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Little things you can do to feel better if you are trans and you can’t really transition right now

For guys

  • Baseball caps? Those are good.
  • Short haircuts. If anyone questions, say it’s for convenience.
  • For your neck: fang pendants (very badass). Or a dapper lil bowtie.
  • Big ass stompy boots.
  • Those cool belt buckles. You can get a basic one or something with a cool design (like a dragon!).
  • Don’t shave. Let your body hair grow. Unless you feel uncomfortable.
  • Buy some spicy-smelling perfumes or other cosmetics. Or if there is something that says “Forest” on it, this one is also good.
  • If you can, try some weightlifting. It will make your muscles better and release some of that sweet sweet testosterone. But remember, fat and skinny men are also very handsome, so if you can’t, don’t sweat it.
  • Eat plenty of protein for a testosterone boost. Also, zinc from seafood - like shrimp and salmon especially - will help that chemical magic. Leafy greens, pomegranate, coconuts, garlic also help. Watch out for soy and tofu! They raise estrogen. And raisins are great, but dried apricots are not.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% man (unless you are a demiguy/bigender, then you are 50% man or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a dude, that’s still very good and valid).

For gals

  • Kitten ear beanies are so pure and good (just like you).
  • Let your hair grow to a nice length. If anyone questions, say you found a new style.
  • For your neck: simple crystal pendants (very pretty). 
  • Crystal bracelets!
  • Lil ballet flats.
  • Shaving can make you feel a whole lot better. Remember - some cis girls also have to shave!
  • Just a little bit of lip balm goes a long way. Oh! And clear nail polish!
  • Sweet-smelling cosmetics are your best friend. You can probably get on eBay or in your local store a nice bottle of vanilla body mist.
  • Google some exercises for a bigger butt, if you want to try it. If you can’t, remeber less-curvy women are also beautiful.
  • Eat plenty of soy, flaxseed, sesame seed, dried apricots… I know that those give you a bit of extra estrogen. Apparently coffee can also do it? Getting estrogen from diet is harder. Just eat a lot of tasty fresh food. Remember to treat yourself.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% woman (unless you are a demigirl/bigender, then you are 50% woman or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a lady, that’s still very good and valid).

For nonbinary pals

  • Simple beanies.
  • Google “androgynous/unisex hairstyles”. Look how many cool options you have! You might tweak one to your needs, like make it longer, or shorter, or add some cool hair dye…
  • For your neck: scarves. They come in many colors and patterns, cover up your neck so you don’t get cold, also you can hide your neck bump or lack thereof.
  • Friendship bracelets!
  • Trainer shoes.
  • Baggy hoodies are really nice.
  • You can shave and don’t wear makeup. Or rock the beard and eyeshadow look. Or really, anything else.
  • Cosmetics? Citrus and lavender are considered unisex scents. You can also wikiHow to Make Perfume and mix some scents you like at home.
  • Exercise, if you are healthy enough to do it, is good. Try running and yoga. Remember, media sells us the myth that androgyny=thinness, but it’s bullcrap. Fat, curvy, muscular people can all be nonbinary and/or androgynous.
  • You can look up the guys and gals sections too. Maybe you will find something that helps you.
  • Remember that your identity is 100% valid and true, no matter what. Yes, any kind of identity. No matter if it’s a neutral void or a mix of everything, no matter if it’s stable or changes. It’s valid because you are valid.
Got7 giving gifts
  • Mark: Buys something ridiculously expensive, acts like it's no big deal even though it's clearly very expensive, shrugs when interrogated about the cost
  • Jaebum: Two words: gift card
  • Jackson: Buys something ridiculously expensive, tells the recipient how much it cost, and brings it up in conversation for years to come
  • Jinyoung: Gives a moderately priced gift that the recipient didn't even know they wanted until it's in front of them but suddenly they can't live without
  • Youngjae: Gives something homemade that's cute but that no one will ever actually use (it's the thought that counts?)
  • Bambam: Buys an expensive but generic gift, like unisex cologne or scented candles, and claims he bought it with the recipient in mind (he didn't, he has a stash of presents for gift-giving occasions, but they'll love it anyway because he has impeccable taste)
  • Yugyeom: Asks the recipient what they want, buys it for them, and wraps it in newspaper comics because he forgot to get wrapping paper

White Lilac + Aloe Soap - back in stock!

Is a handmade, cold process soap with moisturizing organic aloe vera extract for gentleness. Feels like a refreshing splash on your skin! Scented with a clean and fresh aroma. Formulated for men and women of all skin types.

Dragon Age Inspired Perfumes - coming soon!

The first three will be scents inspired by Dragon Age Solas…because Solavellan Hell is inescapable. Each scent ties to the other to tell a story but each is distinctly different.

Solas - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Campfire smoke and cedar wood surround him from tending the fire on long nights traveling with the Inquisition. His books and his armor smell of aged, worn leather. Fragrant cloves with a hint of cinnamon mixed with wisps of amber and earthy moss cling to him from sleeping in the ruins of Thedas, imagining ancient worlds as dreamers of the fade do. The faint wisps of earthy chocolate and black tea swirl about him, luring in admirers who are drawn in by his mysterious stoicism and sharp wit, who may find warmth and sadness in his kiss.

Fen'Harel - This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine. Fen'Harel is based on a deep, earthy chocolate and sensual amber base with the sweet smokiness of vanilla tobacco and warmth of worn leather. Cedar & dogwood trees lend an elegant yet sharp contrast to the bold spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Adding to the dark mysteriousness of this fallen Evanuris are hints of sweet, spiced mocha mingling with bitter, dark chocolate. Fen'Harel is sexy, confident and bold.

Dread Wolf - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Travel the Dinan’shiral with Fen’Harel as the Dread Wolf through dark, moss-covered mysterious woods and abandoned elven ruins. Traces of faded shrine offerings to the fallen Elven God of Rebellion, delicate white flowers and tobacco incense, lie beneath the tingling electrical tendrils of the fade that cling to his ethereal form. Rich notes of dark chocolate and whispers of smoke are reminders of the man he was and serve as stark reminders of better days and those he has left behind.

Stay tuned!


etsyfindoftheday | beautiful beauty gifts | 2.1.17

roll-on perfume scents by ripeshop

it’s february, followers!! we made it to month two … woot :) let’s kick things off with some sweet beauty-themed finds that would be GREAT for valentine’s day! ripeshop’s roll-on perfumes come in unique, special scents that make wonderfully thoughtful presents. and, as always, LOVE the product photography.

Midnight Cinderella Suitor’s Fashions

@aquisces-arts wanted to see what the suitors would look like in modern clothes, so I did my best conceptualizing what each would wear and why.

Let’s start with King Byron:

Byron dresses very monochromatically– wearing different shades of black head to toe, and choosing gold accents that catch the light. 

If you look at his hair, you can see that his wisps are very controlled. Even his cowlick is styled neatly. He would probably use a light pomade. The details on the jeans give texture without distraction, like his black casual shirt in the game. 

The gold zipper on the knees also satisfies his love of gold hardware. If you notice, Byron does not wear jewelry aside from his earring, which he shares with Nico, so I think a planetary key chain would be a good choice for him, as it combines his star-gazing hobby with an outlet for an accessory.

Of course, a Rolex is a must, and I think he would always give himself a chaste spritz of cologne before stepping out of the door. This scent is unisex and has a dry-down that smells of vanilla, woods and leather.

I don’t think he would shy away from stylish shoes– he may even be a subtle trend-setter. Because Byron can hold his liquor with the best of them, and because he doesn’t tend to let himself get too casual out in the open, I thought martini glass novelty socks would be a fun twist. It would be his own little secret. While it may not be that wild of a thing for the rest of us, considering Byron’s aloof personality, he may feel that it really is daring indeed.

