Happy Sunday: What are You Doing?

Hello all! On the To-Do-List for the day, I am doing my daughter’s laundry and making treasuries on Etsy. I am also going to get some crocheting in, but my ac isn’t working properly right now. The thought of touching yarn, especially wool yarn, doesn’t sound too appealing right now. I am very hot. I guess I will put the fan in the window and see if that works any.

My projects for the day: Unisex scarf, dark leaf color. Very soft acrylic yarn.

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Vintage 70s Square Geometric Brown-Orange-White-Turquoise Neckerchief, Shawl Scarf Geometric Print wrap, Retro scarf, Mod Vintage Neckwarmer
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Vintage 70s Square Geometric Brown-Orange-White-Turquoise Neckerchief, Shawl Scarf, Geometric Print wrap, Retro scarf, Mod Vintage, Neckwarmer, 1970s accessory, Striped scarf, Head wrap, Mod geometric scarf, Lightweight Scarf, 70s Brown, Spring scarf, Ladies scarf, Summer scarves, Two sided scarf, #187.

Vintage Geometric design two sided scarf.
No material information.
*Note: a small sticker mark on one corner (see photo 5). Other wise- In an excellent condition!

Dimensions: 30.3"X30.3" (77X77 cm).
(All above measurements are approximate)

Materials: brown, orange, Turquoise, two sided, Neckerchief, print scarf, Lightweight Scarf, Geometric, Square scarf, 1970s accessory, Mod Vintage, Retro scarf

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