, so we have the lovely (y/n) instead!”

“I’m glad to be here,” you said cheerfully, bowing to the camera.

“So energetic!” Doni laughed, patting you on the back, “Defcon, let’s take a longer vacation, let (y/n) stay a little longer.”

You laughed, thanking Doni with a giggle.

“Today’s guests have captured the attention of the nation with their wonderful music, energetic performances and hardcore fans,” Doni began.

“It’s JBJ! “ You exclaimed, clapping as the boys walked over to the set, clapping along with you.

“Wow, they’re so cheerful,” Doni chuckled, clapping as well, “please introduce yourself!”

“Hello, we are JBJ!” The boys chorused, bowing in unison. More clapping ensued before the boys introduced themselves individually.

“Let’s move on to the first corner, Profiles in the Making!” You said, glancing down at the cue cards that you held. JBJ took seats, and you sat next to Doni, flipping through the profile posters.

“First we have Kenta,” Doni nodded, “Ah, Kenta, it says here you are Japanese? Would you like to greet your Japanese fans?”

Kenta nodded, turning to the camera and saying something cheerfully in Japanese, sending finger hearts to the camera.

“Kenta-ssi, you wrote on your profile that you’re in charge of girl group dances?” You asked, reading off the profile with a laugh.”

“Well, we can’t have something like that and not see it for ourselves,” Doni declared as Kenta got up, covering his face in embarrassment. “Music… cue!”

As Twice’s latest song played, Kenta sighed, dancing along to the music. As it transitioned to Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet, he was fully enjoying it, and by the time it got to your group’s own song, he was flipping non-existent hair. You laughed at the sight, clapping your hands as he did the ‘shy shy shy’ dance.

“Kenta is definitely in charge of girl group dances,”you laughed as he took his seat, breathing slightly heavier due to the workout he’d just gotten.

“Kenta, it says here that you have a bit of a crush on (y/n)?” Doni asked playfully, pointing to the section on his profile. “We have a clip here from heyoTV.”

You blushed yourself as you watched the clip.

“Girl idol?” Kenta asked onscreen, forehead wrinkling. In the background, the other boys began singing the “shalala” music, making him groan. “I really look up to (y/n)-sunbaenim. She’s a super good dancer, a really good singer, and so funny on variety shows.”

“High praise,” Doni said as the clip ended, the other boys laughing at Kenta’s intense blush.

You bowed to Kenta, thanking him for the compliments.

“I really do look up to (y/n)-ssi, she’s an amazing artist, and I’m so honored to be on a variety show with her,” Kenta explained, still visibly embarrassed. In a way, you thought it was cute as he tried to explain himself, not meeting your eyes.

After the broadcast was over and you waited for your manager to stop by and pick you up, you caught sight of Kenta leaving the bathroom.

“Ah, Kenta-ssi!” You exclaimed, hurrying over to him, “let’s meet again, sometime!” You said cheerfully, and he smiled at you, obviously still embarrassed.

“I’m sorry about that during the broadcast,” he said, cheeks pink, “I’m sure it made you uncomfortable, I didn’t realize that would come up.”

“It’s no big deal,” you replied smoothly, reaching into your bag, “here. Text me sometime.”

Kenta accepted your phone, smiling widely, “thanks, sunbaenim!” He said cheerfully, punching his phone number in.

“(y/n) is fine,” you assured him, “Make sure to text me.”

“I will!” He replied, turning to go join his group members, “I’ll see you soon!”

The Internship

Minghao x Reader

1306 words

Anonymous asked: Can I request a oneshot with Minghao where the reader is in the same level of korean he is (korean is not her native language) and one day Minghao is very distracted by the beauty of the reader and he tells he loves them in chinese? And then he fumbles and tries to say in korean? Sorry if it is too specific, I know you will turn this into an amazing story!! Thanks a lot, love you ;D

A/N: I hope you enjoy! Feel free to send in requests anytime, they’re always open!

Korean was hard.

You supposed that out of the languages people spoke in Asia, Korean was one of the easier ones to learn. It should have been simple: English letters corresponded to Hangul characters, characters formed syllable blocks, syllable blocks became words. A word could not have more than four syllable blocks. Syllable blocks could only contain up to four characters, and the second character had to be a vowel. Simple.

And yet, it was so much harder. There were subtle pronunciation nuances and other tricks you kept forgetting. Therefore, you were stuck at some level of intermediate Korean where you knew a fair amount of grammar and vocabulary, but if someone heard you talking, they could tell you weren’t a native speaker.

That was why you challenged yourself to go to Korea for a summer. You wanted to solidify your Korean and have a change of perspective from your everyday surroundings. You decided to apply for internships and got accepted at Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen’s company. You considered yourself very lucky, because Seventeen was one of your favourite kpop groups. You didn’t know if you were going to have a chance to meet them, since you were interning for one of the higher-up managers in the company.

And so your internship began after a long flight to Korea. You were mostly in charge of getting food, sorting through finance reports for the company, and the like. Your manager wanted you to accompany him around the headquarters when he made his rounds, so you got to see some of the studio where Seventeen worked. It was kind of exciting, knowing that you were walking around the place where Seventeen practiced.

One day, your manager asked you if you were a fan of Seventeen. You nodded vigorously, then asked him why he wanted to know. He smiled, then just said for you to follow him. Oddly enough, he picked up a package of delivery food as he started walking.

He took you down a part of the company hallway you hadn’t been before. You took everything in, not quite sure where you were going, but as you neared a door at the end of the hallway, you heard the sounds of Seventeen’s most recent song blasting from behind it. You had a suspicion of where you were going, but didn’t want to get your hopes up.

Your manager paused at the end of the hallway, then smiled at you and pushed the door open.

Minghao pushed the hair back from his forehead, feeling the sweaty strands stick together. He was coming up on the eighteenth hour in the practice studio with the rest of Seventeen, preparing for their concert. And he was tired.

It was at times like these that he fumbled with his Korean. Minghao had gotten fairly good at hiding his accent recently, but it always came out when he was frustrated or tired. And now was one of those times.

Hoshi went over to the stereo and turned off the music as Seventeen went on break. Minghao found an empty space of wall beside Jun and took a drink from his water bottle.

Chatter in the room ceased as the door to the practice studio opened, revealing one of their manager’s faces. They didn’t see this manager too often, as he was mostly associated more with Pledis’ finances than taking care of the boys. But whenever they did see him, it usually meant that there was something important about to happen.

The thirteen boys, no matter how tired they were, stood and lined up in front of the manager. They bowed in unison before standing expectantly, waiting to hear what kind of news they would receive.

“Hello, boys,” the manager said, smiling warmly. “I’m just stopping by with Y/N here to see how practice is going. We’ve brought food for you as well.”

It was then that Minghao noticed you standing slightly behind your manager. His mind went blank as he stared at you, taking in your looks. Everything about you, your eyes, your face, your hair, your body, was a nice change from what he was used to. Living with thirteen boys meant he didn’t get a lot of girls around, and if they did come around, they weren’t too interested in him. They never said why, but Minghao suspected it was because whenever he tried to talk to them, he got nervous and fumbled with his Korean.

You bowed to the boys nervously. You couldn’t believe you were standing in front of your favourite performers. You prayed you could understand everything they said.

“Y/N, why don’t you help hand out the food?” your manager prompted you.

“Oh, right! Of course,” you said, taking the bag and handing out premade bowls of bibimbap to the boys, who were still in a line waiting. Each one of them thanked you as you handed them food.

As you handed the food to Joshua, he asked in Korean, “Korean’s not your first language, is it?”

You shook your head. “I’m not very good at it.”

“That’s okay, neither am I,” he said good-naturedly. “Thanks for the bibimbap.”

You nodded and moved down the line.

Minghao was at the very end of the line, which had given him plenty of time to sneak glances at you as you interacted with the other boys. He sighed in relief when you said you weren’t too good at Korean. It meant you wouldn’t judge him if he messed up a conjugation of a verb or something.

Finally you reached Minghao and handed him the last bowl of bibimbap. Minghao opened his mouth to say thank you, but he made the mistake of looking into your eyes while the skin of your fingers brushed his. He made eye contact with you, and that was it.


Jun and the rest of Seventeen stared at him in surprise before Minghao registered what he said. When he did, he wanted to hit his head against a wall. He had just told you he loved you. In Chinese.

Way to go, Minghao, you’ve done it now, he thought bitterly.

You froze, worried because you didn’t understand the word. “Pardon?”

It occurred to Minghao that you must not speak Chinese. Thinking as quickly as his brain would allow, he switched to Korean. “Um, I’m sorry, I’m tired, I didn’t mean to say it so soon. My brain switches to Chinese when I’m tired.”

“That’s okay, but…” you gathered your courage and continued, “What did you say in Chinese?”

Minghao’s ears burned bright red as he turned the bowl of bibimbap in his hands.

Jun jumped in just before the silence got uncomfortable. “He said he lo-”

Minghao elbowed Jun sharply in the ribs. “Jun, no.”

Jun smiled and backed away, hands up in a sign of retreat. The rest of Seventeen gathered around Jun, who whispered Minghao’s words to the group of them. The twelve of them stared at you and Minghao expectantly. All of their looks were silently screaming say it.

Minghao sighed and pushed the hair away from his face again. “I said…” He suddenly got shy and ducked his head. “I said I love you.”

“Oh.” Then it registered that he had been talking to you. “Oh. You love me?”

Minghao’s neck was flushed. “Yeah.”

It was silent for a bit before you said, “Well, I’d love to be able to say it back, but… right now, I can’t.”

Minghao felt his heart drop. He knew it. He fucked up.

“But… if you give me your number, maybe I can meet up with you again and tell you then?”

Suddenly Minghao was soaring. He didn’t remember exchanging numbers, but by the smile you gave him when you left the practice room was enough to keep him going throughout the whole night.

Like A Wildflower

Originally posted by lackeyson

Summary/Requested by: @bacylle“ Can you do one Imagine where the reader is a Hobbit and has a younger twin sister(and they’re just as close as Fili and Kili and do everything together)? They would meet the Company (you can choose how :)) and would join them and the reader would slowly fall in love with Fili but she wouldn’t admit it because she’s so stubborn. But I would like if they come together at the end. And maybe a little fluff? ”

Chapter Summary: You meet the Company for the first time and immidiately become friends with Kili. Fili gets jealous.

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 1,423

A/n: This imagine/story wasn’t supposed to have multiple chapters at first but it kinda turned out that way, hehe. Also, this chapter kind of has a slow start, if you now what I mean (a lot of context). Sorry about that, I got a little carried away while writing I guess ;) The next chapters will probably contain more action, so stay tuned :)

“Thorin,” Gandalf said, a slight sense of concern in his voice.

The Company was currently on their way to Rivendell. Everyone seemed to be pretty exhausted and tired. They were in the need of rest and some good food. Even Thorin could have needed a bit of sleep, but he would have never admited that, of course.

“What is it that is troubling you?” Thorin asked with a raised eyebrow. He wasn’t in his best already. He knew that they were on their way to Rivendell, to seek help from the Elves, his so called “enemies”.

“Do you remember what I told you a few days ago? About the two extra members of the company?”

“They are not members of the company yet!” Thorin growled, “I don’t know if I can trust them. I’ve never met them and I know nothing about them, not even their names!”

Gandalf has told Thorin about you and your sister and that you’d wait for them in Rivendell to join the Company. But he didn’t tell Thorin about the fact that you were girls, let alone hobbits. The dwarf didn’t know what to expect, which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

You and your twin sister Marigold (or Mari for short) have lived in Rivendell, far away from Bree, your home, for about 7 years now. One day, a few months ago, Gandalf showed up out of nowhere and asked you to join the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. The wizard has been to Rivendell before, so you already knew him a little bit. Your sister and you have heard the stories about the Kingdom of Erebor and its fall.

You didn’t hesitate and agreed immidiately.

“It will take a while, but be ready when we come here.” Gandalf has told you that day.


“If you trust me you can also trust them! You will find out their names and everything else you need to know soon enough.” Gandalf stated in a louder tone now, annoyed by Thorin’s attitude.

Thorin muttered something under his breath in response and stepped away from the wizard, knowing that arguing with him wouldn’t be too wise now.

A few hours later the company was sitting on Lord Elronds terrace and had dinner. Meanwhile, you and your sister were out hunting. When you returned to your now-home you could hear voices you’ve never heard before. Voices that sounded like they would belong to some kind of warriors, or men at least. They were laughing and chattering.

You were confused for a moment. Suddenly it snapped in your head. You and your sister exchanged a few quick looks. You could feel yourself getting more excited by every passing second.

“They’re here!” you two exclaimed in unison and ran off towards where the noise was coming from.

You weren’t ususally the type of girl who was squealing around and got excited over a bunch of men, in this case dwarves. But you just couldn’t contain your excitement in that moment.

You loved living in Rivendell but you had to admit that it got pretty boring there sometimes. Finally you could take part in an adventure and do something thrilling and exciting!

Before you approached the company, you stopped yourself. You were just standing there, a bit of a distance between you and the dwarves, and scanned all the new faces. A small smile was beginning to spread across your face. They seemed to have a good time, but all of them shut their mouths suddenly.

That was when you realised that Mari wasn’t standing beside you anymore, but was standing in front of Gandalf instead and giving him a hug.

“My dear Marigold,” Gandalf exclaimed loudly, “I am very happy to see you. Allow me to introduce you to the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.” he continued and gestured his hand towards a quite tall dwarf with black, wavy hair.

There was an uncomfortable tension spreading in the air.

“A girl? Gandalf, is this a joke?” Thorin asked trough gritted teeth. He was trying to stay calm but you could hear the anger in his voice.

The rest of the company was following the situation, tense. You noticed a few of them whispering to one another.

Gandalf didn’t answer the dwarf.

Thorin swallowed hard. “Didn’t you say there would be two?” he finally asked.

In that moment Mari turned around and pointed into your direction. Suddenly everyones face turned towards you. Some of the dwarves eyes widened when they saw you. They weren’t just simply looking at you, they were staring.

You wouldn’t admit it very often, because you liked coming across confident, but you hated being the center of attention. You hated when people were staring at you, especially if you didn’t know them.

Thorin was now looking you up and down (just like every other dwarf, really).

You slowly took a few steps forward.

“And what is your name, if I may ask?” Thorin asked, sounding not as furious as before anymore.

You didn’t fear the Dwarven King, but you had a lot of respect for him. He was now standing right in front of you, only a small distance between you two. His arms were crossed over his chest. He looked quite intimidating like this, you had to admit.

You puffed your chest slightly and straightened your back to look as tough and confident as possible. But let’s be real, how tough could a hobbit possibly look, even if they tried?

“I am y/n, Marigold’s sister.” you answered and bowed.

Even though you and Marigold were twins, you didn’t really look alike. She had lighter, curlier hair than you, your taste in clothing was completely different from hers and, even though she was the younger twin, Mari was about an inch taller than you.

Thorin didn’t reply anything but glared at you in response. He then turned around to face Gandalf again.

“We need to talk. Now.” he simply said and left the terrace, followed by the wizard, leaving you and your sister standing there, surrounded by a bunch of dwarves and a fellow hobbit.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned.” your sister joked. You could hear a few of the dwarves chuckle at her statement.

“Don’t mind him, girls. Thorin is always like that.” an older dwarf with white hair spoke up suddenly. “I am Balin, by the way. At your service.” he continued and gave the two of you a reassuring smile.

“Dwalin, at your service.” said another one. This one didn’t smile though, and looked a bit more serious.

Then, two other dwarves got up from their seats and smiled at you.

“Fili,” said the blond one, “And Kili.” added the dark haired one. “At your service!” they both said and bowed in unison. You noticed that these two looked much younger than the rest of the group. They must’ve been brothers, or related at least.

Fili continued to look at you, even when he was sitting back down.

Kili noticed that and nudged him into his side. That was when Fili broke the eye contact with you and turned to his brother to whisper something in his ear. Kili nodded and grinned from one ear to the other.

You, once again, felt rather uncomfortable, considering the fact that these two were clearly talking about you and you were still standing there like an idiot.

The dwarves continued to introduce themselves one after the other. They all seemed to be pretty friendly.

“Hey, why don’t you two girls sit down with us and eat some food, hm?” the dwarf who introduced himself as Bofur suggested.

Your sister Mari nodded her head and sat down beside Bilbo. The two of them immidiately started talking.

“What about you?” Kili asked you all of a sudden. “You can sit here if you want.” he continued with a cheeky smile on his face and pointed to the spot between him ans his brother.

Because you wanted to be nice (and because you finally wanted to sit down, for God’s sake) you smiled at him and sat down between the two brothers.

You grabbed some food that was right in front of you on the table. From the corners of your eyes you noticed that Fili and Kili were following every single one of your moves.

You turned your head to the right to face Fili, who quickly looked away and rubbed his chin, pretending to think about something important.

You then turned towards Kili, expecting him to do the same. But, other than his brother, he was looking you straight in the eyes, the cheeky smile never leaving his face.

You thought he was going to say something but he remained silent. You knew this kind of behavior.

He was trying to tease you. But no, he wouldn’t succeed.

Kili and you were only sitting a few inches away from one another, now staring each other in the eyes, a teasing grin on both of your faces and neither of you dared to look away.

After a little while you both burst out laughing, almost at the same time.

“I think we’re going to be good friends.” Kili chuckled as he caught his breath again.

“Haha, we will see.” you responded with a smirk. Kili seemed like someone you could have a lot of fun with. You already liked him, but you’d never admit that. You were way too stubborn.

“Excuse me.” Fili suddenly said and stood up from his spot. You managed to catch a glimpse of his face before he walked away rather quickly. He looked annoyed and kind of angry.

You turned back to Kili with a confused look on your face. “Is he alright?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Kili answered and got up from his spot.

“I’ll be right back.”

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

Ariella stood at the door of her home, she thought at most, the bag was going to contain a piece of silver or two, at most, and a few bronzes, but it was all silver, she looked at them all, there was at least ten, but to her shame, she could not count any higher. She only knew to ten by fluke from listening to people. How could she ever explain that to her father and mother how he ever came to possess them. She thought of how he had acted in front of Fandral, she was embarrassed, certain the young high-born would never want to see her again because of his behaviour.

“Where are you?” She turned around and closed the door, both of her parents glaring at her. “Get your head out of the clouds girl.”

“Sorry, mother.” She looked to the floor.

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Hades and Persephone

Originally posted by kougami-shinya

Request: “Hades/Persephone: reader is the only friend Ben ever had at his uncle’s Academy. After the fall, the Knights of Ren hunted her and brought her to Ren, at his command. She chose to remain, seeing her lost her friend in Kylo, as much as he tries to deny that. Little she knows Ben had feelings for her and Kylo Ren is selfish enough to desire to keep her by his side.”

“An interesting concept could be a Hades/Persephone story with Hades as Kylo Ren and Persephone as the reader. For Demeter i thought about Rey,but instead of being Persephone’s mother, she could be her older sister.”

“Would you be cool doing a Kylo x reader fic where reader is force sensitive and can see the future? Her village is raided but she escapes because of her ability. Kylo eventually catches her though. I love your writing.”

“Could I request an Emperor!Kylo x reader fic where the reader is the princess of a planet at war with The First Order? He ends up taking her captive after her planet loses and asks her to be his empress.”

Summary: Emperor Kylo has conquered a good portion of the galaxy at this point in his life, has unsurmountable power, a far more advanced base, surpassed his mentor and completed his training, however it’s still not enough. Recalling an old friend, one who has haunted his dreams for years, Kylo calls upon his Knights of Ren to find her and bring her to him. Though he knows it’s selfish he can’t help himself, and he tries to keep her with him…eternally.

A/N: If you have ever wondered how many requests I can bundle into one fic, well here you go haha. Yay for Greek mythology AU’s! I tried to make this as relevant to the SW universe as I could but still kept at least most of the myth in there. Also song recs if you want a creepy vibe while you read haha “Night Time, My Time” Sky Ferreira, “Rolling In On a Burning Tire” Dead Weather, “Once Upon a Dream” Lana Del Rey. Hope you enjoy the fic! :)

Ben watched as (Y/N) sat in the tall grass, whirling a stream of small leaves around her with a smile beaming like the sun that was illuminating around her. Her (Y/H/C) was highlighted with a halo like frame from the streams of light around her. Their afternoons almost always consisted of this, sitting in the fields by themselves finishing their lunches, showing off to each other with tricks of the force. 

Staring at her contagious smile, Ben sighed to himself. His brown eyes were focused on her, his expression dumbfounded. (Y/N) to say the least was a luminous being. Almost everything around her seemed to come to life when she strode through. Her smile could heal the sick, her laugh restore hearing to the deaf, sometimes it seemed as though her simple touch could revive life into things that were otherwise dead and dreary. Giggling (Y/N) turned to him with her same smile.

“Your turn!”

Suddenly shaken out of his admiring gaze Ben’s brows furrowed.


“Now you show me a trick!”

Pausing he tried to think of something that would impress her. The longer he pondered however, the more his aura dropped. All of the tricks he could think of were only destructive, chaotic, things created out of anger. The older he got, the harder it seemed to be to simply be appeased with himself using only forces of the light. It wasn’t enough. He wanted more. The voice in the back of his mind kept encouraging him to seek out more. 

“You do know a good trick don’t you?”

Staring at the fruit in his leather clad hand as he recalled the memory, Kylo rolled the round food around his large palm with the smooth motions of his thumb. The blood red exterior satisfied him greatly, especially with the stark contrast against his black leather gloves, as well as the all dark colorless surroundings he was engulfed with. A pair of Nexus deep in slumber lying at his feet, one at each side of his throne. 

Soon after he had completed his training, Kylo had carried out the ultimate task of defeating his original mentor and manipulator Supreme Leader Snoke. Though it freed him of his mental prison forced on by Snoke, it did not eleviate his destined path. He was in far too deep to be anything but solely committed to the Dark side. Now he sat on the ominos black marble throne, rigid and harsh in its design, as Emperor. He was finally the highest ranking soul of power on the Dark side, after years of dedication and torment, he had come out on top. 

Relishing in the fear he scattered across the galaxy, Kylo took it upon himself to make even more alterations to the First Order and its presence. Taking his Emperial throne, Kylo decided that a palace visible to the public would not be smart for his widely scorned kingdoms preservation. Sending out patrol after patrol, he searched far and wide for a planet, similar to Starkiller, to settle his kingdom onto. Snubbing Hux’s efforts with the newly improved base, Kylo wanted something, something far more impressive for his Empire. Finally, after months of scouting around every system known to the galaxy they came upon an otherwise scarcely populated arctic planet to make their new abode. 

The rolling hills of snow covered rock were seemingly deserted, deathly silent aside from the howling winds, it was like a blank canvas. Though beneath the snowy white surface, within the rocky terrain of the planet laid expansive miles of caverns. Within these grey caverns, twisting and winding through the dark, Kylo built his Emperial abode. It not only kept him concealed and protected, it added to the eerie persona he had established for himself as well as his Empire. 

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To the Ends of the World [1/?]

A/N: It’s finally hereeee! This is the sequel to my S4 Canon-Divergence fic, Days of Future’s Past. There are a lot of dynamics and backstory within Days that carries into this story so I’d heavily advise you read it before this one, other wise you’ll spend most of the time scratching your head wondering who the characters are and why x is happening. For those who did read Days, welcome back to the universe! I have been dying to get back to this world and finish out our heroes’ story! Many thanks to my amazing beta @ive-always-been-a-pirate for giving this a look over! 

Banner made by the ever lovely @thesschesthair!

Six months after the events in Days of Future’s Past all is eerily calm for the heroes - until Maleficent finds a way to circumvent the prophecy that foretells her demise. Emma and Killian must now race against the clock to save one of their children from a fate worse than death while battling their own internal demons. With long held secrets revealed and love tested, can the Charmings and Jonses save one of their own and finally defeat Maleficent before she becomes an unstoppable evil?

Rated: M
Prologue - Ch 1


On the shores of a vast and still lake, beneath the canopy of stars that had bore witness to the creation of all realms, stood a lone figure.

She would have been considered a vision if any mortal had been there to witness her presence, her beauty unparalleled except for that of Aphrodite’s. Her features were soft with her skin glowing alabaster in the moonlight, her black hair cascading down her shoulders and a stark contrast to the white gown that hugged her form. For centuries Mankind had written poems and songs about her, weaving her name and title into their tales until she was nothing more than a legend in their world - a faceless and forgotten woman. But they would never know the true depth of her being. She had been a fixed point in the cosmos since the dawn of time, born from the raw magic of the world and placed as its guardian before Mankind had even winked into existence. Power that not even the Dark Ones would have been able to comprehend flowed through her veins and seeped into the very air around her.

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Tano and Kenobi: Curiosity

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Two years into a successful apprenticeship with Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi is filled with both excitement and anxiety at promise of his very first mission with his master. But before they jet off to Raxus on the Outer Rim, Obi-Wan needs to do some researching in the Jedi Archives.

First | Previous | Next | AO3

The sun had set by the time Ahsoka and Obi-Wan arrived back at the Jedi Temple, the five spires lit up as a beacon to one and all, the great seat of light and hope in the galaxy.

This was the home of the Jedi.

This was the heart of the Order.

Obi-Wan had exhausted his questions about their upcoming assignment and was trailing after Ahsoka, observing the people on the streets as they passed them. The Temple District was quieter than the Senate District but there was always something to see. Sentients from every corner of the galaxy could be found in the district, from academics and scholars who wanted to do research on the Jedi and their history to those who came seeking a chance to work within the Temple grounds to those who simply saw the Temple as a tourist spot, a place one simply had to see when they got a chance to visit Coruscant.

Security at the Temple during Ahsoka’s childhood had been far more rigorous than it was now. She was still surprised to see the occasional tour group put together by a senatorial friend of the High Council or a wide-eyed clutch of invited sentients following after whatever Jedi Master had been roped into giving the tour this time. Ahsoka had once tagged along with one of these groups during her first year back in the past, following Master Diaz and a crop of new senators from the Mid Rim through the halls as she tried to re-learn where everything was supposed to be.

“Master?” Obi-Wan’s voice broke into Ahsoka’s thoughts as they entered the Temple. “Master? I… may I confess something?”

They had just passed through the massive main entrance of the Temple, moving past the towering bronzium statues that represented great masters from the ancient days of the Order. Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan and nodded, gesturing for him to follow her over to a private corner.

Safely tucked away where no one could hear them, Ahsoka turned to her padawan. “What is it, Obi-Wan? Is something wrong?”

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A Queen and Her Kingdom - Ushijima Wakatoshi - Chapter 1

AN: I love Ushijima and he deserves the world, so here’s an AU !!!!!!!! Reader is female for the sake of consistency and ease. Please bear with me on this because I had to do some research, so things might be mixed up or inaccurate, especially because I know nothing about matriarchal society in these times.

Ok so as I was writing this, I realized that I didn’t want to rush the story, so now it’s looking like it’s going to be a multi-part series LOL because this first part took forever to write. So here’s part one! Cheers to my first multi-part fic! I’m so nervous!!!!


English Medieval Kingdom AU featuring RoyalGuard!Ushijima and (Sassy)Queen!Reader

CHAPTER 1: Meet Your Royal Guard

“I do not need a Royal Guard,” you stated, not looking up from your notes. You sat with your Cabinet in the Great Hall as they hosted an emergency roundtable after dinner, and the proposition of assigning you a Royal Guard was brought up. You scoffed at their request. “I can take care of myself. Is that not why I train with the Knights?”

“But Your Highness, you’re still in training!” Your thoughtful Lord Chamberlin, Ennoshita Chikara, chimed in. “What if a Kingdom were to invade and -”

“Then I will train harder.”

“With all do respect, that won’t be enough -”

“I will make it enough.”

“Your Highness,” your Lord Steward, Ukai Keishin, said sternly. You sighed, looking up at him as he folded his arms. As your Lord Steward, he was older and served when your brother had the throne, but since his passing and your inheritance, you did not trust anyone else to be appointed that position, and begged that he remain on your Cabinet. “We only want the best for you. Please consider this request seriously.”

“But -”

“We do not want to repeat the same mistake twice.”

Your Cabinet nodded in agreement and looked at you with a stern gaze. You pouted slightly, not willing to cave in.

“The Late King would have requested this, as well. I could not live with myself if anything happened to you, Your Highness,” Ukai bowed his head and you could hear the earning in his voive.

You sighed, rolling your eyes a little bit. “You always have to bring up my brother, huh?” you asked jokingly.

“You know he would have.”

“Fine. Please find me a Royal Guard. But these men better not be some sissies like our Knights.”

“Your Highness!” Ennoshita scolded.

“And that’s an order!”

