unisex nursery


Nursery is finished! these pics don’t do it the best justice but I was getting impatient to wait for perfect lighting and was having a hard time getting good angles because my body was being mean.

But the decor is all up! Minus the interior curtains my mom still has to make but should be done soon (they are going to be a blue/silver and look perfect with the fairy posters night sky look).

I’m SO happy with the way everything came out. My best friend ethanoille is going to take some professional pictures of the nursery that actually do it justice, lol. I put too much effort in just for some crappy cellphone pics!

I love my nursery!

Serum Ending

Here it is, guys! The 3rd part to my “Serum” series. This is going to be rather long despite the content it will have inside. So, expect to read for just a little bit. This includes all the little things Bucky and the reader would find out, then all the way to the end. If you’d like this series to carry forward, feel free to shoot me an ask, or just reply back on the post and I’ll surely see it. Also, read Serum Heartbreak and Serum Happiness to obtain a feel of everything!


ok there’s more Bucky gifs bc I needed more and iDK I CRY O K A Y

(check out Masterlist for Part’s 1 & 2 of Serum series)

Warnings: None (I don’t believe)

Sorry for misspellings. This took me a total of 2 hours to write. Why? Because I kept correcting and wanted to make it cute and add little moments and I just… I love Bucky, ok? 

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- Carrying on after Serum Happiness - 

- 10 Weeks Into Pregnancy -

“Mrs. Barnes, you do understand the consequences you’re about to face, correct?” The doctor looked between you and Bucky. “This is truly a shock that you actually became pregnant. However, your life and this baby’s may be on the line.” You looked over at Bucky who had his hand intertwined with yours, fingers locked together. “It’s a chance we’re willing to take.” You argued back. You knew sooner or later she would maybe suggest terminating the pregnancy early, but you and Bucky both talked over and agreed that you’d go through with it, no matter what the risks may be.

“You two are very brave. Just know, this baby may die with Bucky’s serum outside the womb.” She sighed, pulling up the sonogram pictures. She gave them over to you and you took them, a big smile spreading across your face. Bucky and you shared a warm smile. Leaving the OBGYN, you two arrived at the car and got in.

“We’ll get through this together. I believe we’ll have a healthy baby no matter what.” Bucky assured you. He leaned over and pecked your lips. You kissed back, nodding your head in agreement. “I do too.” You giggled, placing a hand over your stomach.

- 3 Months Later -

“Bucky!” You screamed from where you sat on the couch. Seconds later, he raced into the room, his hair all over the place. His mouth fell agape while he stared at you. “Are you hurt?! Is the baby okay?!” He cried out, aiding your side. You shook your head. “No, the baby and I are fine.” You smiled widely. His eyes widened at your sudden grin.

“Why scream for me like that? I seriously thought something was wrong with you.” He gasped for air, placing a hand on his chest. You giggled and took his right hand and pressed it against your stomach. You waited there for a few moments before the sudden flutter happened again. His blue orbs widened at the movement.

“Oh my God, is the baby kicking?” He mumbled, a smile finding its way onto his face. You nodded, biting down on your lip. “I felt it a minute ago and wanted you to feel.” You giggled quietly, laying your hand over his. The two of you shared a loving glance as Bucky shook his head. “I’m not so mad at you anymore for screaming.” He laughed. 

“What do you think it is?” You questioned. He shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. “I think it’s a girl.”

“I think a boy.” You responded. 

“We have another question to face. Should we go ahead and find out, or just wait until he or she is born?” He looked up at you, his hand still on your stomach. He was rubbing circles, making you grin. You thought for a moment. A surprise gender would really be fun. You two could easily do a unisex nursery to fit either gender.

“Let’s keep it a surprise.” You finally said, making Bucky grow excited. “For now you will be our baby Barnes.” He lifted your shirt and placed a warm kiss against your skin. You ruffled your fingers through his hair, seeing just how good of a father he was going to be to this child.

- 1 Month Later -

“Well, I must say. Your pregnancy is going perfectly. You haven’t suffered any complications.” The doctor grinned as she did another ultrasound. “Still keeping the gender under wraps?” She looked back at you and Bucky. You both nodded at the same time, smiles upon both of your faces.

