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roll-on perfume scents by ripeshop

it’s february, followers!! we made it to month two … woot :) let’s kick things off with some sweet beauty-themed finds that would be GREAT for valentine’s day! ripeshop’s roll-on perfumes come in unique, special scents that make wonderfully thoughtful presents. and, as always, LOVE the product photography.

Dragon Age Inspired Perfumes - coming soon!

The first three will be scents inspired by Dragon Age Solas…because Solavellan Hell is inescapable. Each scent ties to the other to tell a story but each is distinctly different.

Solas - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Campfire smoke and cedar wood surround him from tending the fire on long nights traveling with the Inquisition. His books and his armor smell of aged, worn leather. Fragrant cloves with a hint of cinnamon mixed with wisps of amber and earthy moss cling to him from sleeping in the ruins of Thedas, imagining ancient worlds as dreamers of the fade do. The faint wisps of earthy chocolate and black tea swirl about him, luring in admirers who are drawn in by his mysterious stoicism and sharp wit, who may find warmth and sadness in his kiss.

Fen'Harel - This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine. Fen'Harel is based on a deep, earthy chocolate and sensual amber base with the sweet smokiness of vanilla tobacco and warmth of worn leather. Cedar & dogwood trees lend an elegant yet sharp contrast to the bold spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Adding to the dark mysteriousness of this fallen Evanuris are hints of sweet, spiced mocha mingling with bitter, dark chocolate. Fen'Harel is sexy, confident and bold.

Dread Wolf - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Travel the Dinan’shiral with Fen’Harel as the Dread Wolf through dark, moss-covered mysterious woods and abandoned elven ruins. Traces of faded shrine offerings to the fallen Elven God of Rebellion, delicate white flowers and tobacco incense, lie beneath the tingling electrical tendrils of the fade that cling to his ethereal form. Rich notes of dark chocolate and whispers of smoke are reminders of the man he was and serve as stark reminders of better days and those he has left behind.

Stay tuned!


Introducing pre-orders for the first (of hopefully an expanded line) of shower gel!

“Lyrium Potion” is a hand blended shimmery blue phthalate free shower gel. Salty sea mist, sea glass, and driftwood combine to make a great unisex scent. Available in two sizes!

Lyrium Potion instantly restores (100 + 0.5 * SP) mana or 30 points of magic.

Check it out here:


Dragon Age’s Solas inspired “Fen’Harel” body butter has been restocked and is ready for immediate purchase! 

The matching perfume oil is also available in several sizes. I’ve had nothing but 5 star reviews on Fen’Harel so far and they went fast last time! Get them while you can!

Fen’Harel’s scent is based on a deep, earthy chocolate and sensual amber base with the rich smokiness of vanilla tobacco and worn leather. Cedar & dogwood trees lend a sharp and woodsy contrast to the warm and earthy spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Hints of sweet, spiced mocha mingle with bitter dark chocolate on a base of organic cocoa butter.

This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine, but is wearable by a woman, with deep currents of rich artisan chocolate, woods, and spices. 

A friend brought this back and holy crap it actually smells good for an inexpensive anime tie-in perfume. And it legit smells like it could be a men’s scent! (Unisex at first, but drying down more to a “men’s fragrance” scent on me)

(One of my complaints with the KnB tie-in perfumes was it smells too much like “women’s perfume”, despite supposedly representing male characters.)

Now I want a Chuya perfume!!! >_


A handful of bath bombs and bubble bars are up in the shop! We have a few more ready to be listed (including the brand new scent Lon Lon Ranch) but we were having troubles with our lighting so we don’t have pictures for the listings just yet.

Also coming to the shop are four brand new scents! They’ll be available in candle, tart, and perfume form! Individual candle listings aren’t up right now but  all four scents are available in any bundle deal.  

A rich ozone scent with hints of jasmine and ylang ylang entwined with rich green citrus. Like breathing in a thick fog, this is a perfect unisex scent for all fans of Allomancy.

Dothraki Sea:
A green yet slightly earthy scent of sweetgrass will transport you straight to the grasslands of Essos.

The mercantile capital of Discworld, Ankh-morpork is what a busy spice market might smell like. Bamboo, vanilla orchid, myrrh, tangerine, patchouli, and clove leaf make for an exotic, masculine scent.

Lon Lon Ranch:
A soft blend of oatmeal, milk, and honey that is as delicious as a fresh glass of Lon Lon milk.

anonymous asked:

I know this isn't makeup related but could you suggest some summer fragrances? I've suddenly realized I have no perfume suitable for extremely hot days where I just want to feel fresh....

Sure babe!

When it’s 95 degrees out wearing something too musky, sweet or woody can turn a bit sour… look out for citrus and fresh scents, even masculine unisex scents! I’m not against wearing men’s/unisex scents, they can be super fresh and easy to wear.. think Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, summer fan favorite for men and women.

Maison Margiela Replica Perfumes. These perfumes are very fresh and light, easy to wear summer perfumes. Their Beach Walk perfume is now a summer favorite that captures the scent of the oceanside while their Sunday Morning perfume embodies clean linen and overall freshness. Both will freshen up a warm day. Other great light scents from them are Tea Escape and Flower Market. Plus their bottles are sort of everything. Available at Sephora.

Jo Malone Colognes. This is a great perfume brand for very simple, fresh scents. They typically only have a few notes and never smell synthetic. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a typical summer favorite and smells like the ocean air. My personal summer favorite is Nectarine & Honey Blossom because it smells like a ripe nectarine at the farmers market. Other scents like Peony & Blush Suede, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Orange Blossom, White Jasmine & Mint are all very chic, fresh scents. Available at Nordstrom.

Other fresh summer scents include Elizabeth & James Nirvana White which is to me smells like white if the color could have a scent, fresh and crisp and sophisticated. Marc Jacob’s Daisy which comes in a few different variations and you can normally find it discounted online, smells very youthful, innocent, fresh and floral. If you wan’t something with more of a citrus note try something like Nest Citrine or Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil.