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Heya, I totally dig your new merchandise :D Do you think it would be possible to get mens tank tops or unisex tank tops?

Ahh yes, I’ve been trying to get them set up, the bloody website just isn’t co-operating and keeps glitching when I try.:’) They’ll be up shortly, as soon as I can get it to work!


New! FULL PRINT front and back side, unisex tank top with 36 lovebirds from 3 species (black masked, peach-faced and fischer)! <3 The material is 100% spun polyester shirts for a look and feel of cotton. Superior sweat wicking. Custom designs printed in vibrant prints that will not crack, peel, or flake. You can customize the t-shirt colors (18 color choices!) Plus, we have 10% discount code till Saturday!! Perfect wear for this summer! Buy it here! Please share this with lovebird parents you know. Thanks! :D

Awesome *Patriot* PUG unisex tank tops from @RighteousHound — offered in multiple colors and styles. - ☆☆☆ Shop righteoushound.com and choose from 50+ dog breeds - 10% of proceeds to rescues and shelters. Made in USA. Shipping worldwide. ☆☆☆ -

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The link to their store is in their profile: ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
@RighteousHound http://ift.tt/1BTqx8o

So I’m picky…
Some days I like to wear dresses and put on makeup and do my hair.
Some days (most days) I just wear a t-shirt and gym shorts and put my hair in a ponytail.
Today, my mother bought me a swimsuit made for boys because it made me feel more comfortable and confident than a bikini does. She also bought me this tank top made for boys because it made me feel better about my broad shoulders and flat chest (plus it’s rad).
Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t wear bikinis and flaunt my body when I want to. But right now I’m not comfortable doing that and my mother was understanding and helped me.

I was really scared to ask her to buy me these things because she loves it when I wear dresses and makeup, but once I explained that I wasn’t comfortable with my body…she immediately understood and offered to look for more clothes like this until I felt better about my physique.

“Bat Hero 6” by @fernandosalasoler is available till 7/6 at OnceUponaTee.net starting at only $12! Available in big and tall sizes, soft fitted tees, unisex tanks, kids tees, hoodies, phone cases, and coaster sets!