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My two new scents from Rybration Creations are now available, Oasis and Lodge. Each soy candle, hand poured by me, lasts about 50 hours and comes in a hand painted 8oz tin. I have balanced the oil/wax ratio perfectly and they really fill up the room with their cold and hot throws. They are painted with the most matte black paint available.

If you want a fresh, crisp, hypnotizing scent of a mystical ocean world then go for Oasis. However, if you’re looking for a more sensual, intimate affair then go for Lodge. You can’t go wrong with either. Both scents are unisex but more on the masculine end of the spectrum. Very delicious. Like, very.

Purchase here:



Fragrances that go both ways.

When it comes to fragrance, some of us prefer scents that aren’t overly feminine or masculine. We picked five that feel modern and palatable to all—no gender labels necessary. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Calvin Klein CK2

Back in the ’90s, Calvin Klein made a splash with ck one. They’re back at it with this contemporary twist—balancing woody and fresh notes, and housed in a bottle with a futuristic feel.

CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud

This luxurious, woody musk from a brand known for its sustainable and eco-friendly outlook taps into the intrinsic human desire to get back to nature and discover our truest selves.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

An energizing combination of blood orange, jasmine, and sandalwood notes evoke maybe the most perfect morning ever: an alfresco breakfast at sunrise with a beautiful ocean view.


Inspired by a free-flowing night in an underground Brooklyn jazz club, this intoxicating scent’s vanilla and tobacco leaf notes exude a warm, boozy, bebop energy.

TOM FORD Neroli Portofino

With notes of citrus, floral, and amber, get instantly transported to the Italian Riviera. Seriously, this sparkling scent makes you feel like a movie star.



Dragon Age’s Solas inspired “Fen’Harel” body butter has been restocked and is ready for immediate purchase! 

The matching perfume oil is also available in several sizes. I’ve had nothing but 5 star reviews on Fen’Harel so far and they went fast last time! Get them while you can!

Fen’Harel’s scent is based on a deep, earthy chocolate and sensual amber base with the rich smokiness of vanilla tobacco and worn leather. Cedar & dogwood trees lend a sharp and woodsy contrast to the warm and earthy spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Hints of sweet, spiced mocha mingle with bitter dark chocolate on a base of organic cocoa butter.

This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine, but is wearable by a woman, with deep currents of rich artisan chocolate, woods, and spices. 

Fragrance Review: Lips Like Morphine

by @sirensongelixirs

Available to buy here

Final verdict: thumbs-up

When I sniffed this in the bottle, my first impression was that it was very masculine. A nice scent, but maybe not for me (I tend to prefer solidly unisex or feminine scents). But as always, I had to try it on for a full day before deciding, and I’m glad I did.

The initial punch of scent was very patchouli on me. I’m not a huge fan of ‘incense’ smells (which is why I started to move away from BPAL - they often have a heavy hand with the incense and musks). But that quickly mellowed out into a very complex scent that’s hard to describe. The patchouli and what I’m guessing is a mix of the bergamot and cinnamon hit you first, a spicy punch. Then after that, you get this bloom of sharp florals boosted by the sweetness of amber, with the amber lingering afterward. Masculine in the start, but fading to something more dangerously feminine in the finish. 

It’s a very complex scent that kept me going back for more, and I’m sure I confused a few coworkers by smelling my wrist all day. The longer I wore it, the more I liked it. This is a definite keeper.

Next up: Dracula

Dragon Age Candle pre-orders happening now!

I’m getting back into crafting so offering exclusively to you all before it hits my etsy shop: dragon age candles! ∠( ᐛ 」∠) They are perfect for you or for gift giving, and will come in beautiful silver 6oz candle tins. Here are the descriptions for the first round of scents:

Unlock your inner elf with woodsy oakmoss, musky amber and herbaceous fern, finished off with an undertone of clean and crisp lime. A very unisex smell!