“I guess if we’re having a serum baby, they’re taking it pretty well?” You joked. Your doctor smiled, nodding. “This little girl or boy are growing just like they should. Everything is on point. For six months, you’re looking bigger than I had expected. However, you’re all baby.”

“I believe she looks even more beautiful carrying our child.” Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I sure hope they have my determination and your looks. We’ll have one beautiful baby if they come out looking like you.” Bucky laughed.

“Yeah? Well, let’s hope they don’t get attached to your metal arm and decide they want one too.” You smirked. Bucky shook his head. “I’ll convince them somehow that having a metal arm really isn’t that much fun… Especially when you have to clean it. It’s awful.”

- 1 Month Later / 7 Months Into Pregnancy -

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“I-I don’t understand.” You sniffled, tears streaming down your face. You covered your hands with your face as the cries erupted from you. Steve walked inside yours and Bucky’s home to see you sitting there, his eyes widened. “Whoa, (Y/N), are you alright? Bucky!” He rushed over to your side. 

“Are you hurt? Is the baby coming?” He questioned quickly. Bucky walked into the living room seconds later, not seeming too alarmed. “What’s wrong with her?” He looked over to his best friend. Bucky sighed, taking a seat next to you. “She’s very emotional at this point. Her mood swings are worse than ever. She binge watched a TV show, her favorite character died, so she’s become a mess.” He explained, pulling you into his arms. Steve raised his eyebrows in confusion, but didn’t question the situation. 

“Come here, doll.” Bucky rubbed your arms. You rested your head on his chest, gripping his shirt in your hands. “They didn’t have to kill him off!” You hissed in pure frustration. “I know, I know.” He coaxed. He’s gotten so used to your mood swings, they don’t really bother him. In the first part, he was a mess. He didn’t know how to please you. When you would snap or cry, he grew horrified.

“She’ll be okay?” Steve asked assuringly. Bucky nodded. “It just has to pass.” As he began to move his hand downward to rub your back, he noticed you weren’t crying anymore. Instead, your eyes were closed, your breathing steady. He tilted his head the other way to stare at you.

“She’s out of it.” Bucky chuckled. Your grip was still tightened on his shirt. Steve laughed. “Are you ready to become a dad, Buck?” He questioned his best friend. Bucky nodded happily. “I am.” He smiled warmly. “Seeing how her stomach grows and knowing that we have a child together inside there is really breathtaking.” 

“How do you think she’s going to do when it’s actually time?”

Bucky’s eyes widened slightly. 

“I have no idea.” He responded.

- 2 Months Later / 9 Months -

- 2:34 AM - Saturday - 

You tossed and turned, not being able to grow comfortable. With your protruding stomach in the way, it was hard to sleep nowadays. You looked to your side to see Bucky fast asleep, a content look on his face. You smiled, running your fingers through his hair briefly, seeing as how a grin came across his face. You sighed and threw the sheet off of you. Maybe drinking a glass of water would help you.

As you were about to turn and plant your feet on the floor, a weird feeling erupted inside your stomach. It was a slight twinge. Enough to make you know something was there, yet not enough to make you want to scream. You felt it in the lower part of your stomach. You arched your eyebrows, confused for a moment. You waited there for a few minutes.

Then it hit you again. This time, much stronger than before. You squinted your eyes shut and took a moment to take a deep breath in and exhale gently. That one didn’t feel too well. Your due date was in a week, but you were given the go-ahead that if the baby decided to come, he or she would be delivered regardless despite the serum that could be running through their veins.

All throughout the pregnancy, you suffered no complications. Just terrible mood swings, awful cravings, and harsh morning sickness. 

You were seriously about to try and get out of bed, but it was no use. The pulsing pain arrived back minutes later, this time causing you to reach over and grab Bucky’s arm, your hand shaking. “B-Bucky,” You stammered through a cracking voice. His eyes shot open and he quickly raised out of the bed, grabbing your shoulders. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” He questioned.