You sat at your throne per request of Ukai, fidgeting with the leather flaps of your training uniform. You waited impatiently for Ukai, who had so rudely pulled you away from your activity for something that apparently could not have waited until afterwards.

The large, wooden doors swung open, and in came Ukai followed by six very tall men in shining armor. You stood up quickly, eager to meet the men who would deem to risk their lives for a Queen they had never met. Ukai and the six men stopped several feet in front of you.

“Your Highness,” Ukai spoke. “Meet your Royal Guard.”

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anonymous asked:

Please please do something with Hanzo going through almost a emperor's new groove style bride picking, a touch of the wedding, then the first night together as a finale?

T/N**Husband and Master are the same in japanese, the honoraries however will dictate a different relationship, Goshujin-Sama is more formal, Goshujin-Chan is more playful and lovey

“They all look alike, Genji!” He growled loudly as the women shook and winced at the dragon king of the Shimada family bellowed angrily.

“Brother, they are the most beautiful and lovely women in our ranks, fit for a prince.” He smirked as he eyed a few, their faces burning at the indirect compliments.

“I am no prince.” He growled, “I’ve earned my rank as commander, being eldest is just a perk. I don’t want a spoiled wench who has no idea what hard work is!” He yelled louder, “Bring me the servant girls tonight, all of those whom are presentable by age and have had an exam from the high doctor for being a wholesome female may be judged by me.” He growled simply as he stormed off, Genji sighing.

“Father won’t like this much, will he mochi?” He frowned to the little dragon that slept on his shoulder as he dismissed the girls, handing several his personal card.

You sighed softly as you spread your legs for the doctor who gave you a quick examination to ensure your virginity, ‘His pompous ass highness thinks marrying help like me will make him any better, it’ll bring shame upon his legacy and disgrace to my character to marry such an ass.’ you sighed as you thanked the doctor and pulled back on your robes. In the evening you sat among the only other girls qualified to wed Hanzo Shimada. As he walked in it was as if the air went cold, the master glaring at the pitiful selection as each of you bowed in unison.

“Okaeri Hanzo goshujin sama.” You would all say softly as he walked past each of you, commanding you one by one to stand.

“Her hands are soft, she must be lazy.” He sighed as he nodded to have her taken away, “Her hair is too short, she must be wild…” he continued until he finally came across you, your eyes slightly furrowed at his arrogance expecting his crude remarks before he simply nodded, Genji glancing up as if to say, ‘Are you sure’?

Hanzo nodded once more before walking off, the door closing quietly behind him.

“You are no longer a servant girl, but the future wife of the shimada head. You will bare his sons, and be loyal, this is not up for debate, we shall notify your family and compensate them for this honor.” Genji sighed before smiling and bowing, “Welcome to the family, onee-chan.” he smiled charmingly.

At dinner you and Hanzo sat alone, his face was surprisingly pink, perhaps it was the sake he drank like a child with a fizzy drink.


“H..Husband.” He blushed softly, “Use a playful honorary.”**

“Goshujin-Chan…I thank you for choosing me, but I ask why a servant girl with nothing but the silk on her back.”

“I easily bore of the elite…” He sighed, “Genji has no problem dating celebrities, daughters of gang elites, heiresses, the more stupid a bimbo the more he gets off…I felt I needed a woman who would challenge me, scold me, play with me…” He smiled, “I did not have a long time to choose, I put it off for so many years I’ve reached my deadline as a man.” He sighed, “So I picked the loveliest among he servants, someone I knew who would understand a struggle, know what it is to feel pain or go without yet maintain grace as a woman, and charm as a wife. Someone I would love to mother my child someday.” He said, it was so out of character you couldn’t help but blush and fall for him. Love at first sight is not something of this world, but impression, just maybe.

He spent two weeks courting you before the wedding, getting you accustom to his way of life, you showing him your old ways, it was somewhat of a bliss, something out of a fairy tail as he swept you off your feet.

“I do…” You bowed to your husband on that faithful day as he smiled and lifted your chin to kiss you softly, soft music playing in the background as Genji cheered loudly above the mundane applause of the stuffy aristocracy. Their mother couldn’t help but do the same as Hanzo for once in his life finally looked happy, and as the photographer snapped the picture of you two, Hanzo holding your face and you gazing at him lovingly it was the first any had ever captured Hanzo happy on camera.

The wedding night while beautiful and elegant had both of you in a dreamlike state, it was as if it flowed by like a feather in the breeze, bringing you two to the big moment. Consummating the union. Hanzo sat on the bed as you walked in, your face burning as you sat across from him, removing your robe gently to expose your breasts, his face burning as his eyes widened at the size, Kimonos weren’t the best to compliment figures and the slender size of your waist was often hidden by thick obi, you caught him completely by surprise as he felt himself throbbing, his eyes lidding into a gaze as he pulled you onto his lap to kiss you eagerly, your body melting against him as his tongue pressed against yours, his rock hard erection grinding against you with each growl as his brown eyes began to glow a soft blue, his tattoo doing the same as he leaned down, lips parting before biting down onto your neck roughly, newly exposed fangs digging in as you whimpered under him.

This was how all Shiimada women had to be marked, the male would bare his crest and his inner dragon would forever make her part of him so she could one day bare his sons to be future dragon. When he finished he leaned up to kiss you again, forcing the taste of your own blood against your lips as his feral instinct kicked in, pushing you into the bed as he tore apart your robes to kiss down your ample breasts, taking in a nipple to lick before panting against you with a hot breath.

“H..Hanzo…” You blushed as he kissed lower, your stomach covered in a thin trail from his tongue. “S..stop it’s embarrassing..” You panted as he spread your legs, inhaling your scent with a growl before leaning in to stroke his tongue against you eagerly, licking up and down with an eager groan while his hand began to jerk himself off until he could wait no longer. In an instant he was above you, pressing in without hesitation as your eyes teared up and your lip bled from biting down, he was too big and you were a virgin.

“Don’t cry…” He finally spoke as he kissed your cheek before wiping your tears. He almost looked demonic, horns protruding from his head and fangs from his mouth as he leaned down and continued to kiss you gently before thrusting in. The heat from your body causing him to groan with impatience before he finally lost it, holding you down and fucking you senseless, the expressions of being fucked silly on your face causing him to get more and more rough until he finally slammed in, releasing his seed deep inside you with a loud growl.

In the morning you awoke to the warmth of your husband’s chest and a pain between your legs as he slept angelically. You couldn’t help but kiss his cheek with a content sigh before looking down at the pink crest on your rib, you were a Shimada now, a pale white dragon etched into your skin with lotus blossoms decorating it’s body.

Several weeks later Genji and their mother smiled and peeked through the window as Hanzo lifted you happily to the news that you were carrying his child.

moves / pt.1

Request : https://kpoppsluff.tumblr.com/post/161030082779/hi-id-like-to-request-a-smut-of-pcy-of-exo-and

moves ; part 2

Originally posted by saintksoo

a/n; this will be in third POV

a/n; damn this is hella long so this will be a 2 parter sorry yall

a/n; I’m going to delete something about you and just make it all a one-shot so be on the look out for dat 

a/n; enough of talking! hope you babes enjoy <333

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You couldn’t stop your heart from racing as awaited your scores to come out. It was the last portion of your initiation, and for some reason, the grader was taking his sweet fucking time. It had been about a month since your first exam and you were speeding through the initiation in record timing, but you also had a job to do.

Hey. Jimin said behind you and you turned, looking away from the guy as he hunched over your exam in his office.

Hey, what are you doing here? You asked and Jimin lent you his arm, like he always did.

I’m getting you out of this building. The longer you stare at him, the more time he will take grading. Jimin murmured and you sighed heavily and took his arm. Walking out of the building, there was a park right next door that Jimin wandered over to, and the silence between the two of you was comfortable.

So you and Namjoon, are you guys going strong? He asked and you stopped. What? He turned to look at you with a sheepish grin. You didn’t think I could tell? He asked and you opened and closed your mouth.

I just thought we were good at hiding it. You replied and he rolled his eyes.

You were actually pretty good at hiding it, but Namjoon is like an open book. He doesn’t know how to shut up. Jimin replied and you sighed, shaking your head and giving him a small laugh. So I’m taking that as a yes? You two are good? He asked and you nodded.

We aren’t going public until I’m fully initiated. You told Jimin who nodded in agreement.

Okay. Well I’m happy for you guys. He said and you smiled at him.

Thanks. You murmured and continued to walk with him through the small area.

So have you heard anything more about your mom? He asked and you shook your head.

All I’ve heard is the rumors that dad wants to get involved. You said. News had gotten out to the entire Society that the president’s wife was being imprisoned by the government and obviously everyone was putting their two cents into it. Many believed that the president was waiting for the right moment to attack on the government, but with the suspicions so high against the Society, the president needed to wait before he could intervene. You hadn’t been able to talk to your father since passing your second part of initiation and Namjoon had kept you away from any electronics as a way to keep you from getting upset. It was difficult knowing that your mother had nothing to do with this and yet she was being punished, but Namjoon was constantly reassuring you that she would be fine, as long as you continued with your initiation.

Y/N? Jimin waved a hand in front of your face and you jumped a little. Looking at him expectantly, Jimin laughed. I got a text from Namjoon, your scores are ready. He murmured, you took a deep breath and nodded, as the two of you made your way back to the center. Walking in, you saw the entire group standing there and Namjoon in the middle with a large smile on his face. You didn’t even have time to look at your score before Tae ran over and hugged you.

YOU DID IT! He screamed and your jaw dropped. The nights of nonstop studying and tireless quizzes were over and you were now an initiate. Namjoon shook his head as Tae placed you down and walked up to you.

You did it. He said in a quieter voice than Tae did. You smiled up at him, his eyes gleaming with pride as he only looked at you. It was like a magnetic pull, bringing the two of you together. He brushed your hair out of your eyes and skimmed his thumb over your bottom lip, before covering your lips with his. It felt like you two were the only ones there, but as the two of you separated the rest of the group came into view.

HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?! Jin yelled as he pushed himself inbetween the two of you and looked at Namjoon. Oh my god, is that why you were helping her? You better have washed your sheets! He continued to scold the leader of the group, who was blushing and looking around the room.

Hyung, shut up! Namjoon responded through gritted teeth. Jungkook continued to look at where the two of you had kissed in shock, while Yoongi gave a passive look then went back to his phone.

I WILL NOT SHUT UP! Jin continued to yell as the group of you walked out of the center. You shook your head as you looked on at Namjoon who was trying to walk with you, but Jin was pulling the leader along. Jimin popped up next to you and smiled.

Happy now? He asked and offered you his arm. You took it and smiled.

Yes and no. You replied and Jimin gave you a confused look.

I am happy that I’m not hiding anything, but now I have to deal with the reality that my mom is in prison. You explained. Jimin looked on with sad eyes before there was a commotion around you.

Y/N! You heard your name coming from a car. Squinting your eyes at the darkened windows, you saw your father get out. The guys all bowed in unison as they looked on with surprise, but you stood tall.

Appa! You exclaimed and ran into his arms. It had been too long without him, but he held you firmly before pulling away from you.

Congratulations, my darling. I knew you could do it. He said and you smiled widely at him. Now. He started and his face became serious. I need to speak to you about some things. The guys will bring you to my home, there are some issues I need to inform you about. He explained and you nodded.

This could only be about one thing. You thought. Eomma.

A Queen and Her Kingdom - Ushijima Wakatoshi - Chapter 2

AN: ♡ Waaah idk about y’all, but I love RoyalGuard!Ushijima!!! ♡ So handsome and so blunt. Here’s Chapter 2! Introducing a new character in our Castle!