A scent inspired by Elvhen love interests. A spicy and deep blend of cedar, black pepper, and a touch of patchouli. Undertones of vanilla, gardenia and citrus balance this complex and beautiful candle. A very unisex smell!

Inspired by Vivienne, this candle exudes high class and elegance. Sweet pear and sensual freesia compliment the undertones of rose and amber to create this luxurious blend. A feminine smell!

Unleash your inner boss ass romantic. Rosewood, citrus and vanilla combine to create a lovely scent that pairs well with its lavender undertones. A very unisex smell!

Special pre-order price of $10. Message me here or email me at rightinthevhenan[@]gmail[.]com to reserve your candle! Limited supply. Reblogs are appreciated to spread the word for those who might be looking for a gift or something for themselves!


Get to know our four favorite under-the-radar perfume brands.

Admit it: While you love your classic fragrances, sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little more original. It’s like your perfect pair of blue jeans—they go with everything and always look great, but don’t feel quite as special as that one piece of indie jewelry that your best friend says is “so you” every time you wear it. Your fragrance wardrobe is the same deal. Sometimes, you just want to wear a scent that matches your unique personality. Below, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the coolest niche perfumes you’ll want to add to your fragrance wardrobe, stat. KELLEY HOFFMAN

The brand’s Cologne Absolue family delivers unisex scents inspired by storytelling. You’ll wear these fragrances like your pieces of clothing with the most memorable attachments—think a boyfriend’s cashmere sweater or the leather gloves given to you by your first boss.

Inspired by glamorous female icons of bygone eras, these perfumes conjure modern elegance with a romantic eye towards the past. You’ll don these scents like a vintage cocktail dress or an estate sale ring.

These luxurious and sophisticated fragrances are the scent version of botanical art. You’ll wear these evocative, statement perfumes like you would a floral print or a sculptural necklace.

Daring and edgy, these alluring scents will take you to a sensorial place on the brink of the fantastical. You’ll rock these fragrances like your finest lingerie or highest stiletto heels.


A friend brought this back and holy crap it actually smells good for an inexpensive anime tie-in perfume. And it legit smells like it could be a men’s scent! (Unisex at first, but drying down more to a “men’s fragrance” scent on me)

(One of my complaints with the KnB tie-in perfumes was it smells too much like “women’s perfume”, despite supposedly representing male characters.)

Now I want a Chuya perfume!!! >_


Big news, everyone! Almost all of our scents are now available in roll-on form!

We have also brought back the ever-popular Halloween Exclusive scents from last year: The Black Flame Candle and Halloween Town.

It’s also worth nothing that even though we call the roll-on scents “perfumes” many of them are perfectly suitable for any gender! We’ve gotten lots of messages over the last year from guys (and ladies shopping for brothers/dads/boyfriends) asking which scents specifically are dude friendly, so we’ve now added an easy way to find them! Just search “for men” or “unisex” in our shop to see all of the perfumes that will be great for guys! [or just click here.]

The last bit of big news is our October special on perfume samples! We want everyone to be able to try all of the new scents we’ve added to the shop so for this month only perfume samples are 5 for $5 instead of the usual 3 for $5. Even if perfume isn’t really your thing, this is a great and economical way to try out scents before committing to a candle!

You can find detailed descriptions of each scent in the appropriate listing here but here’s a mini-rundown on a few of the scents we’re most excited about!

Golden Snitch:  Salty air and ozone combine with poppy, red cedar, grey smoke, and spices to create an alluring and bright interpretation of the Snitch. Grab one now and score your team 150 points!
Amortentia:  Fall in love every time you wear this intoxicating blend of cherry blossoms, peach, and lilac. Perfect for all Harry Potter fans!
Chocolate Frog:  This Chocolate Frog isn’t just pure chocolate – we mixed in the delicate floral notes of jasmine and orchid with a hint of raspberry, citrus, and amber to create a scent that isn’t overly sweet or cloying.
Dragon Flame:  Bathe yourself in the fire of dragons with Dragon Flame: an intoxicating blend of amber, lavender, and vanilla tonka. Not your average lavender scent; he amber and myrrh bring out a darker, spicier side that is suited for men, women, and dragons alike.
Red Shirt:  Now you can have the Redshirt experience at home without having to die! A warm and comforting blend of honey and leather, this is a great unisex scent for all Trek lovers.