Your mouth fell agape as the excruciating pain built. In one swift move, Bucky had himself turned in the bed, his body sitting right next to yours. “Breathe, doll. Breathe through it.” He instructed you, taking breaths with you. You followed along with him, yours and his breathing patterns evening out.

“Come on, we’ve got to get you to the hospital.” Bucky stated after the pain had subsided. Your heart began to pick up speed. You were so ready for the baby to come, but now that you’re in the moment, fear was taking presence of the confidence that was once there.

Bucky helped you up, his left arm bracing your back. The cool metal made you jump slightly, but you both began to take the walk downstairs. “I hate this already!” You cried as you stepped off the last step, another pain racking through your body. Bucky placed both his hands on either side of your face, his eyes staring into yours.

“I’m going to be right here through it all, I promise. I’m not leaving your side during any of this.” He brought his lips forward and pressed them against your lips. You kissed him back, still shaking. “On the way to the hospital, we’ll call your doctor, then I’ll call Steve and let him know.” 

You nodded your head in agreement, placing your hands on his shoulders to keep yourself steady.

- 6 Hours Later -

“I-I can’t do this anymore!” You cried even harder as you laid on your side, your hand gripping Bucky’s. You had no idea this would feel the way it did. You let out a strangled cry as you felt his eyes locking on you. “You’re doing so well.” He assured you. “Don’t you give up. Focus on me.” He instructed you further. “You’re so brave - I love you.” He kissed your forehead. 

“I love you too.” You breathed out.

An hour passed and the time had finally come. The doctor was shocked at how fast things had progressed. 

“Are you two ready to meet your baby?” She smiled, arranging everything. You nodded your head. Still - You hadn’t asked for pain medication. Even if you wanted it now, it was too late. You stared up at Bucky who had a nervous smile on his face. “We’re about to see our baby, (Y/N).” He exclaimed. You grabbed both his hands and took deep breaths in.

- 30 Minutes Later -

“Alright, Mrs. Barnes. I need two more pushes and this baby will be here.” She grinned up at you. Sweat dripped off your face as you cried harder. 

“B-Bucky,” You screamed.

“I’m here, doll. Come on, you got it.” He coached. You did as the doctor had said, the pain overtaking your body. Your head fell back.

“One more.” She smiled again.

“One more, doll. Oh my God, I love you so much.” Bucky breathed out, pressing his forehead against yours.

You took a breath in. The pain disappeared almost instantly when the sound of crying pierced the air. Bucky took a look for himself, his eyes filling with tears. “We have a baby girl.” He cried, pressing his lips against your forehead. 

- 2 Hours Later - 

Bucky laid beside you, the beautiful little girl that entered the world, was laying on his chest. You and her had shared skin-to-skin, so you wanted Bucky to do the same. She was fast asleep, her facial expressions being the cutest you had even seen. You two had decided to name her Olivia Grace Barnes, seeming as though it fit her perfectly.

“I love you both so much.” He smiled at you. You giggled, leaning your head on his shoulder. “We love you too, Bucky. You’re so good with her already.” You sighed happily. 

The door to your room opened which revealed the doctor.

“I have the test results back on Olivia.” She declared. Your raised your eyebrows, waiting for the response.

“She has Bucky’s serum.” She stated. “However, she’s perfectly healthy. Her lungs are fully developed, her blood looks great… She’s going to be fine. As far as how she’s going to develop as she gets older is unknown.”

Bucky and you nodded your heads.

“Thank you.” You grinned. The doctor left, leaving you three alone together. “Please don’t become a Winter Soldier.” You whispered delicately, running your hand over the top of her head, feeling as how soft her dark hair was. She curled up more against Bucky’s chest as in hopes to receive more warmth.

“Trust me,” Bucky chuckled. “She won’t ever become one. At least I know now that boys won’t try and touch her. She could easily rip their heads off since she’ll have my strength.” He laughed.

You giggled loudly, hitting his shoulder gently. “You’re going to teach her, Buck.” You grinned. He nodded. “I definitely am. She’s beautiful just like her mommy. The boys will be all over her.”