English Medieval Kingdom AU featuring RoyalGuard!Ushijima and (Sassy)Queen!Reader

CHAPTER 2: Meet Your Match

“Your Highness ~!” It was early in the morning and you heard your personal song bird open the doors to your chamber.

“No,” you declared, pulling the duvet over your head.

“I didn’t even say anything!”

“It is too early. And how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name, Hitoka?”

“Shimizu-sama scolds me if I don’t….”

“Speaking of, shouldn’t you be in the Apothecary with her?”

“She told me to bring you this! It is a special tea she brewed up for good health and prosperity. Please drink it carefully, Your Highness.”

“I swear she’s got magical powers, that Priestess. Thank you, Hitoka.”

“Of course!” Hitoka beemed. You patted a spot next to you on your large bed and she hopped on excitedly. “So the word around the Castle is your Royal Guard arrived last night. Is that true?” You nodded slowly as you took a sip of your tea. “Really!? What do they look like!?”

“They are very tall. And broad. They have broad shoulders.”

“That’s good, yes? That means they’re strong. What are they like?”

“They’re, uh…. Interesting.” Yachi looked at you for further details. “They follow me around all of the time. Even back to my chamber.”

“That’s part of their duty, yes?”

“Yes, but I can take care of myself around the Castle. I thought having a Royal Guard meant that they would only be escorting me outside of the Castle and throughout the Kingdom,” you sighed, taking in your last sip of tea. “I suppose I should prepare for the day.”

“What’s first on your agenda today?”

“Training with the Head of the Royal Guard.”

“Oh ~ What’s he like?”

“He followed me to the Gardens last night and snuck up on me like some snake!” You scoffed, unbuttoning your nightgown. You felt your cheeks blush as you replayed the scene through your mind. Sneaking up on you was one thing, but to call you beautiful right after? The nerve.

“I bet he learned his lesson!” Hitoka giggled, cleaning up the tea before assisting you with your attire for the day.

“Of course he did! He should know better not to sneak up on a Queen.”

You were in the midst of putting on the underlayer of your camisol when the door swung open unannounced.

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You’ll Be Back (Wonho x Reader) Fluff

Genre; Fluff
Word Count: 2,064

With the click of a button I was all ready and officially set to go to KCon once again this year. 

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Glory and Gore

Originally posted by gwencocos

Request: “ God, yes, I would LOVE to see a fanfic with Emperor Kylo Ren! :D How about a story in which the Reader is one of his Knights, and they fight and defeat a would-be assassin at his coronation in front of the First Order troops. That would be badass.”

Summary: As Kylo Ren is about to take his rightful crown, someone in the crowd has other plans. As the most wanted and feared man in the galaxy they try to take him out. Lucky for him, he has a knight in black armor who proves her loyalty above all the others and saves him from his near death.

A/N: The GIF was too tempting to not use for this LOL. Seriously thank you to whoever requested this! I love the idea, and love kick-ass reader! Hope you all enjoy! Requests are OPEN

To say the First Order was abuzz today, would be an understatement. It was a big day for everyone, as the new Emperor was soon to be crowned. Though it was the evening before, the bustle of those in the kingdom seemed as though it were only an hour before. Storm troopers were quickly rehearsing their steps, polishing their armor. Maids were frantically scurrying from one place to another trying to assure the entirety of the palace was sparkling clean. Chefs slaved away in the kitchens prep cooking anything that could be stored for the masses. The generals were briefing the list of attendee’s after their official meetings, discussing who would have an eye kept on them and who would receive the highest respect from the Order. 

You however were in a different sort of crowd; the Knights of Ren. Of course you had a role in the coronation, but you would not be seen busing tables or dusting curtains. Your servitude was reserved solely for the leader of your group, and who would now be referred to as Emperor Kylo Ren. Your entire career was built around him, protecting him, learning from him, training with him, fighting beside him. You surely wouldn’t be far behind your master at this ceremony. 

In front of the ornate black marble throne, you stood with your fellow knights, all intently listening to your master. 

“As my most loyal companions, I will have you all by my side at this ceremony. I expect you to all be in your formal armor. Most importantly however, I expect you to keep a cautious eye out for those around us. There’s many enemies to our new empire. Ones who do not understand what we’re trying to achieve.”

You all silently nodded. Though you were all proud of your leader for his accomplishment, you knew what this day meant. Surely it was a celebration for your Empire, but also a massive calling to your enemies. It made him an open target for the public. Anyone who resisted your vision of what the galaxy should be would see this as nothing but an opportunity to destroy your shared vision for the galaxy. That meant taking Kylo with it. Though you were all used to seeing carnage, you were sure none of you were prepared to see your master killed in front of you, or any of each other. The Knights of Ren were not only defingly loyal to the Emperor, but loyal to each other as well. It was a dark, strong and dysfunctional family that you were proud to call your own.

“I know you will all be exceedingly diligent in keeping our Empire unharmed.”

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When You Arrive

When you arrive
The earth will feel lighter

It was something we all carried
Even the animals
Would know

Even the rivers
Would wind in circles
Reflecting the infinite union of two arcs
And the fish would flourish

When you arrive
The grasses in the meadow
Will bow in unison
As the wind delivers news

Across the land
Trees will remember their place

As we remember ours
And why

We are so deeply rooted within this earth
The soil knows
It will deliver our flesh

As it delivered our mothers
Who delivered our own

When you arrive
All the mothers will know
Where the core of them lay

All will believe the quiet magic
That births in dark places

All will see they do not need their eyes
All will be a brilliant brightness

The sun always knew
Of you

That time doesn’t take the burning
The flesh
Not the love

The sun has known
Each life coming closer
Coming back

We see a circle
The sun
It sees us spin a ring around

A rose will bloom
Toward the light

It will reflect a beauty
So intricate

The earth will marvel
On creation
When you arrive

Everything will be born
And all the holy water
Given to the cup

Of our hands