We still have one more Halloween themed surprise up our sleeves that will be announced in the next day or so, but in the meantime be sure to check out our shop to see all of the new scents we’ve already added.

anonymous asked:

As a fandom, we seem very confident in knowing which perfumes Harry likes. Can someone tell me how we acquired such confidence?

Anon you are so right. Where does this confidence come from? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just making wild assumptions like “oh he probs loves Tom Ford scents bc they’re exclusive and expensive AF” and just guessing that Harry might also like a musky yet lite unisex scent from, say, Creed. But like I said, pure conjecture.

Because I am on mobile I’m a little limited in my resources BUT I do know that Harry mentions Alien specifically in an interview. He also mentions the kind of scents he likes (I believe) in the press day they did for “Between Us” last year. again if anyone out there has links to the actual evidence that’d be great! Xxoo, Cassie


Take a break from hair breakage with this new line.

You know those pesky places where your hair seems weakest? We’re talking about that stripe where your colored roots meet your grown-out hair, or that dent where you put your hair tie in for your ponytail. Did you know there’s a name for those places? They’re called breakage “hot spots”—and either you have no idea what we’re talking about (probably because you don’t color or excessively style your hair) or, let’s get real, they’re the bane of your mane’s existence. The truth is, in order to have fun with your look and play around with styles, you need to have a foundation of strong, resilient hair. Bumble and bumble has zeroed in on this concept with their new Full Potential line—and below, we give you all the details in the five Ws. KELLEY HOFFMAN


People who are prone to thinning or breakage, or who just want fuller hair in general.


A Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo, Conditioner, and Booster Spray infused with Bumble and bumble’s unique Hair Preserve Blend—which is basically a liquid bandage for your strands. Has a lovely unisex scent with notes of leather and sandalwood.


The Hair Preserve Blend begins working at the scalp to exfoliate, take away sebum, and give strands a clean environment to live. At the hair, it reinforces it to make it stronger, seals in moisture, and helps protect against UV damage.


For best results, use the entire line daily.


You’ll get healthier hair that you can create all kinds of ’dos with without any worrying about breakage.


Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin

Chapters: 1 of 4
Rating: Explicit (later)
Warnings: pining, slight angst, sexual content, swearing, A/B/O dynamics
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Summary: The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.

Cross-posted to AO3

He must have done something bad in his past life—maybe he was a thief or an Alpha supremacist or something—because sixteen-year-old, brushes-his-teeth-with-two-toothbrushes Jungkook presents as an alpha. He returns from his vacation taller, broader, and surrounded by a thick cloud of alpha pheromones and the hyungs slap him on the back, grinning and cooing, “our cute little Jungkookie grew up.” Jimin forces himself to join them, pulls himself off of the couch in order to congratulate Jungkook but it’s a slap in the face to Jimin who has only ever seen Jungkook as his “little Jungkookie,” when Jimin has turned eighteen and still didn’t pop his knot yet. He’s seen the speculations all over the fancafe—Armys threw their money in the cash pool betting on the outcome, some even going as far as to dig up the genetic tree and draw outrageously inaccurate Punnett squares that clearly confirm that Jimin was indeed homozygous recessive for the Alpha trait. They really only got the “homo” part right.

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Like so many more traditional designers, Kawakubo has branched out with fragrance and marketing deals. Of course, even in these realms she continues to challenge consumers. A unisex scent called Odeur 53 made news when it was introduced in 1998 as an “anti-perfume” that combined 53 notes, including nail polish and burned rubber.